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    • Is there a difference between nationalism and racism?
      Is there a difference between nationalism and racism?

      [EXCERPT].......Lets face it, we often qualify our love of country with playful teasing of those who are not like us or originally from here. That doesn’t make us blanket nationalists until we stop tease laughing with those who are different or born on foreign soil and start laughing maniacally and pointing fingers at them like loudly yelling at them to go back to where they came from. There has to be a line in there somewhere. That line will move further and further towards a negative direction when we are pushed by tyrants to a point there is no turning back..... READ MORE: https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/61903-is-there-a-difference-between-nationalism-and-racism/
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    • Are Females A Combat Liability?
      Women can serve in most areas of the military except riot control. They have been allowed in submarines, including nuclear submarines, since 2014. Women are allowed to serve in combat infantry. 1.7% of combat infantry are women.
      Conservatives often stand accused these days of standing firm on "traditional existence" Yet liberals can be blinded by a sporatic ideology, and nowhere is this divide more true than in the debate over women in combat.....
      Over the past two decades, the United States has moved steadily to open all military roles to women. Women may henceforward qualify for every duty, including combat infantry.
      Yet to deny the highly combat-relevant differences between the sexes is to deny reality as blatantly as ever done by any anti-evolutionist - and with potentially much more lethal consequence.
      In 2007, Kingsley Browne gathered the evidence in a clear and concise book, Co-ed Combat: The New Evidence That Women Shouldn't Fight the Nation's Wars. The case presented by Browne won't come as news to any military decision-maker. But it will and should jolt those who have relied on too credulous media sources for their information about what soldiers do and how they do it.
      The case for women in combat runs more or less as follows:
      1) We have entered an era of push-button war in which purely physical strength has lost much if not all of its military relevance.
      2) To the extent that strength continues to matter, some women can meet requirements and should be given a chance to qualify.
      3) Other than physical strength, there are no militarily relevant differences between men and women.
      4) To exclude willing women from military service is unfair and unjust.
      So maybe it's because War as we know it has changed and now they are more suited for it?
      Fact is... many units will not go into combat with a female, The reason i was given was that if the female is captured the men are more prone to risk life and limb and make bad decisions in order to rescue them. Ever since being a child and maybe a bit of evolution involved but Men are naturally programed to protect Women, the physically weaker sex.... just the same a Women are naturally programed for a number of other things. I have been told by respected high ranking military personnel that putting a Woman in a combat situation puts the entire unit at risk and that they have refused to accept them into their units and are willing to accept punishment for this decision in order to protect their men.
      Our enemies will use our culture and conventional being against us... In the most evil ways.
      So...What do you think? Comment Below...
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    • Were the founding fathers liberals?
      With all these democrats and liberal acting like they do..entitled, disrespectful, emotional and immoral.. for example the recent grand standing on climate change and other topics they act like our country is 100% cruel and oppressive... they are not faking it... these people really do feel this way.
      So we should reflect back on history and all the “oppressive movements” that were hammered into our brains in school ... don't you wonder what is and what is not real?
      Our history may be skewed.. perhaps all the attention these "oppressed" got in the past was the exact same as it is today.
      Think about it... the Pink Pussy Hat of femininazis marching on Washington DC ..is the equivalent of Rosa Parks not wanting to sit in the back of the bus. Is it all the same? Ok it may not be as wide spread but isn't it the same in ways?
      all in all it's just a small group of un happy people that try to make as much noise as they can when everyone else says they should shut up... fall in line and be a productive member of society.

      This really goes for a lot of historical events. from the Revolutionary War to Kent State.
      Were the founding fathers liberals?

      Where is the line drawn?
      It's widely known that I'm about as far right as someone can get however i supported a liberal political Ksenia Sobchak - READ MORE ABOUT HER
      I guess sometimes they are right and sometimes they are not? Maybe its only oppressive based on what side of the fence you are on... 
      One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter
      Use the new VIDEO link the the navbar - https://www.mymilitia.com/videos/
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      If you have a unit on the site you can now add a video page in your group and have all your training videos available to your members.
      On the site index you will see the latest videos to be added to the gallery
      If you upload videos often contact me and ill pull your videos in for you automatically (this is relating to the main video gallery and not the video gallery within your unit/group pages)
      We hope you use and enjoy this new site feature.
      Please comment your feedback...
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    • The USA top 10 most expensive weapons per unit
      The USA top 10 most expensive weapons per unit...

      #10 Joint Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle - Cost per unit: $1 million
      Conceived during the darkest days of the Iraq war when U.S. vehicles were hit several times daily by land mines and other improvised explosive devices, the U.S. spent around $50 billion to produce 27,000 MRAPS to counter insurgent forces. At a cost of $1 million each, the lumbering vehicles quickly became beloved by the troops.

      #9 Trident II Missile - Cost per unit: $37.3 million
      The most advanced ballistic missile in the U.S. Navy’s arsenal, the program’s price tag comes in at more than $53 billion.

      #8 F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets - Cost per unit: $65 million
      The fighter jet, mainly used on aircraft carriers, is the Navy’s nearly $58 billion Swiss Army Knife, capable of carrying missiles, bombs and ground missiles. The Super Hornet per unit cost pales in comparison to the pricier F-35 and F-22, coming in at just over $65 million, with about half of that going to the airframe.

      #7 V-22 Osprey - Cost per unit: $70 million
      The V-22 tilt-rotor program has certainly been beset by controversy throughout its 20-year development period, but it seems to have come out the other side, after spending almost $60 billion, and is flown by the Marines and U.S. special forces. The two versions of the plane, dubbed the CV and the MV, cost around $70 million each, with most of that going toward the airframe itself, with a price tag north of $60 million.


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