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    • Hello all. Old John here...... In Thailand, waiting for our President to give the word.... I'm old but could donate some funds to a group for eats, drinks etc. Bless all of you

    • Here's their playbook. It includes creating multiple accounts on social media services and using "automated" postings (bots) to spread their message, among other things.


      The ANTIFA/BLM social media playbook. Learn it.







    • She should be voted completely out of office. 

    • Wow, glowies are really stepping up there game. Nice bait.

      1 hour ago, Saiga308snipe said:

      your tone of talk is suspicious to me

      >he doesn't get it at all

    • 4 hours ago, ROFCB Commander said:

      I haven't gotten the actual intel on this yet, and it sounds like these are some serious whack-jobs, but my gut feeling is that this will actually be more "serious" than stuff we've seen to this point. Here's my reasoning...


      First, the Leftist overlords who are behind this stuff have wanted a dead body to parade on the news. They haven't gotten it. They wanted it to be from Trump's ordered troops, or from right-wing groups like those folks who call themselves "militia" (whoever they are), or at least from the local cops. Sadly for them, we haven't obliged. Now, time is running short and they can't wait any longer--so they'll take the stage to the one place where the cops HAVE to shoot, and where it can be directly blamed on Trump when they do.


      Second, they were pretty bold the last time they were in DC, and were all but supported by Mayor Bowser (Donna Brazille's "wife", or "husband", or whichever way that relationship goes). In virtually every decision, she backed the protestors over the government. She even had the street painted with "Black Lives Matter", and the area where these riots peaceful protests took place is now referred to as "BLM Square" or some silliness like that. They're going to feel even more emboldened there now.


      Third, their efforts are losing steam. They need something to re-energize their own "base" (how bad is it when even your own side is growing tired of your antics?); another George Floyd, only this time a young honor student who feeds homeless people on the weekends and has never been in trouble with the law, would be just the ticket. As a side note to any ANTIFA/BLM people reading this post--if you're a young honor student who's never been in trouble with the law and you feed homeless people on the weekends, it would REALLY be a good idea to avoid this mess in DC; chances are good that you'll wind up dead in the same way Jeffrey Epstein did (you know, killed one way but a different way altogether was blamed...)


      Fourth, I trust my gut. Something about this whole thing just makes me nervous.

      Especially in light of someone firing on an Air Force helicopter the other day.

    • Good time to make some massive sedition arrests. 

    • 43 minutes ago, Sgt. Bulldog said:

      Kamala Harris is the greatest danger our country is facing. Should Joe win the election, she and the Democratic Party will have Joe declared unfit for office, have him removed from office using the 25th amendment and have this far left communist installed as president. We must make as many people as we can aware of the danger we are facing and make sure everyone gets out and votes. In the mean time we must continue to organize, recruiting and training so we are prepared should the Democratic Party steal the election in November. I pray that I’m wrong but fear that I could be right.

      Semper Fi 3/10L

      You are so right. Only a moron or leftist can’t see that. She just said yesterday that she would do a mandatory buyback because “guns are killing babies”.  This would be one of the first things she would do.   We need to make sure the only way she sees the inside of the White House is in a tour. 

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    • fixer the My Militia Site Architect is stepping down.. Josh Ellis is the new site owner
      Hey all,
      I can not fight anymore... 4 years i have tried to change the worlds view on Militia, it's just gotten to be too much.
      It is just one too many left wing attacks on my personally that i just do not want to even defend myself anymore. They are spreading lies about me and putting my daily livelihood at risk. I just can't not fight anymore without losing everything.
      Josh Ellis of AmericanRevolition 2.0 is taking over this website all facebook pages and groups. The site staff will remain intact.
      I have put tons and tons of work into this everyday... approving the facebook group new members is a full-time job in its self.
      I am thankful for all the connections i have made with you all and will miss the day to day.
      This will be the last thread i start on this site. farewell to all
    • American Revolution 2.0 YouTube
      Daily updates on the State of the Revolution. May 1st March for Freedom on every Capitol in the US until all citizens are released from unconstitutional dictatorial rule.
      Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for quick access.
    • American Revolution 2.0; We the People Must take a Stand.
      There has been a movement started to organize the states to march on the state and city capitals on 05/01/2020. There have been 50 events organized by this group in various states and cities across America as of this time. Join and see event calendar for your local or state gathering. Many organizers are still needed.  Nothing in UT or Salt Lake City as of yet, Organizer is needed. The page link is here, please join the group and let's coordinate an event to display that We the People will not tolerate this infringement of civil liberties and Constitutional Rights any longer. 
    • Calling all Virginians to be ready
      In recognition of the recent global, national, and state wide issues of concern and in accordance of our responsibilities as citizens of the commonwealth of Virginia.  All willing and able bodied citizens are asked to be ready to peacefully and appropriately respond at a moment’s notice.
      Please remain vigilant and keep up with regular notifications.
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    • Dear Mr. Security Agent
      Federal, state, or local. You, the man or woman with the badge, the sworn LEO or FLEA and those who inhabit the many law enforcement niches in between and on all sides. This essay is directed to you, because in the end, how this turmoil about gun control turns out will depend largely upon your decisions and actions over the coming months and years.<br style="color:#272a34; font-size:14px; text-align:left"><br style="color:#272a34; font-size:14px; text-align:left">Why is this essay titled Dear Mr. Security Agent, when it dwells mainly upon the media and coastal-dwelling urban liberals and their Utopian belief in the benefits of new gun control laws in the United States? Mr. Security Agent will protest that he is no liberal, he is ex-military, he’s a cop, he’s a fed—he’s one of the good guys! He took the same oath to defend the Constitution that you did, Buster! He doesn’t need any lectures on defending the Constitution! So why single him out in this essay?
      Why? Because liberal bliss-ninnies in San Francisco and Boston are not issued flash-bang grenades, battering rams, body armor, flex-cuffs by the gross, and MP-5 submachine guns. No, the dirty end of the confiscation job will fall upon the shoulders of sworn law enforcement officers and gold-badged federal law enforcement agents. The LEOs and the FLEAs. That’s you, Mr. Security Agent.<br style="color:#272a34; font-size:14px; text-align:left"><br style="color:#272a34; font-size:14px; text-align:left">We really don’t want a problem with you, believe me. And there is no reason for us to have a problem, because we both can read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and neither of us requires a team of black-robed mystics to translate its plain English into Newspeak for improved comprehension. You and I both understand what “the right of ....MORE: https://www.mymilitia.com/blogs/entry/48-dear-mr-security-agent/
    • April-May 2020 Trauma Kit Giveaway! VIP Members Only
      Hello All, 
      We are proud to announce a new giveaway! This one is only for our site supporters ($10/Year) Please consider upgrading click here you will get all sorts of advantages on the site such as a bold username and special badge, also less ads as the big ad at the top of the site disappears for you! oh yeah and more cool things like unlimited private messaging and more. Please consider it!
      The latest greatest feature that is VIP only is the blogs you can view the site blogs here we want to kick start the blogs by offering a giveaway to those who start and add to a blog. so here we go... 
      Yes, That's right! Add 25 entires in your blog and get 25 entires into the giveaway! We will draw using a random number generator on June 1st and contact the winner via Private Message on the site.
      Your blog can be anything here are some examples; a quarantine dairy, a personal blog, stories from your life, your stance on current events, your ideas and thoughts, your soapbox for rants, matter of fact delegations, survival tips, bush crafting, home steading, canning food, gardening ... just about anything!
      Only VIP members have the ability to start blogs so you must be a VIP to enter the contest you can upgrade your membership here for only $10 for a Year
      Please only put legit entries, if you are spamming the blogs we will not count them entries. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SET A FEATURED IMAGE ON YOUR BLOG ENTIRES!








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    • Website Migration
      TL;DR We are creating this topic so we can provide a bit more information about the migration of My Militia to a new datacenter. In the next couple days we will be preparing servers in new datacenter where we will be migrated. There may be some downtime associated to this
      After 4 years operating from Equnix Secaucus (New York City Metro), we have decided that it is time for us to migrate to a new data center that is more suitable we will be relocating to a more centralized location at Dallas, TX.
      We have chosen Carrier-1 carrier neutral data center. This 24/365 secured data center boats more than 106,000 square feet and is fully equipped with redundant diverse path utility feeds (expandable to 10 MW), 2x2 MW redundant backup generators, 3x600 KVA UPS in 2N+1 configuration, and air cooled with 12x30-ton Liebert in N+2 configuration.
      In addition, we are utilizing Psychz.Net network with redundant BGP network consisting of three global backbone providers, NTT, GTT, and TI Sparkle. Psychz.Net operates 5 Tbps of global network with multiple data centers around the world. And going with Psychz network allows us to offer DDOS protection to our customers up to 20 Gbps per IP.
      We will continue to leverage from Cloudflare DNS services.
    • Ohio “stay at home” order activated
      here is the ohio stay at home order













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      Lemp Family Statement 3/17/2
          Rene Sandler
      17 Mar 2020, 23:21 (1 hour ago)     LEMP FAMILY STATEMENT MARCH 17, 2020
                  The public press releases (March 12, 13, and 17, 2020) issued by the Montgomery County Police Department about the death of Duncan Lemp are inconsistent with the physical evidence and eyewitness accounts from those who survived this tragedy. Duncan Lemp was killed on March 12, 2020 during an attempt by police to execute a search warrant on his parents’ home.  Duncan and his family were asleep at 4:30 a.m. when police besieged the residence from the front of the house and were awakened by shots fired through Duncan’s bedroom window followed by the sound of flash bangs.
                  The March 17, 2020 statement released by Montgomery County Police on its web site www.mcpnews.com materially omits that Duncan Lemp was shot multiple times by SWAT officers and killed.  The police now say that they received an “anonymous” tip regarding the possession of firearms and waited almost three months to act upon the information.  Using a three-month old “anonymous” tip, the police sought and obtained a no-knock search warrant on March 11, 2020 at 2:38 p.m.  Montgomery County Police utilized its SWAT officers to execute the search warrant on the residence.  SWAT officers
    • COVID-19 The Problem...or The Solution?
      If COVID-19 sticks around for a while maybe it will snap people out of this false sense of entitlement culture we live in, put your phones down and talk to one another, hold respectful interactions.. a real gut check into what is important, a snap away from our lemmings like existence on earth. a breath of fresh air amid the chaos.

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