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AR2 Patriot Network

American Revolution 2.0


We are proud to announce that AR2 Patriot Network is up and running! To learn more on what the AR2 Patriot Network is all about, we'd love for you to check out the information about the program on the website:
The AR2 Patriot Network is not a Militia group. The goal is to have the AR2 Patriot Network working in tight conjunction with local Militia groups in order to better serve the community. We truly believe the AR2 Patriot Network will be a wonderful thing for this country, bringing true patriots closer together and building a community of like-minded people. Lets come and work together on making our country be the best we possibly can, JOIN TODAY!
Thank you all so much
-The AR2 National Leaders


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Their indoctrination fell a bit with the wildfires. They had to put out that the masks they recommended for Kung Flu were not protective enough for wildfire smoke. The virus is smaller than the smoke particles. Checkmate

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