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Choosing a Rank System



Many people have really neat ideas when it comes to rank, others want to go strictly military.


Before choosing, I would like to point out that (preferably) militias will be working along side LEOs (law enforcement officers) and the military.


To keep this short and sweet the picture above illustrates what the usual ranks are for LEOs. The army is familiar with all of these ranks, but LEOs are not familiar with all of the amy’s. (the army’s private first class is used in LEO ranking as well, even though not shown above)


Since militia do not have the depth of rank that the military has, fewer ranks are needed.


I will be explaining this more in blogs that will follow. My goal is to give folks that are interested in starting a militia (or are stream lining an existing one) some things to consider.


The experience I draw on is 3 years active duty, combat arms, with a deployment.

I also have over 2 years in a militia, & I’m helping others in setting up the admin/structure side of things.

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