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I've listened to the host of this show, several times.  He's very good, and he's truly "Black and Right"!  I listen only to programs on AM 560 and 890, out of Chicago ...


It was good to hear what Josh Ellis has been doing with his life, recently, and to find out a little about him.  Since he is now the "Super Administrator", we need to know what his political/social beliefs are.  I would also like to know about his views on the overall militia movement.


Josh, if you are reading this, can you please tell something about yourself?  For example, were you ever in the military.  Many militiamen have not been, but a great many of us have.  Not only that, some of us have experienced combat (those of us who have know the fear and horror of it, and sincerely hope that the growing number of militiamen in America will act to make the Leftist politicians think twice, before they go farther than they already have).



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