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For those new to Militias - (The Real Deal)

The following post is directly aimed at those who are new to the militia-verse, maybe driven by concern over the events over the past few months.   If you are an old hack like me, please feel free to also peruse my ramblings as I delve into the world of.... the Militia.   There are two types of people who succeed in a well run militia: A. Those who know things but realize there is always more to learn - (Humble) B. Those who know very little but have the will and ca

A Good Problem To Have...

Update 6/24:   Just an update to all fellow patriots in Texas.   TSM (as you may guess) is dealing with a huge influx of new members in the last 30 or so days state wide.   Personnel in every unit assigned with processing new candidates are under water right now but we are making changes to accommodate the need.   To everyone who has sent applications to our various units and have not yet received contact, please be assured that you are on the list and giv

The Militia is You!

All Texans, Now is the time to click on that join button and submit your application. Know someone that has been thinking of joining? Send them the link! www.texasstatemilitia.net    

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