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    • April-May 2020 Trauma Kit Giveaway! VIP Members Only
      Hello All, 
      We are proud to announce a new giveaway! This one is only for our site supporters ($10/Year) Please consider upgrading click here you will get all sorts of advantages on the site such as a bold username and special badge, also less ads as the big ad at the top of the site disappears for you! oh yeah and more cool things like unlimited private messaging and more. Please consider it!
      The latest greatest feature that is VIP only is the blogs you can view the site blogs here we want to kick start the blogs by offering a giveaway to those who start and add to a blog. so here we go... 
      Yes, That's right! Add 25 entires in your blog and get 25 entires into the giveaway! We will draw using a random number generator on June 1st and contact the winner via Private Message on the site.
      Your blog can be anything here are some examples; a quarantine dairy, a personal blog, stories from your life, your stance on current events, your ideas and thoughts, your soapbox for rants, matter of fact delegations, survival tips, bush crafting, home steading, canning food, gardening ... just about anything!
      Only VIP members have the ability to start blogs so you must be a VIP to enter the contest you can upgrade your membership here for only $10 for a Year
      Please only put legit entries, if you are spamming the blogs we will not count them entries. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SET A FEATURED IMAGE ON YOUR BLOG ENTIRES!








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    • Combating Overreach In Modern Times
      Fresh Air
           We as a Movement have been focusing on distant and illusive threats for too long. While Our focus has been misaligned We failed to create the entity the American People needed Us to be.
            We offer no resistance to Our fellow countryman being attacked, their privacy invaded , or being unnecessarily deprived of Rights. We offer no resistance because We have no organized resistance to offer. The outbursts advocating a violent reactionary response isn't resistance. When an immediate solution is violence it shows organizational weakness. A competent movement should have several responses available prior to physical action being considered.
            We have failed to produce a Vocal. Political, or Organized Social Response.
           Our negligence has caused our numbers to dwindle, and Our cause to Weaken. The Militia has become a distant memory of its Original Self. We have faltered in maintaining Liberty for All. Volatile times has once again caused Our size to grow. Positive growth doesn't dissolve Our responsibility to address and resolve Our previous deficiencies.
           We need to return to Our Noble path. We are America's body and Her last Defense. Liberty is a fragile flame that needs consistent attention.
           To correct Our shortcomings We need to organize, and create a Movement that is Fair and Firm. A true deterrent to infringement against Our fellow citizens is a Organized United movement. If a Governing Body was actively objected to by an Organized movement with a just grievance they would be reluctant to pressure a reactionary showdown.
            Our ability to address Our Movements shortcomings will determine Our future, and possibly the future of the ideas of individual Rights.
           Right now. We can Organize. We can Recruit. We can Teach one another. We can reestablish Ourselves with Our cause. We can't erase yesterdays mistakes, but We can create a Movement that gains momentum.
      We can right the course and become worthy of the title America's First and Last Guardian once again.
    • Website Migration
      TL;DR We are creating this topic so we can provide a bit more information about the migration of My Militia to a new datacenter. In the next couple days we will be preparing servers in new datacenter where we will be migrated. There may be some downtime associated to this
      After 4 years operating from Equnix Secaucus (New York City Metro), we have decided that it is time for us to migrate to a new data center that is more suitable we will be relocating to a more centralized location at Dallas, TX.
      We have chosen Carrier-1 carrier neutral data center. This 24/365 secured data center boats more than 106,000 square feet and is fully equipped with redundant diverse path utility feeds (expandable to 10 MW), 2x2 MW redundant backup generators, 3x600 KVA UPS in 2N+1 configuration, and air cooled with 12x30-ton Liebert in N+2 configuration.
      In addition, we are utilizing Psychz.Net network with redundant BGP network consisting of three global backbone providers, NTT, GTT, and TI Sparkle. Psychz.Net operates 5 Tbps of global network with multiple data centers around the world. And going with Psychz network allows us to offer DDOS protection to our customers up to 20 Gbps per IP.
      We will continue to leverage from Cloudflare DNS services.
    • Ohio ‚Äústay at home‚ÄĚ order activated
      here is the ohio stay at home order













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      Lemp Family Statement 3/17/2
          Rene Sandler
      17 Mar 2020, 23:21 (1 hour ago)     LEMP FAMILY STATEMENT MARCH 17, 2020
                  The public press releases (March 12, 13, and 17, 2020) issued by the Montgomery County Police Department about the death of Duncan Lemp are inconsistent with the physical evidence and eyewitness accounts from those who survived this tragedy. Duncan Lemp was killed on March 12, 2020 during an attempt by police to execute a search warrant on his parents’ home.  Duncan and his family were asleep at 4:30 a.m. when police besieged the residence from the front of the house and were awakened by shots fired through Duncan’s bedroom window followed by the sound of flash bangs.
      ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† The March 17, 2020 statement released by Montgomery County Police on its web site www.mcpnews.com materially omits that Duncan Lemp was shot multiple times by SWAT officers and killed.¬† The police now say that they received an ‚Äúanonymous‚ÄĚ tip regarding the possession of firearms and waited almost three months to act upon the information.¬† Using a three-month old ‚Äúanonymous‚ÄĚ tip, the police sought and obtained a no-knock search warrant on March 11, 2020 at 2:38 p.m.¬† Montgomery County Police utilized its SWAT officers to execute the search warrant on the residence.¬† SWAT officers
    • COVID-19 The Problem...or The Solution?
      If COVID-19 sticks around for a while maybe it will snap people out of this false sense of entitlement culture we live in, put your phones down and talk to one another, hold respectful interactions.. a real gut check into what is important, a snap away from our lemmings like existence on earth. a breath of fresh air amid the chaos.
      if you was forced to not leave your house for 30 days starting right this second how would you fair?
      tell us below!
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    • The Militia Leadership Assembly - MLA
      The Militia Leadership Assembly - MLA Was formed in Feb 2020 in an attempt to work with the leadership structure of the many militias across the nation. To discuss leadership topics and site features on My Militia including Militia Management options and resources. Join this club if you want to learn more about how the site works and what your next step should be as a leader. This group is not for normal unit members please request that your leader join this group.
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    • VIP and Donation Page Updates
      View here: https://www.mymilitia.com/vip/
      We have removed the "top of the site" google ad for all VIP users and continue to find new ways to improve the site for everyone

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    • The ACM unit with the largest membership at end of march will get a $100 amazon card
      We are excited to get the ASM (area code militias) off the ground and amazed by the positive reception.
      So here is the deal.... be the #1 unit with the most members at the end of march and we will send your units commander a $100 amazon card!

      Here is a list of currently active units:
      you can view the units here:
      Right now the 540 unit is leading with 11 members

      Don’t see your Area Code Militia?
      Ask for it to be started here:
      Good Luck to everyone!
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