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About this blog

A list of observations I've made about the #Rona from a natural social refuge, West Virginia.

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Here's What Can Happen To YOU!

Do you ever wonder what could happen to you when you are legally separated from all family, all friends and placed into an "expert" institution where there is no freedom of speech or real choices? A place where you were FORCED to take the plan of action the "experts" give you? You might be tempted to think I'm talking about a psychiatric institution... but oh no. I'm talking about your local hospital, and you with a common illness.   Because of the suppression of Constitutional rights

Where's America's Grit?

04-25-2020  7:45pm   I Wonder How Many Resurrection Day Dinners Were Reported To Police Over The Easter Weekend?   For me, it boils down to numbers, which the CDC's computer program (aka. model) has been inaccurate from the beginning. It started out estimating 2 MILLION deaths. Now it's down to 60,000. Currently there are 53,742 deaths nationwide ASSOCIATED with Corona, but not solely the Corona. 800,157 active cases, with 10

Re-Open? Or Continued Lockdown?

I was reading some posts for and against reopening the country. One was talking about being selfish and it got me to thinking.   There are those wanting to reopen, yet they’re being classified as selfish. There are those that rely on all kinds of people to supply them while they cower in fear at home. Isn’t that being selfish too?   You expect your garbage to be picked up, you expect the grocery store to be open so you can get milk, you expect truck drivers to supply the stor

The Mysteries Of Covid-19 in Early 2020

The Mysteries Of Covid-19 in Early 2020   In looking into the specifics of the Corona virus as we know in April of 2020, I find accuracy a challenge as there seems to be more dis-information and guesswork involved in the analysis of the Wuhan, or Corona virus / COVID-19 / whatever name is next, than actual fact. I'm somewhat of a news guy and I run a small news service on Facebook . .   The Beginning:   Right around the end of Jan

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