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      Chronic Wasting Disease isn’t something any wildlife management agency wants to see in deer herds. It’s an infectious disease that can hit large portions of the deer population, which has an impact on the entire eco-system. To make matters worse, there’s not a lot of incentive for hunters to shoot CWD-infected deer. After all, you still have to tag it which uses up a tag you could use on a trophy or something fit for the freezer. The only reason to do so would be to manage the herd on your personal land, but that only goes so far. In Wisconsin, though, they’re kicking around an interesting idea. The move isn’t without some pitfalls, though. It seems that in order for this plan to work, a lot of deer need to be harvested. Even deer that show no signs of the disease. Couple that with what some say is incomplete data to start with, and it could lead to problems. It’s a legitimate problem, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a workable solution somewhere in the middle. Hat tip: Outdoor Hub The post Wisconsin Considering Paying Hunters To Shoot CWD-Infected Deer appeared first on Bearing Arms. View the full article
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      Six of the most annoying words on the planet are, “I support the Second Amendment but…” However, anti-gun Democrats are famous for doing precisely that. It’s because they know admitting they want to either repeal or ignore the Second Amendment won’t play well with Middle America. So instead, they pretend to appreciate the Second Amendment while showing just how little they understand it. A prime example comes from a gubernatorial debate in Tennessee on Monday night. Mr. Dean, that’s the freaking point. The Second Amendment doesn’t carve out exemptions. It doesn’t give the government any authority to control it. Why? Because our Founding Fathers were justly terrified of a government that could control the people’s means to resist that government. Once you have gun control, there’s almost no way for the people to fight back if that government starts becoming tyrannical. Control is the opposite of what the Second Amendment is about. But that’s not the case for anti-gun Democrats. For them, as long as some people can have guns–most likely the wealthy elite who can afford to jump through all the hoops required to have one–they think the Second Amendment is being respected. So long as they have control, they seem to think they’re in the clear. They’re not. “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” They always forget that last part. They get so focused on the opening clause of the Second Amendment that they completely ignore the last four words. That explicitly illustrates that control is insufficient grounds to do a damn thing regarding guns. Yet Dean is merely illustrative of anti-gun Democrats on the whole. They have a major disconnect when it comes to the Second Amendment. They can’t grasp or understand that their sensibilities are irrelevant, their need to control the American people is irrelevant. What is relevant are our God-given rights, including the right to keep and bear arms. Constitutional carry, in this case, is merely returning us to what our Founding Fathers intended to be our status quo. It’s not radical, it’s restorative, and anyone who argues otherwise is simply trying to undermine our natural rights as men and women. But Dean’s comment about how there won’t be any control is telling. He’s basically admitted to precisely what all gun control is about. Control. The post Tennessee Candidate Illustrates Dems’ Disconnect On Gun Rights appeared first on Bearing Arms. View the full article
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      (C.M. Guerrero/Miami Herald via AP, File) A Parkland parent whose tweet went viral after he told Democrats to “go to hell” for implementing policies that failed to protect his daughter who was killed during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting isn’t apologizing. Not only is he refusing to apologize for the comment, he’s doubling down. In a new Twitter video, Parkland parent Andrew Pollack explains the reason for his tweet and tells his followers and the rest of the country that he’s not taking anything back. “I’ve never been a political guy. I never got into politics up until 2016 when I saw what direction our country was going,” Pollack states at the beginning of his video. “It’s the first time I voted,” he adds. But even after the election, Pollack explains he still wasn’t all that involved in politics–that is until February 14, 2018, when his life changed forever. The day of the shooting, Pollack, like every other parent with a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, was trying to find information about his child. By showing pictures of his daughter, Meadow, to a reporter, Pollack hoped more people would see it and be able to provide him with information on where she was. But the photo the reporter took of Pollack looking for his daughter got attention for an entirely different reason. People, Democrats, in particular, didn’t seem to care about a father searching for his lost daughter, they only seemed to care about the “Trump 2020” t-shirt he happened to be wearing. “What I really want is a picture of my daughter getting out there into the news, hoping that someone would know or saw my daughter,” he explained. “At that time, [the reporter] posted that picture out there, that’s when all that hate mail started coming in on me from mostly Democrats. Sick, demented Democrats started writing me, attacking me, for wearing a freaking shirt that had Trump 2020 on it, when I was just finding out my daughter was murdered,” he continued. As more information about the shooting came out, Pollack started to realize who’s policies were really to blame for his daughter’s death. “I started finding out why my daughter got murdered, and the ‘Democrat’ word came up again,” he said. Pollack then lists all of the people–the Democratic sheriff, the Democratic superintendent, the Democratic teacher’s union–whose policies didn’t protect his daughter or the 16 other teachers and students who lost their lives that day. To “#FixIt,” Pollack has a solution, and it’s not to keep voting for Democrats. “Make sure you get out and vote Republican November 6th,” he encourages viewers, endorsing current Florida Governor Rick Scott for U.S. Senate and current Congressman Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor. You can watch the entire video below. The post Parkland Father Doubles Down on Viral Tweet Telling Dems to ‘Go to Hell’ in New Video appeared first on Bearing Arms. View the full article
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      Police-issued body cameras may have caused some officers to be concerned when the issue first popped up, but we’ve seen numerous examples of body camera footage exonerating officers when they were accused of various offenses. In other words, at least to this outsider, body cameras have been great for police officers. But I think we can all agree that if they’re going to explode, their usefulness is severely limited. This only really impacts one particular model of camera, the VIEVU model LE-5. The NYPD uses other models as well, and those are still in operation on the streets of New York right now. At this point, it’s too early to say if it’s a fault across all models or just with this one unit. Of course, that’s why they’re investigating. If it seems to be an isolated incident, they’ll likely go back to using the LE-5 models. However, despite what some mainstream news outlets are claiming, the term “recall” is a little premature. That said, if it turns out to be a design flaw in the LE-5s, a recall would likely be forthcoming. Body cameras have shown time and time again how professional most of our police officers are when interacting with the public. It’s shown officers to be in the right in numerous officer-involved shootings, incidents which might well have sparked more protests against supposed police brutality, and has even cleared officers accused of sexual assault. So, yeah, they’re good things. But not if they’re going to explode. Luckily, no one was injured in the incident, but it’s definitely time to launch an investigation. Is the NYPD overreacting a little to a single incident? Well, I can see that argument, but I disagree with it. This could have been a serious problem and caused some serious injuries to the officer in question. By pulling these devices–something they can do since they have an older generation still in the field–allows them to keep officers safe from the equipment malfunction. All in all, this is the right move. Let’s hope it was an isolated incident and we don’t see more of these kinds of things happening. I’m sure officers don’t like wearing yet another piece of equipment, after all, and I’d hate to see them have yet another reason to leave something like this behind. Especially when it’s done so much to clear officers of alleged wrongdoing. The post NYPD Suspends Body Cam After One Explodes appeared first on Bearing Arms. View the full article
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      A ballot initiative in Washington state probably shouldn’t even be on there, but it is. Despite the questionable nature of it, Initiative 1639 is there and it needs to be defeated. Just why, though? Well, as Alan Gottlieb notes, it basically makes self-defense impossible for many people. He’s not wrong about how the law effectively makes it impossible for a whole segment of legal adults to defend themselves in a lawful manner. If they’re not allowed to own any firearm, then people who are considered adults are barred from exercising their constitutional right. That criminalizes self-defense for these people. I-1639’s mandate that all firearms be locked away looks like a reasonable measure to those unfamiliar with firearms or self-defense, but the problem here is that if guns are locked away, they’re not available when needed. It also doesn’t take an individual’s situation into account. For example, I have a buddy who lives near some questionable neighborhoods. His isn’t that bad, but those neighborhoods are only a short walk away. As a result of the potential threat, he has firearms stashed all over the house. That way, no matter where he is, there’s a firearm nearby. A law like this would make such a thing impossible for him to do lawfully. While plenty of people may want to argue with my friend about the wisdom of his plan, it’s still his right to do so. Yet if I-1639 were to pass, people like him would be forced to secure all their guns, making their plans irrelevant…all because someone might come and steal the guns. Folks, there’s been a lot of talk about “victim blaming” of late. Commenting on how to help prevent a woman from being raped is now forbidden because it’s “victim blaming,” but creating a law that will criminally prosecute people who have firearms stolen–you know, the victims of a crime–is somehow acceptable? Then again, this is from the kind of people who are constantly trying to stigmatize gun owners anyway. They want us to become second-class citizens, and they’re convinced they’re morally just to do so. Which just means I-1639 needs to be shot down. Hard. The post Op-Ed Agrues I-1639 Effectively Criminalizes Self-Defense appeared first on Bearing Arms. View the full article
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      Body cam and dash cam footage have been released of a handcuffed woman stealing a Tulsa Police car. Officers eventually apprehended the woman without any injuries and then some serious hilarity ensued. RELATED STORY WATCH: Body Cam, Vest Stop Bullets From Hitting Baltimore Police Officer Watch the video above. The “action” starts at the 19:50 mark. Stick around after the arrest for some quality banter. Tulsa Police Car Stolen The March 30, 2018, incident began after police placed 36-year-old Angie Frost into handcuffs while driving a stolen vehicle, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. Police put Frost in the passenger seat of a cruiser, as it did not have a rear cage. While police discussed the case outside, Frost slipped her cuffs inside. As she begins to make noise, one officer asks, “What is she doing?” A second officer responds, “Trying to steal your car.” Seconds later, Frost takes off in the Tulsa Police car at full speed. Numerous units converge on Frost, who drives to her apartment complex and bails out of the car. The cruiser slowly rolls into a parked car with no damage. After a very short search, Police locate Frost and place her into custody. According to News on 6, “Frost is already in prison. Court records show Frost pleaded guilty to four counts in May and a judge sentenced her to three years in prison.” Post-Arrest Banter Though it is a serious mishap, the video proves to be more than entertaining after police arrest Frost. The officers joke at Frost’s expense, as well as the officer whose car was stolen. We’ve highlighted some of the key banter below, but the entire video from the 19:50 point onward is worth a watch. 23:06 Frost: “You guys told me I was going to jail for something I did not do. Now, I’m going to jail for something I did.” Filming Officer: “Well, there we go — silver lining.” 25:47 Frost: “I was willing to give up f*cking drugs, everybody, the heads of all the mobs and the gangs, and all that f*cking sh*t, but you guys …” Officer No. 1: “Hey, you know what? Our bad.” 26:10 Officer No. 1: “We saw you do it.” Frost: “No you didn’t see me do it.” Filming Officer: “I did.” Frost: “He did.” 28:15 Frost: “I know you hate me right now … Filming Officer: “I don’t hate you. This was hilarious; best thing that’s happened to me in a while.” 31:22 Filming Officer: “This will be tougher to steal. This is one of our updated, hard-to-steal models.” 31:36 Filming Officer: “I’m not even mad, I’m impressed.” The post WATCH: Handcuffed Woman Slips Cuffs, Steals Tulsa Police Car appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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      It’s a familiar charge. We hear it all the time. “This guy is wholly owned by the National Rifle Association!” Because the NRA is technically a special interest group — defending a civil right is a special interest — and donates money to pro-gun candidates, anti-gunners are either convinced that those who support the NRA are being bought and paid for, or they know otherwise but are hoping the voters are too stupid to know better. The latest example of this comes from the Florida governor’s race. Of course, DeSantis is pro-gun. He’s been pro-gun for some time, and of course, the NRA is going to back the pro-gun candidate in an important race like the Florida gubernatorial campaign. Yet Everytown for Gun Safety is injecting $1.8 million into various races in Florida in an effort to elect anti-gun candidates. So, I guess Fried is “wholly owned” by Everytown? Can she be trusted to stand up to the anti-gun lobby? I mean, that’s how it works, right? You don’t get to point your finger at the group backing your opponent and expect the same standard not to apply to your side of the aisle. Gillum is using an old and worn-out campaign tactic, but two can play that game. The fact is, DeSantis is backed by the NRA primarily because he’s not Andrew Gillum. Gillum has made his disdain for the Second Amendment clear. He supports sweeping anti-gun legislation and wants to turn Florida into California, and not just on the issue of guns. Frankly, I suspect the NRA would back a wet paper bag over Gillum, and I wouldn’t blame them. I would too. It’s just amusing that when it’s Democrats getting a large bit of financial help, it’s pure as snow, but when pro-gun candidates get donations, it’s proof that they’re bought and paid for. Then again, these are the twits who think no one can oppose gun control because they think it’s a bad idea. There has to be something else at work. The post Why Does Candidate ‘Ownership’ Only Run One Way? appeared first on Bearing Arms. View the full article
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      I try not to spend too much time talking about the Georgia governor’s race because, well, unless you’re in Georgia, you probably don’t care too much about it. Sure, You may not want to see any pro-gun state fall to the forces of gun control, but it’s not something you want to devote too much time to. I get that. However, there are also sometimes when things happen that really need to be pointed out. For example, a group of students has apparently penned an open letter to candidate Brian Kemp. The issue? That Kemp isn’t rolling over for the demands of high school and college students. The letter is signed by about 25 people, at least some of whom are knee-deep in Democratic politics in the state for their age group, including the director for the High School Democrats of Georgia and the chairman for the College Democrats of Georgia. What these special snowflakes aren’t comprehending, though, is that Kemp may well have heard them loud and clear. He just disagrees with them. The problem with gun grabbers is that they’re so convinced at their own moral superiority that they believe the only reason people don’t side with them is either ignorance or evil. They can’t understand that people can look at the issues for themselves and think, “Nope. Gun control is stupid.” That Capitol protest was born out of the Parkland massacre, a slaughter that was the direct result of numerous failures by the local government, including the Democratic sheriff. Had anyone along the way done their job correctly, that killer wouldn’t have had a firearm in the first place under existing law. We don’t need more laws. We need bleeding-heart politicians to do their freaking jobs. The truth is, though, while these kids argue that they’re the ones directly affected by Kemp’s policies, as a gun owner I’m directly affected by those gun policies in a far more meaningful and direct way, and I support Kemp’s pro-gun stance. I want more guns out there. I want animals looking to commit mass shootings gun downed the instant they try their crap. That will save countless lives and end this rash of violence. But it’s not like gun grabbing zealots can comprehend that. The post Open Letter Seeks To Shame GA Candidate For Pro-Gun Stance appeared first on Bearing Arms. View the full article
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      The evolution of a Daniel Defense rifle is always impressive. A shining example of that evolution is the Daniel Defense DD5V2 M-LOK. While the AR-10 (.308 AR) platform has been around for years, it has only been the last few years the industry has paid significant attention to it. Daniel Defense’s DD5V1 was one of the first to truly focus on weight and, above all, consistent reliability. RELATED STORY Is Daniel Defense’s DD Wave the Most Advanced Suppressor Available? DD5V1 to DD5V2 I was privileged to be one of the first to test the DD5 in 2015 and it proved to be accurate and very reliable weighing in at a little more than 8 pounds; very light for the day. Daniel Defense’s patented barrel attachment was very new for the day. It was simple, yet very strong. Using Daniel Defense’s already proven barrels, the DD5V1 was very accurate. Daniel Defense is still one of the few to use dual extractors on their proprietary bolts. Over time the company has evolved with precision triggers, ambidextrous safeties, different coatings and several new models. One of its latest is the DD5V2 M-LOK, which I recently tested at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous held in Montana at the stunning Paws Up Resort. Daniel Defense DD5V2 M-LOK Features This rifle represents the latest in Daniel Defense’s evolution of the DD5 platform. Forged receivers house a Geissele Automatics SSA two-stage trigger, an oversized trigger guard and flared magazine well for any SR25-style magazine. The safety, bolt catch and magazine release are all ambidextrous. The charging handle is ambidextrous and modular, allowing shooters to configure it with different sized extensions. Daniel’s bolt carrier group and bolt are proprietary and include the company’s dual extractors, oversized cam pin and enhanced ejector technology. The handguard is 15 inches in length — very strong and light — and obviously includes M-LOK rail compatibility. Attachment using its four-bolt design keeps it free floated, yet very strong. The barrel is an 18-inch Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) using Daniel Defense’s STW (Strength to Weight) profile, which maintains accuracy and consistency while saving weight. The proprietary barrel extension ensures it stays consistent over thousands of rounds of ammunition. Threaded 5/8 x 24, Daniel made the barrel to accept various muzzle devices and suppressors. It also comes with Daniel’s flash hider. Daniel built the rifle on a direct impingement gas system, using a rifle length tube to allow it to run smoother, cooler and with less felt recoil. Daniel Defense’s excellent stock, grip and mil-spec buffer tuber round out the package. It’s shipped in a full latch impact resistant plastic case with one Magpul 20-round magazine. Always Improving Starting with the introduction of the DDM5, Daniel Defense has continued to improve the design making for a more accurate, consistent and reliable-shooting .308 rifle. Having used each evolution at my range or during various events, improvements have always been noticeable. The Daniel Defense DD5V2 M-LOK is softer shooting and more accurate, yet remains very light. The handguards have become lighter over time and the M-LOK rail accommodates the latest accessories. Quickly becoming the standard, it allows you to set your DDM5V2 up for most any mission. It also allows for the accommodation of more than a few night-vision devices. Accuracy with the DD5V2 M-LOK proved excellent. I took it out to 1,000 yards with consistency. It remains one of the most consistently reliable and accurate factory-built AR-10 style rifles you can buy. Final Thoughts on the Daniel Defense DD5V2 M-LOK Currently available in either black or deep woods the Daniel Defense DD5V2 M-LOK is perfect for just about any application where a 7.62 NATO (.308 Win) rifle is necessary. The ambidextrous controls allow for use under most any conditions. If you are looking for a do-it-all 308 AR, this rifle will do the trick very nicely! For more information, please visit DanielDefense.com. Daniel Defense DD5V2 M-LOK Specs: Caliber/Gauge: 7.62 NATO Barrel: 18 inches OA Length: 39 inches Weight: 8.6 Pounds Sights: Flat Top Rail Stocks/Grips: Daniel Defense Stock and Pistol Grip Action: Direct Impingement Finish: Black Anodized Capacity: Accepts all SR25 pattern Magazines Price: $3,044 The post Where Does the Daniel Defense DD5V2 M-LOK Rank in Its Arsenal? appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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      If you have a penchant for precision shooting, then it’s likely that you are very particular about how you approach your activity. Your rifle, optic, and ammo need to be a certain way, in order for you to feel comfortable and even more so, confident before you can “send it.” RELATED STORY WATCH: First Time on the Range with the SIG Sauer M400 Tread Rifle When you consider all aspects, even if you’re not behind your ideal rifle setup, one of the most important factors is your shooting position—at least I know it is for me. No matter how you feel about it, shooting groups is an important, if not over-stressed part of precision shooting. But it’s part of my job, and I’d much rather do it from the prone position than from a bench. I’ve tried shooting from benches in the past and always found them to be less than adequate for my needs. Whether they were wooden, concrete, steel, or some combination of all of the above, they just didn’t “jive” with me. That recently changed after being introduced to the DOA Shooting Bench at the 2018 Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous. It’s the Wood That Makes It Good The veteran-founded, Utah-based company offers much in the way of construction quality, durability and comfort—things I’ve never really observed in shooting benches, especially in a portable type unit. DOA Shooting Benches are made of quality steel and wood. It must be quality, since elite military units around the world are using these benches. The main parts are a tripod stand and seat support, which is steel, and a table top, which is made from either birch or maple to uphold quality standards. These particular wooden materials provide an ideal feel to the shooter. Think of this feel as harmonics. If you’ve ever shot off of concrete using a bipod, then you know how much your gun can hop around, or even twist. This is because the concrete is so hard and unforgiving with no recoil absorption. It’s preferable to shoot off of dirt or grass when using a bipod because this absorbs much of the recoil forces and vibration. While I haven’t seen an earthen bench yet, wood is far better than concrete. The DOA Shooting Bench uses 14-ply Maple or Birch, and this construction does a good job of soaking up the vibration and recoil. It’s evident when you press the trigger especially if you’ve shot off of lesser benches. DOA Dimensions The table top dimension is 30 inches by 43 inches, and weighs 32-38 pounds. The weight is dependent on the density of the wood, proving DOA uses actual wood instead of some laminate type material. The DOA table top will handle up to 50 BMG and scares me to even think that people actually shoot such large caliber rifles from a bench. The tripod is insanely sturdy and can handle more than 500 pounds worth of shooter and gun with ease. The only flex in the system is a slight movement of the table top when you push hard on it, say in a forward or side direction. You’d get the same flex of a pole stuck in the ground—and it’s flex, not wobble or shake. The tripod is not adjustable but the seat is, with more than 32 inches of travel to suit your needs. Testing the DOA Shooting Bench I must admit that I was reluctant, but more than pleasantly surprised with my first interaction with the DOA Shooting Bench. It worked as advertised. Walking around the bench and “kicking the tires” I found it to be very sturdy. It’s a far cry from the metal unit I have wasting away in my garage. It’s a good-looking bench too, but nothing flashy. And for you southpaw shooters like me, they have a left-handed table top too. Over the course of three days I shot everything from .224 Valkyrie to 300 Win Mag on the DOA table from various types of rifles. I also shot both seated and standing while leaning over the unit. I was easily able to make consistent hits out to 1,100 yards, with stability and all while avoiding the cold wet ground. With products like the DOA Shooting Bench I typically look for what’s wrong with it as opposed to what’s right. I can honestly say that I haven’t found anything wrong with it yet, other than I don’t own one … yet. MSRP is $599 and they are available in natural and camo colors. You can check out DOAShootingBench.com to order yours. The post Testing the DOA Shooting Bench and Why It’s the Best We’ve Ever Used appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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    • My Militia vs Social Media
      This month, the team have been discussing the role of My Militia in the social media age.

      The perspective we have shared among the staff follows.....

      Aside from you owning your data completely with no "Big Brother" to worry about, the main advantage to building your militia, (Recruitment, Events, Communication and Management etc...) on the My Militia platform is allowing yourself and your members to become relatively anonymous.

      With social media (like Facebook), it only takes a few clicks to discover more about you. It's easy to look at your political leanings, which area you live in, what your favorite films are and so on. Next thing you know people are looking at your family photos and private things that more than likely shouldn't be shared so openly or freely.

      All that information comes with you when you join a community like Facebook whether you like it or not.

      With My Militia, you can create your own personality unique to us. You don't need to reveal your real name, or photo. Try that on Facebook and you will be asked to prove who you are.

      My Militia puts the privacy back in your hands.

      We really like that. No one will be more responsible with your digital footprint than you are.

      We will be digging into this in more depth this month. We came across some fantastic research which supports this and has some lovely quotes such as "Facebook is being alone, together and My Militia is being together, together."

      I'll leave you with that thought. There is nothing Facebook can do (that matters) that we can't do better. That's how we feel, why we remain independent and that is why we are here. for you.

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    • 8 Essential Qualities That Define Great Leadership in the Militia


      1. Sincere enthusiasm
      2. Integrity
      3. Great communication skills
      4. Loyalty
      5. Decisiveness
      6. Managerial competence 
      7. Empowerment
      8. Charisma

      Every one of these qualities is absolutely essential to great leadership. Without them, leaders cannot live up to their full potential. As a result, their team members will never perform as well as they can either. Because of this, Militias must learn the best ways to identify and also to develop these necessary traits in existing and emerging leaders.
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    • The Things You Miss
      One of the things I miss most about Iraq, or even the military life in general, was just sitting around smoking and joking after work. 
      Before I deployed, most of the time it was us getting off of work, heading the club, telling women we were pilots or special forces. We'd sometimes fight with the locals or any unfortunate Marines who wondered too far from their club. 
      Then, while in Iraq, I'd get off of work sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I'd hang out at Green Beans, drink coffee until the sun rose or a mortar came in. 
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    • ComingForYou.jpgtwitter
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    • How to Disappear without Committing Pseudocide
      How to Disappear Completely And Never Be Found

      I wanted to move into a homeless shelter because I thought that girls who were homeless would be more likely to go out with me.
      I had this fantasy version of what a homeless shelter would be like. We’d sneak around to each others rooms as if they were dorm rooms. It would be romantic. Lots of giggling. And crack smoking. Heck, I’d try it. For love.
      I had a job and wasn’t really homeless. I had a place to live. But my girlfriend at the time hated me I was pretty sure of it and I needed a change.  Plus the homeless shelter was right next to my place of work. I could’ve lived at the shelter and it was about a 20 second walk to work.
      How great can life be? I ask again: How great can life really be?
      The homeless shelter director said “no” to my request. He called my references. I had said I wanted to write about the experience. My boss, my ACTUAL boss at the time, said I was probably mentally ill.
      I didn’t have that job for too much longer. Nor did I move into the homeless shelter. But they did let me give chess lessons there.
      All of this to say, there’s something primal in me that wants to disappear. To mix with what I view as the lowest of the low, to forget about my past, to sign up for a future that is meaningless, to think only about right now and give up everything else.
      When I was a kid I bought the book “How to Disappear Completely  And Never Be Found.” 
      I don’t know if any of the techniques still work but here was the author’s plan:
      Look at old newspapers from around the day you were born to find the names of babies that died that day. Ask your state government for their birth certificates.
      This isn’t unusual. Many people lose their birth certificates.
      Use the birth certificate to get a social security card (say you’ve been a permanent student up until now). Use the two forms of ID to get a bank account, credit cards, driver’s license....
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