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Hopefully this will start showing the progress of rebuilding many of the groups and pages that were destroyed by Facebook when they butchered the lives and the hard work of hundreds of thousands of members from their liberal loonie communist and terrorist supporting platform.


We know that every admin in our groups were ' disabled ' starting on August 19, 2020 at approximately 4:30 PM EST... ( i always have our group page up and a few other facebook areas in my browser tabs and they were taking me back to a login screen and my account was dead.. one tab to a facebook page did stay connected until the next morning and it finally went to the login screen.. )


FACEBOOK KILLED NEARLY 4000 of our groups and pages that afternoon / evening with their politically motivated domestic terrorist action that destroyed thousands of personal businesses that our own members had using the facebook areas... we estimated the cost / value of the work performed by experienced engineers ( now disabled ) by the value AT&T charged our United Technologies Automotive assembly plant for a technician to come in and perform work on our Definity and Audix phone system,,, $250 an hour. The value of the work taking over 7 months to complete the initial installation included the design and documentation of the groups and pages on Facebook alone would be in the vicinity of 1.2 - 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS OF INTELLECTUAL KNOWLEDGE... and that does not include the continual maintenance and improvements to the structures and documentation and the creation of a web server for common documentation to all the groups and pages since the middle of December 2013 until the destruction on August 19, 2020... IF a company had to pay all those support costs at the value of an experienced IT Analyst... the value of the operation would be tremendous.


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