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Lest We Forget

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Blogs concerning various points in time worthy of remembrance.

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Thanksgiving Day

Hello to All,   I want to wish everyone a very happy and joyful Thanksgiving despite the war against American tradition to keep our traditions, thus memories, alive to be passed from one generation to the next.   There is much amiss in America today, all bought and paid for by the Globalist Elite that wish to erase every boundary to every country in the world. The only way to achieve that goal is to take down America... and rest assured, there is an all-out political assault 

Matt In West Virginia

Matt In West Virginia in American Traditions (memories)

My Unit's Vision and Mission:

The MC1st-CTF is dedicated to completing a vision of corporate (Mercer County) self-sustenance in every way a reality. This is our primary, corporate mission.   Our way of life is under attack and the weapons used most effectively against us are our dependencies on government for our every need. There are times when we are literally held hostage by regulation until we bend, cower and break under the chains of socialism.   Our vision is in defense of the silent attack. We want to

Matt In West Virginia

Matt In West Virginia

Independence Day 2020

"The efforts of today's globalists (from many different places upon this earth) are aimed at taking America down from within. It seems that literally 2% of the people have all of the voice while the 98% are silent. That is the result of globalist control of our national media in the United States. So if you're just flipping on your televisions, your laptop or phone and are not paying much attention to where you gather your facts, you will be told a great many lies and they will tell you those li

Democratic "Legacy"

"I’m so confused right now. I see signs all over saying black lives matter. I’m just trying to figure out which black lives matter. It can’t be the unborn black babies. They are destroyed without a second thought. It’s not black cops. They don’t seem to matter. It’s not my black conservative friends. They are told to shut the **** up if they know what’s best for them by their black counterparts. It’s not black business owners. Their property does not mean anything. It’s not blacks who fought in

Matt In West Virginia

Matt In West Virginia

The Greatest Generation, D-Day, June 06,1944:

76 years ago today young men mostly 16 to 22 left their farms, cities and everywhere in between to fight for the Freedoms we enjoy today.   The high cliffs and Beaches of Normandy France would bring obstacles unheard of. Many of the youngsters would drown, be hung by their own parachute or shot down before ever reaching the Normandy shore. The sheer weight of backpacks and weaponry sent many of these young men to a watery grave. As the beach water turned into a grotesque mix of Blood a

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