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Story Of The Site Architect - fixer



Ok so where does this story start? ... let's go back to the beginning! I will do a quick re-cap!


In 2003 I was 23 years old and started a blog about diesel trucks I built it up for 2 years and in 2005 I sold it to a large development conglomeration. Part of the sale was that I had to build 3 forums for the company. So i did. 


I stayed on as Admin of one of the 3 forums and run it for a couple years growing the site adding features and such.. in 2007 the company i was working for demanded i make the site a pay site to where all members had to pay to be a member. I refused to do this... I started a new forum and let the members know that i was going to mutiny.


I left and took 90% of the membership with me and continued to develop this new forum. Until 2011 when the site beat out hundreds of other forums in a developers competition held on the core software creators website. As soon as we won the company who made the software I built the site on contacted me about acquiring the site. We reached terms for them to acquire the site. These terms came with a 5 year exile from the internet to prevent me from creating a new property and stealing the members.


I was seldom online for the next 4.5 years making up for the last 8 years of being online .. ALOT! 


When i returned to the internet in late 2015 Facebook had taken over and pretty much buried any forum that did not adapt with the times. which meant accommodating the mobile platforms.


Since Facebook had it claws in deep I did not see anyway to start up a new website to start my mission to establish another community.


I decided to start some gun groups on Facebook to help people buy and sell... I built the groups up to be quite large and on Jan 27th 2016 in one fail swoop Facebook deleted all the gun groups on facebook including all mine.


After seeing how that level of power an entity can have like them i was compelled to create an independent site for people who were "like-minded" as me. 


Arms list is the most awesome site for gun buy and sell, so i refused to enter that ring... 


PROTIP: In order to be successful online you must accomplish one of these 2 things... 1. Be the first to do something 2. be able to do it better than anyone else


I felt the 2nd amendment was being infringed upon..



A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


Militia... Hummmm whats stopping Facebook from deleting all the Militia groups? NOTHING! and i had thousands of brothers and sisters who are "lost" in Facebook land trying to establish and manage militias on Facebook.. VERY VERY BAD IDEA!!!


So boom here we are Jan 28th 2016 https://www.mymilitia.com was born. I reached out to 2 other militia forums and asked them to join up with us.. one site was considering it but we could never work it out and the other site banned me instantly . oh well here we are

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Yeshua is LORD


Awesome. I was wondering what made you decide to start a forum like this. Glad you did. 


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