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A short blog about me and random true stories from my past.... ? 

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I Had Some Crazy College Professors....

Did any of you guys ever have had a wacky professor before?? Because I had a few, but TWO of them I just can't forget about: 1. I had an English class professor who was depressed.... He always talked in like this depressed monotone sounding voice. And even said at the beginning of the semester on the first day that if we "had a problem with him, to just throw him out the window....." ??? Us: "Ummm Professor, we're on the second floor." Him: "Yeah. I know....." Us: O_O .....    2. I had ANOT

631 American

631 American

My Sophomore Year (College) (2010) Incident

It was some time in 2010 during my sophomore year at college. It started out a regular day. Was walking to another building for my next class.... ON my way there, I saw a big group of students in front of the class' building...., which isn't at all unusual, because that is what always happens: There aren't enough room for ALL of the students waiting to go to their next class to wait in the hallways, so they stand outside until about 2 minutes 'til class starts. So, as I'm walking to the building

631 American

631 American

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