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The Mysteries Of Covid-19 in Early 2020

Matt In West Virginia


The Mysteries Of Covid-19 in Early 2020


In looking into the specifics of the Corona virus as we know in April of 2020, I find accuracy a challenge as there seems to be more dis-information and guesswork involved in the analysis of the Wuhan, or Corona virus / COVID-19 / whatever name is next, than actual fact. I'm somewhat of a news guy and I run a small news service on Facebook . .


The Beginning:


Right around the end of January 2020 I started picking up on reports that were coming out of China about an illness that was sweeping the population of China. These reports were supposed to be Chinese citizens trying to get illegal communications sent outside the country to make the world aware of some sort of terrible sickness that seemed to be affecting everyone. These reports could not be confirmed. The people making the videos could not be confirmed. The official origins could not be confirmed because the Chinese government controls all forms of communication and media in China.


Even when it comes to determining where this virus originated, there are many good people making their best guess, but still, factual details would have to come from China if this virus did indeed originate in China (update: The US is investigating China suspecting the Corona virus escaped from Wuhan laboratory). There is no such thing as factual detail from China. China is the 2nd biggest liar on the planet and a country where there is no freedom of speech and only government controlled media, China is little more than a hornblower bent on blowing its own horn.

Fox News claimed to know the beginning of the Corona . Within this article is a myriad of different numbers promoted by China, including a research paper by a team of virologists at the Wuhan Institute for Virology (also completely controlled by China) suggests that the coronavirus more likely came from bats, which was also the source of the SARS outbreak. It is to be heavily noted here that the main details of the virus is;


  • Controlled by China
  • References a paper produced by supposed Wuhan virologists (controlled by China)
  • Makes the ASSUMPTION that the virus MORE LIKELY came from bats.


In other words, no one knows what caused this virus, no one knows what this virus is nor how it came to be. They are all guessing, and they continue to guess. So you can understand my difficulty in finding real facts that everyone wants to know.


The globally renowned “World Health Organization” ( It is a great title though. Isn’t it? ), which holds a position of some prominence as an agency of the United Nations, established in 1948 to promote health, control communicable diseases, and serve as the premier alert system against any such outbreak, viral or otherwise, to the world if it threatens the health of the population. When looking for accuracy in facts, both the United Nations AND The WHO are viewed as generally governed in secret as “fronts” for various countries with an anti-American agenda, using their political offices (including the WHO) to establish a place where human rights violators can participate in a global theater (politics that all can see) and not be called out for their actual political governing practices and theologies that violate the human rights they pretend to protect.


In other words, the United Nations is nothing more than a way to launder dirty politics. By creating various global positions with some really cool names that look good on the news and by having a few mediocre programs that seem to be good on the outside, by putting people in charge that are privately controlled and calling them “experts”, political forces can operate within them secretly hidden from the world they are supposed to protect, enabling the controlling countries to further their own violation of human rights across the globe while not being called out for it. 


The reputation of the WHO is an ongoing problem but has most recently been called into question as it appears to have catered to China as it circulated false Chinese propaganda and dis-information concerning the outbreak of the Corona virus which ultimately delayed the global alert of the danger and cost people their lives and livelihoods. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been petitioned to resign. The Daily Caller article referenced here notes that Tedros “worked closely with China during his time as Ethiopia’s health minister,” won the election to become WHO director “despite widely covered accusations that he covered up three different cholera epidemics as health minister in Ethiopia,” was shamed out of tapping the monstrous Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe to be a “goodwill ambassador” to the U.N. as a favor to Beijing, and is not even a medical doctor, although he has training in infectious disease response.


All of that to say: How did the Corona virus begin? No one knows. You can examine all the answers for yourself, from Wuhan to the United States. All of our “experts” are saying the same things. The first thing they all say is, “We really don’t know BUT…”, and then they spend the next 23 hours 58 minutes on television telling you what it COULD be by saying, “...but the data SUGGESTS this”, or “the model projects this”, or “it could be this, or it could be that, or it could be like the flu with regards to many of the symptoms”, or that “it COULD be the black plague of death if the numbers go as projected”... “if we don’t do this it MIGHT”... or if we do this we MIGHT”... But none of them will tell you straight up that all their guesses (or hypotheses as they are fond of saying) is based from a computer program that has not been possibly programmed with enough variables to predict ANYTHING about this virus accurately. It hasn’t been properly programmed because it is all simply BEYOND our current level of science to understand. And THAT is something that you will never hear on the televisions.


The difficulty our scientific community has had through this whole period of unrealistic expectations of their performance is perfectly displayed within these two articles:


An article from Breitbart news that claims the possibility of one tragedy after another, making projections from our nations experts predicting deaths from the Corona to be anywhere from 480,000 over the next three months (Apr., May, June) to saying that it’s too late to stop this catastrophe with a death toll of 1.5 MILLION deaths to happen within the next 12 to 15 months, NO MATTER WHAT WE DO.


In a Conservative Daily News report dated April 6, 2020, they report that a model the White House has used to help guide its coronavirus response lowered their estimate for the number of Americans projected to die during the first wave of the pandemic. The number predicts the model, from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, now projects 81,766 deaths in the United States through Aug. 1, with most of the fatalities occurring by the middle of next month. The IHME team projected a range of between 49,431 and 136,401 for the same period. Even these models may not yet be accurate, but it would be a safe assumption to believe they are more accurate than they were.


In the beginning, all we had was an expert’s guess. That’s all we have now. But we have a little more accurate info with which to guess. You can imagine the fear that was struck deep within the White House as they tried to wrap their minds around protecting our population against something so deadly according to the first guesses / estimates. We had nothing else to rely on…. No warning. But thank God that isn’t the case now, and the longer we continue in this the more we will learn, no doubt.
I hope. I hopes the good guys in all of this learns as much, if not more, about everything that has transpired during the first national shutdown we’ve ever experienced in all of history than the bad guys. Things have been revealed about the American public that should warrant grave attention


In summary to this historic mess called the Wuhan, Corona, COVID-19 event, it’s clear the we don’t know how it started, we don’t know what it is, and we don’t know of anything to do about it except the things we were all taught growing up in that you wash your hands regularly, don’t cough in anyone’s face, and stay home if you’re too sick or you think you are weak and might get sick.

The WHO dropped the ball for the world, and our media is helping to make a bad thing worse because no matter what it is or how it started, it will be used as a political pawn now and alot of Americans will be unaware.

We don’t know how it started, we are uncertain about where it’s going from here and we certainly don’t know how it ends. In many ways, it’s just begun because there is now a field of opportunity for those that hate America.


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Matt In West Virginia


I helped my grandson do this report for a school project...

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