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George Floyd was NOT a good guy ...



George Floyd was a hero, right?  He was killed by a white cop?  For no reason, whatsoever, right?


Wrong ...


Geroge Floyd was a career criminal with a long rap sheet.  When he was arrested, he was high on Fentanyl and Cocaine.  Most of his crimes were committed in Texas.  After his last stint in prison ... for five years ... he re-located to Minnesota.  The last time, he was imprisoned because he broke into a pregnant woman's house and held a gun to her abdomen, while four other "men" ransacked her home.  The following is his rap sheet:


Post image


The man was a six-time loser, and a career criminal.  And we are allowing our nation to be destoyed, because of him?


Nothing justifies his murder at the hands of someone who was sworn to uphold the law.  However, I am sure that we don't know what happened in Minneapolis, prior to his his murder.  A guy like him was a prime candidate for a murder of his own.  The surprising thing is that it hadn't happened, sooner

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His criminal history is really nothing at this point in time, the country isn't being destroyed because of him,,  His death was merely an excuse. The timing was perfect for the left, they  were not winning at blaming Trump for the Wuhan Flu,  the restrictions across the country were taking a toll on people,  the issue isn't " Police Brutality " that real narrative that the left plays is a race war. An while police brutality is a real issue, it gets overshadowed by the exact same leftists, anarchists, and extremists that are screaming about police brutality, because of their flaming the race war the democrats need, and continuing to riot.


With hurricane season officially kicking off, all the left had to do, was wait for a hurricane, to blame Trump again. But I guess the US Coast gets destroyed by a hurricane or even gets tagged by a Cat 1, the left will take that moment to, to cause more chaos. 


Police brutality does need to be addressed but not with this racist undertone.  Because what BLM and the extremists and leftists wont say, is that what they really want, what they might actually find acceptable, is that every police officer from the very top to the very bottom has to be black, a national police force that is 90-99% black, an the other percent would allow other " Minorities " to fill in. So that way those same extremists can say, AH HA NOW WE GOT YOU, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT. An then the cycle never ends, it becomes this perpetual race war that the democrats so desperately need to continue in America.   If BLM was serious about their message of change, it would be All lives Matter, but you cant say that because then it is white privilege and you are a racist.  All this crap in the streets is, is  wana be 60s hippies looking for photo ops to be the next person putting a flower in a gun, or hoping to be the next Tiananamen Square guy.   Usually what happens is with democrats in control, they create these same issues, like with Obama, and the 99%ers , an use that social drama to sweep in very under handed laws in the middle of the night. Since they cant do that, it is just let chaos reign.  Trump is going to have a very hard time winning this problem , because if he doesn't make a promise to form some kind of council to address police brutality , nothing changes, even if it a flat out lie or a powerless council, an have you noticed the glorious obama and his message about all of this, did anyone see these same maniacs holding hands an singing songs after obama gave his glorious speech ? The great community organizer couldn't stop the problem either.   An anyone not demanding that the riots stop, are only signalling that the riots should continue. An the media wants these riots to continue, it isn't a secret. Their  and the democrats,wettest dream is that the Wuhan Flu gets worse, and more US cities burn from rioters, and then a Cat 5 Hurricane hits the US Coast some where this season. Oh an then either an assassin takes out Trump or something else does.


Just saw a news clip by Snoop dog, some rant about, yo i never voted ever in my life, but this time i am cause dude is a punk... paraphrasing, but it is like, come on please. just stop. ya sold out way too long ago. Sold out on so many levels.


Anyhow, once the riots stop, I really think it would be smart of Trump to shut the left down, by addressing police brutality to the nation, and how he plans on beginning to fix it. An then point out that it has been going on long before him, and that with 8 years of Obama, it wasn't even acknowledged as a problem, an wasn't attempted to be fixed.  An then he can put together what ever he wants to help come up with a solution, an then by the time that gets going, Nov rolls around and all kinds of new problems pop up to distract people once again.

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The purpose on my blog-post was to let people know that, indeed, he was not some innocent picked on by the brutal Minneapolis PD.  He had a long history of criminal activity in the State of Texas, which is exactly why he moved to Minnesota.  He wished to escape the consequences of his actions.  There are five people involved in this case I have utter contempt  for:  George Floyd, his murderer, and three other Minneapolis police officers,  The other people I have contempt for, in the aftermath of Floyd's murder, are too numerous to name.


I worked as a police officer for years, and in all that time, I never met one cop that I thought went too far.  Police brutality?  I don't think so.  Where the system's real brutality exists is in the Correctional institutions.  I've been there, as a CO.  That's why I left.


I agree with you about what BLM and Antifa REALLY want, by the way.

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Hi criminal record is indeed interesting an it is a good fact to have out in the open like that,,and I agree it does show that he wasn't this upstanding member of society that was just randomly picked off the street to be attacked and killed. but at this point in time it just doesn't matter, the guy could of been an escaped prisoner who was a rapist an a murderer , that same cop of could of done the exact same thing on that day to this hypothetical criminal black man,  and the exact same response would of happened because of what the left is now, their hate for Trump, and everything else.  An as to your experience as a L.E.O it is great that you didn't experience anyone crossing a line, , I try to be more even tempered about crying foul with police brutality,  I think it does happen, at times, and there are corrupt police officials , but I am not buying the narrative the leftists and extremists want, which is this idea that there is this secret white supremacist overlord group running our police stations all across America, and their number one priority is targeting minorities ,  that twisted idea that the left has in their pea brains, is toxic and just wrong. An they believe it which is worse.


An with my statement bout ANTIFA AND BLM and becoming this revenge police force,  i do believe that is what they are after, i doubt it will ever happen, and even if the police were predominately all black, ( and were not die hard brain dead democrats an etc ) i wouldn't care. Would I take notice to it, sure, but I wouldn't feel threatened, awkward maybe, till I got use to things ,BUT, the only people who should ever worry about the police are criminals.  An sadly the left is doing a very good job at scaring low income blacks in America that a majority of police are out to get them. I think  police policies across America be reviewed ,     at least every 5 years or so, take a look at their policies and seriously look at what is working what isn't, ask themselves why are they keeping police officers with so many complaints against them, ask, did a policy end up being  or could at some point in time , be the cause of someones death and etc, it shouldn't escalate to this level we see now, for these leaders to go, woah, son of a bitch we gotta change this right now.   An it boils down to leaders, getting lazy, and complacent and not using good judgement.


I was actually in training to become a correctional officer as well, but the training was so poor, it was just really training to pass the certification tests and at like the last week of classes it would of been hands on training at our local jail, and the instructors were jokes as well, i just had to pass.  Anyhow,





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