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Re-Open? Or Continued Lockdown?

Matt In West Virginia


I was reading some posts for and against reopening the country. One was talking about being selfish and it got me to thinking.


There are those wanting to reopen, yet they’re being classified as selfish. There are those that rely on all kinds of people to supply them while they cower in fear at home. Isn’t that being selfish too?


You expect your garbage to be picked up, you expect the grocery store to be open so you can get milk, you expect truck drivers to supply the stores, you expect farmers, meatpackers, fruit and vegetable pickers all to keep food in that grocery store.


You expect Amazon to still ship all the things you’re ordering while you sit at home shopping. You expect the delivery driver to leave it on your doorstep. You expect your phone to work, your power to stay on, and your mail to show up rain, sleet, or shine. And most important, you expect the doctors and nurses to be there if you need them although many of them across the country have been furloughed because their units and services have been shut down while the entire system focuses only on COVID19 which, seriously, has been grossly over-estimated from the beginning.


So the political script writers (wordsmiths) came up with the term "shelter in place", designed to appease their desired mindset by avoiding the last gen name for it, "home confinement". Whichever way you choose to reason that, it is based on the arrogant idea that others must risk their health so you can protect yours. There is nothing virtuous about ignoring the largely invisible army required to allow people to "shelter in place" or forcing people to live confined to their homes.


I know there are some of you that are screaming mad about what I just said but stop and really think about what is allowing you to stay safe in your home. Eh?


I truly believe that with some common sense on my part, I could easily go back to life as it was. I don't particularly make a habit of going into restaurants but a lot of you do and I'm fine with that if you're fine with that. The little stores just up the road need to get back at it or they will not be there when you do get up the courage to make handshakes legal again.


And yes, I could catch COVID-19. I could also catch the flu or a cold, sore throat, mumps, measles, Tibetan Crypt Rot, and a host of other things.. I could get run over by a bus. I could get struck by lightning. I've been involved in two auto accidents in the last three months, NEITHER of them my fault. We take risks everyday. You will NEVER take the "risk" out of living, no matter what you do or how much of it you do.


If you choose to stay home, that is absolutely your choice. And please don’t start screaming at me about how I’ll just spread it. Why are you worried? You won’t get it because you’re staying in your home. Are you going to shelter in place every time a new strand of the flu happens? That's up to you. Just leave me out of your decisions. You make em, you live with them, and do so without trampling my rights in the process.


Our economy can’t withstand much more of this. If our economy collapses, so will the rest of the world’s. If that happens, you will see the rise of tyrants.


I absolutely don’t want people to die...from COVID or anything else. I want people to live. But people WILL DIE every single day of the world. NO ONE will live forever. Give it up. Not gonna happen.

Sheltering in place is what you do when living in fear. Home confinement is ordered from government. Thing is, home confinement used to be limited to people that violated the law. Now, home confinement is a way of life if you obey the law. If you can't see there is something wrong with this? Then you are living blind.


I hope you don't die that way.

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