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    • The USA top 10 most expensive weapons per unit
      The USA top 10 most expensive weapons per unit...

      #10 Joint Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle - Cost per unit: $1 million
      Conceived during the darkest days of the Iraq war when U.S. vehicles were hit several times daily by land mines and other improvised explosive devices, the U.S. spent around $50 billion to produce 27,000 MRAPS to counter insurgent forces. At a cost of $1 million each, the lumbering vehicles quickly became beloved by the troops.

      #9 Trident II Missile - Cost per unit: $37.3 million
      The most advanced ballistic missile in the U.S. Navy’s arsenal, the program’s price tag comes in at more than $53 billion.

      #8 F/A-18 E/F Super Hornets - Cost per unit: $65 million
      The fighter jet, mainly used on aircraft carriers, is the Navy’s nearly $58 billion Swiss Army Knife, capable of carrying missiles, bombs and ground missiles. The Super Hornet per unit cost pales in comparison to the pricier F-35 and F-22, coming in at just over $65 million, with about half of that going to the airframe.

      #7 V-22 Osprey - Cost per unit: $70 million
      The V-22 tilt-rotor program has certainly been beset by controversy throughout its 20-year development period, but it seems to have come out the other side, after spending almost $60 billion, and is flown by the Marines and U.S. special forces. The two versions of the plane, dubbed the CV and the MV, cost around $70 million each, with most of that going toward the airframe itself, with a price tag north of $60 million.


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    • WAR DOG - The German Shepherd Weaponized

      There are about 2,500 war and military service dogs in service today, with about 700 serving at any given time overseas
      They have fought alongside American forces in every conflict since the Revolutionary War, but only officially since WWI

      They study us, observe us, and they can sense every change in our very own chemistry.
      They learn to predict us.
      And they know when people around them are having a bad day or about to have one 😉.

      Did you know: A german shepherd dog is one of the few dogs that can smell airborne scents?
      They do not need to put their noses to the ground. This feature puts the dog in a much better situation in confrontations as it is heads up and ready.
      Did you know: A german shepherd dog can use its nostrils independently? 
      This allow them to track not only what direction the source is but what distance it is away. Increasing its effectiveness exponentially.

      The dog are not just used as offensive weapons they also are use by medics to locate and assist downed soldiers.

      The connection to the handler
      The bond is so strong between the dog and its handler that the dogs mourn the loss of their handler and in many cases have to be retired in the event of the handlers death. They can also have PTSD from the situations its had to be involved in.
      Here is a war dog in an airport letting its handler take a nap...

      Not in anyones best interest to disturb this soilder 😜.
      Did you know:  Every military working dog is a noncommissioned officer?
      The custom is to prevent handlers from mistreating their dogs; hence, a dog is always one rank higher than its handler.
      Did you know: Most dogs in the military are fitted with upgraded teeth?
      Watching the Marines give a demonstration of a GSD take a basket ball sized chunk out of a training dummy was pretty life changing ....then they showed me its Titanium teeth 😳...

    • Welcome Site Sponsor - Cyrus Targets
      Our first non-affiliate sponsor. a real sponsor who wanted to show their support of our community. Please visit their site and see what they are all about.
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    • LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO..VICTORY RIFLE COMPANY needs you, PATRIOTS, preppers and and fellow citizens....we need to get off are ass and get out. Hike with rifles and some gear. Some target shooting. Primary, lose weight, gain muscle, pratice with rifle. 3-5 miles cross country, 1-2 times week. Any rifle any gear is welcome. M-F any age, But good for us, middle aged folk. So I ask, WHAT,... do you have to LOSE?
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    • My Militia and The Evolution of the Modern Militia

      In order to understand what we mean when we speak of "the evolution of the modern militia" and the importance of My Militia you must first understand some history about what a militia is and what has brought us to where we are today.
      When you hear of the Second Amendment, you mostly hear "the right to keep and bear arms" even tho that is the second part of the amendment. The first part being the right to a "well-regulated militia".

      When James Madison drafted the Second Amendment in 1789, it was not as much of a controversial statement as it seems to be today.

      In the Constitutional era, it was widely understood that a Militia, composed of the whole or part of a community, was responsible for assembling, training, and when necessary, fighting to the last man for the community and its people. To be called a Militiaman was to be identified as someone who had answered a call to community service and, while not necessarily a professional in arms, was nonetheless ready and willing to put his life and livelihood at risk for the sake of his family and friends. This came with great dignity and honor these men were often referred to as a Hero's.

      Then there was a point at which the image of the Militia transformed in the public eye, from the stout-hearted Minuteman of the American Revolution, to the caricature of a militant, A regressive tinfoil hat wearer who withdraws to the backwoods, stockpiling mountains of Vienna Sausage and harboring deep suspicion for everyone around him.

      At what point did the once worthy title of Militiaman become associated with radicals, vigilantes, and terrorists?
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