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    • Having To Buy School Supplies? How Is This Fair?


      Having to buy school supplies when you pay for levies and taxes, is like being required to bring some black top with you when you are going to use the highway... it's like a soldier having to bring his own personal gun to the battle...it's like letting the local mail man borrow your car to deliver the mail... it's like the state comes and gets your mower to mow the grass at the courthouse...it's like having to bring your own water to the city poll... it's like having to pay for the electric for street lights in front of your house...
      I'm all for education, but i'm also for if you don't work you don't eat, requiring the working middle class to supply the bottom non-working "welfare is a family value" types is pure bullshit, maybe they should use their $8,000 tax returns to take care of their 5 kids so I don't have to. 
      I pay taxes they don't then on top of it i have to buy their kids school supplies while they spend all their money on drugs and alcohol and neglect their children. Not that you would worry about it anyway but don't get all excited....
      I'll send my kid to school prepared so he can pay for your kids for the next 60 years too
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    • A Short History of the Militia in the United States
      The idea of a militia – that is, groups of armed citizens that enter military service in time of need – has a long and contentious history in the United States. The idea of what constitutes the militia under the Constitution is has stirred up a lot of debate these past few years, and was reinvigorated by the so-called militia that took over federal land in Oregon in 2016. The topic is fraught with Constitutional, legal, political, and societal issues that go all the way back to the nation’s founding. However, although the issue is complicated, with a little effort we can trace how the fundamental idea of the militia has changed over time to where it exists in State and Federal laws today.

      Read More: https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/60236-a-short-history-of-the-militia-in-the-united-states/
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    • The 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules, Plus 13 More You Should Follow
      Protecting myself and those I care about is what first interested me about firearms. Given my goal of being more safe in more situations, it'd be ironic—and even stupid—of me to not take gun safety incredibly seriously.
      Regardless of what led to your involvement with firearms, whether you came from a similar place as me or not, following gun safety rules is a necessity.
      In this guide, I'll be covering the 4 universal gun safety rule and explaining the importance of each. I'll then go on to add a number of additional rules I've picked up in my life that I think everyone else can benefit from.
      The 4 Rules of Gun Safety
      If you've ever been to a gun range, chances are you've seen these rules plastered on the wall somewhere or been required to watch instruction explaining them.
      The 4 universal rules of gun safety are:
      Treat all guns as if they are always loaded. Never let the muzzle point at anything that you are not willing to destroy. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot. Be sure of your target and what is behind it. You should ALWAYS follow every single one of these rules, but I want to touch on each individually and explain how these rules can help protect you even if you forget to do another one of them. In the (hopefully) unlikely event you catch yourself breaking one of these rules, be sure to make a mental note of it so you can avoid doing so in the future.READ MORE.... https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/59568-the-4-universal-gun-safety-rules-plus-13-more-you-should-follow/

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    • How the world really sees the American Military...
      A few years ago a Frenchman wrote what the Americans were like from his experience in Afghanistan.
      His first point was that Americans are tall, often standing a head taller than their European counterparts. He noted that the Americans were very easy to pick out.
      Second, he stated that every military has that one person who is just a waste of air, the general screwup in the unit. However, with the Americans even the most screwed up guy is better trained than those of other forces.
      The average American is strong. Very strong. From his base of operations he claimed that the weakest American was stronger than the strongest soldier in the French units. If a unit was in trouble you prayed that an American unit took up the radio call for help. When American forces picked up the call their reply was "sit tight, we are coming to get you." There wasn't any logistic haggling until the Americans were fully committed to your rescue. They came regardless of what the situation was, In fact they wouldn't ask about specifics until they got close to your position and often knew the threats in the area before asking what problems you were having.
      He also realized one overwhelming fact. In all other forces, if an officer was killed you're taught to dig in and take a defensive position. Not the Americans. If an American officer is taken out of commission they go on the attack. He realized that American officers restrain the troops under their command, not for their protection but the enemy's. If you kill or injure an American officer, they are coming for you and very little will save you.
      Americans are very well organized.
      How do you become well organized? Well, first of all their military is heavily based on equal treatment. You don't become a colonel or an admiral because your uncle is the dictator's cousin or because you belong to the same tribe as the glorious leader. You don't become a pilot because your father was a pilot.

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