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    • Monday Morning Grind: Mark Cuban Wants To Change 2nd Amendment


    • Hope this brightens your day:


      I once fell in love with a girl who only knew 4 vowels... She didn’t know I existed.


      An investment banker decides she needs in-house counsel, so she interviews a young lawyer. "Mr. Cohen," she says, "would you say you’re honest?" "Honest?" replies Mr. Cohen. "Let me tell you something about honesty. My father lent me $75,000 for my education, and I paid back every penny the minute I tried my first case."  "Impressive. And what sort of case was that?" "Dad sued me for the money."


      A nigglywiggly is the little piece of paper that extends out of a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate. Yes, that actually has a name.


      While growing up my father drove truck (Teamster) for “Michigan Fruit Canners” (MFC). Because of  media propaganda (advertising) I was under the impression the major international brands (Borden, Dole, Heinz, Listerine, etc) were the “best” (cost, nutrition). Has I grew older,  I began to notice these international brands trucks were loading at MFC. My father informed me ALL companies purchase & Barter/TRADE with each other. In most cases it does not matter what BRAND you purchase as long as the ingredients are the same (read label) you are purchasing the same product. Store brands Kroger, Publix, True Value, etc have the same effectiveness as Borden, Dole, Heinz, Listerine, etc at lower costs.


      In the event of an EMP or Solar Flair; How much would single & double (trailers) homes (covered in Aluminum) would protect our electronics? Your modern vehicle is a faraday cage. The bodywork is metal and conductive (look how many grounds are connected through out). If you truly believe an EMP is emanate then simply ground your vehicle well. Several sets of generator grounding spikes and connect to several parts of the vehicle frame and body.


      All Prepper & Militia Groups should interact (Leaders have meetings). When the SHTF it will be us against the masses of starving savage MILLIONS.


      Equipment - Feel Free To “Click on”- Copy/Paste & Share.


      https:// theselfsufficientliving(DOT)com/diy-wind-turbine-designs-to-generate-off-grid-power/


      https://gsmpao.weebly(DOT)com/WE are primarily a Prepper Organization, join us.


      I very much enjoy reading your comments to my Posts.



      15 Uses for a Canteen 090318.jpg

      Blades 051919.jpg

      Body Armour old tires, rivets & grommets 121618.jpg

      Bow Stand 071217.jpg

      Buckskin-Hides Sewing Kit 121918.jpg

      Can Uses 0519198.jpg

    • 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH

    • JP Enterprises recently announced a new program specifically for law enforcement, the Agency Rifle Program. The program builds on years of successful support for police departments and agencies across the U.S. Now JP offers budget-conscious rifle options to bring signature JP quality and reliability within reach to officers.

      JP Enterprises Agency Rifle Program

      The Agency Rifle Program comprises duty-focused carbine configurations. The company offers a .223/5.56mm NATO carbine for patrol rifle or SWAT team use. The carbine features a short barrel and select fire options. Meanwhile, a 9mm SBR features select fire options, integrated sound suppression and dual top- and side-charge systems.

      JP offers models in both calibers at three different price/option tiers to meet the needs and budgets of any agency or department, according to JP. The company also expects similar offerings for sniper systems in .308 to be available soon.

      The company collaborated with several law enforcement partners to create the Agency Rifle Program, according to JP. “…This rifle lineup prioritizes platform reliability and accuracy. This serves the true objective of officer and bystander safety while minimizing agency liability in the event of an officer-involved shooting,” JP said in a release.

      JP technicians build each rifle using the same quality JP components as any other premium JP rifle, according to the company. JP pledges its commitment to support its law enforcement partners. As such, part of the program includes priority law enforcement technical assistance and complementary armor’s certification courses.

      “If there’s one concern we’ve heard loud and clear from law enforcement, it’s the difficulties for both officer and department even in the case of a ‘good shoot,’” says JP founder and head of product development, John Paul. “We only want to offer a rifle that can mitigate as much of that risk as possible. Through the refined reliability of our components and build process, we’re confident in what our duty rifles can offer.”

      For more information, visit jprifles.com.

      The post JP Enterprises Announces Agency Rifle Program for Law Enforcement appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews.

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    • Richmond cops stop an active knife assault, shooting and killing the armed suspect in California recently. Authorities say 55-year-old Luc Ciel used two large knives to slash and stab at multiple family members before police put him down.

      Officer body cam footage shows officers respond, and a narrated Richmond Police Department video detail the incident that left the suspect dead.

      The incident began when police responded to a call for a potential home invasion. However, it soon became clear the 911 call came in response to a father on the rampage. Inside, Ciel used a knife to hold his estranged wife and two sons hostage, according to Richmond Police. He further made threats to kill both himself and his estranged wife.

      Footage shows officers make contact with one victim, quickly leading her to safety. Next, the officers proceeded inside. Then officers found Ciel stabbing and slashing at his son, who he had pinned to the ground beneath him. Officers clearly yell out “drop it” several times.

      Richmond Cops Respond

      A Richmond cop fires his service weapon two times, hitting Ciel. “After falling to the floor, Ciel yelled “fuck you” and immediately tried to get back up onto his feet and advance …, said Lt. Matt Stonebraker, Richmond Police Department Public Information Officer.

      That’s when two officers saw the remaining threat, and both officers fired simultaneously. Ciel later died from his wounds.

      Just three years prior, an eerily similar scene played out before. Ciel attacked his wife and family previously, causing to the eventual estrangement.

      “Court records detail an August 2015 episode involving Luc Ciel, of Richmond, identified by several law enforcement sources as the man killed by multiple Richmond officers Thursday morning. In 2015, Ciel was arrested after allegedly attacking his family, which led to a conviction of battery and a 300-day jail sentence,” reported mercurynews.com.

      The post WATCH: Richmond Cops Put Down Felon Actively Stabbing Family appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews.

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    • How the world really sees the American Military...
      A few years ago a Frenchman wrote what the Americans were like from his experience in Afghanistan.
      His first point was that Americans are tall, often standing a head taller than their European counterparts. He noted that the Americans were very easy to pick out.
      Second, he stated that every military has that one person who is just a waste of air, the general screwup in the unit. However, with the Americans even the most screwed up guy is better trained than those of other forces.
      The average American is strong. Very strong. From his base of operations he claimed that the weakest American was stronger than the strongest soldier in the French units. If a unit was in trouble you prayed that an American unit took up the radio call for help. When American forces picked up the call their reply was "sit tight, we are coming to get you." There wasn't any logistic haggling until the Americans were fully committed to your rescue. They came regardless of what the situation was, In fact they wouldn't ask about specifics until they got close to your position and often knew the threats in the area before asking what problems you were having.
      He also realized one overwhelming fact. In all other forces, if an officer was killed you're taught to dig in and take a defensive position. Not the Americans. If an American officer is taken out of commission they go on the attack. He realized that American officers restrain the troops under their command, not for their protection but the enemy's. If you kill or injure an American officer, they are coming for you and very little will save you.
      Americans are very well organized.
      How do you become well organized? Well, first of all their military is heavily based on equal treatment. You don't become a colonel or an admiral because your uncle is the dictator's cousin or because you belong to the same tribe as the glorious leader. You don't become a pilot because your father was a pilot.

    • NEW - Units can now have custom pages
      We continue to strive for new and innovative features to assist you in the facilitation of your militias.
      We have recently given you all the opportunity to use our voice channels to schedule and hold online meetings, conferences or new member recruitment events. This has great potential to increase your reach. Please consider taking advantage of this in the future.
      Today we have launched "Custom Pages" for units... Now all group leaders can add custom pages to their units. This is a great opportunity to implement applications to join or add special custom pages related to your unit. 
      Don't forget you can also Mass Message all your members in seconds , sending them all the same message directly to their cell phones .. instantly! This is another feature that has huge implications related to scheduled events or SHTF situations.
      This is our platform we all work together to make this site what it is. We are proud to have you all among us and will continue to add to what we have here to provide you with everything you need to increase your effectiveness.
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    • “Free Fishing” Weekend is a slap in the face?
      So in OHIO you are suppose to have a fishing license to fish, and this weekend is free fishing weekend
      what a joke that is, is having to pay to fish is a violation of our constitutional rights? 
      people argue the money is used for conservation. 
      what are your thoughts?
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    • Top 10 Lesser-Known Patriots of the American Revolution
      Most of us are familiar with the famous personalities who were responsible for the creation of the United States of America. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton are recognized names around the world. Many biographies and books have been written on these individuals, but this article aims to highlight the contributions of those lesser-known people who were elemental in helping win the war and secure the freedoms we celebrate each Fourth of July.
      George Rogers Clark – George Rogers Clark was born on November 19, 1752, in Virginia. Clark had minimal formal education and was mostly homeschooled and self-taught. He worked as a surveyor in Kentucky and during the Revolutionary War served in the Virginia militia. Clark and his militiamen traveled through the frontier in harsh weather and hostile territory to capture British controlled towns of Kaskaskia and Vincennes. He marched across neck-deep, freezing waters of the Wabash River and used his wit to trick the British intoagreeing to an unconditional surrender. For this, Clark is often called the Father of the Old Northwest.
      Nathan Hale – Nathan Hale was a born on June 6, 1755, in Coventry, Connecticut. Hale was a teacher who became the first man to volunteer to work as a spy for the Americans. Hale disguised himself as a Dutch schoolmaster and entered the British camp to collect all pertinent information that would help the American cause.H ale was discovered and captured by the British, then hanged from an apple tree in Rutger’s Orchard in New York City. His body was on display for three days as an example to anyone who dared to defy the British.



    • FREE My Militia LIVE Voice Channel Available - Only one event at a time - first come first serve
      If you would like a platform to perform a live voice chat in order to deliver your message let us know!
      Check the calendar for available spots
      Post details about your live event and we will make you a room in our discord for the event. We will even advertise for you for free.
      We will not support more than 1 event at a time so it's first come first serve.
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