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The Time is Getting Short



The following is something that I post at many websites that I inhabit.  The time for this is getting short.  America is plunging headfirst towards civil war.  This war will make the Civil War look like a Sunday School picnic, by comparison (in the Civil War, think Sherman's march from the mountains to the sea ... and that was mild to what is coming).  The time is short, amigos:


Once again, I will post the following link:  https://www.mymilitia.com/


This website is a clearinghouse for militias throughout the United States.  For every member of the website, there are at least ten people in the militias who aren't members.  The militia I belong to is very well-organized, and although it's primarily defensive in nature, certainly has the organization and weaponry to go on the offensive, if necessary.  I'm convinced that it will be necessary.


The only alternative to the inevitability of civil war is voting out the p u $ $ y Republicans ... you know who they are ... and electing real men and strong women, in their place.


If you're not armed, get armed.  NOTE:  It's getting late ...


If you're not equipped, do so.


If you have no training, receive some (trainers are out there).


An unarmed man or woman is nothing more than a target for violent death.  This is the new reality of the United States of America.  This country will not survive in its current form.  Fight, or live as a slave.  Simple choice ...


And for God's Sake, JOIN A MILITIA


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DCG2020. Something you can do in the meantime is to practice and learn unarmed combat. Get a bo (short staff) and learn how to use it. Tonfa, billy clubs, etc., are skills that aren't taught any more and for those like you who want to learn until you get your 2A rights back, you can learn and teach those that want to learn. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard rely too much on their firearms and when it comes to hand-to-gland combat, will fall short.  You would be a great asset. Another thing is to purchase an air rifle. They're not registered and they even have a .30 cal fully automatic one. As always, check with the local PD.


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Certainly, training is a must.  I would like to strategically place at least 6 x 40 men platoons in north Georgia.  I am a seasoned infantry platoon leader.  I am fully trained in land navigation without electronics, defensive and offensive tactics, airborn qualified and an expert marksman with the M16, M203, and the 50 cal.  I'commanded and operated tracked vehicles including M113 APC's and Bradley Fighting Vehicles.  As a former automotive shop owner, I can modify a truck to become a light armored vehicle to be used as a troop carrier.  I have contacts with huge tracks of land near Toccoa into South Carolina.  The key right now is to get organized, then get some unit training.  

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On 6/22/2020 at 3:03 PM, Razor Ramone said:

The cold Civil War already turned hot, weeks ago. The first shots have been fired. Authorities are doing nothing to contain the violence. Misleadia did NOT report facts on the ground: Tuesday night, 6/2, every livestreamer I could find including the one I found that was best, stated "riots are OVER." This wasn't reported on because they want to induce panic.  Some violence has occurred since then, but not nearly at the same level. I could go on with more than most can tolerate about the big picture, but I believe our objective should be to contain the violence. 


How? Contribute what we can to stop the mass exodus from law enforcement as a career, for one. Part of the (big) plan is to have police collapse, then they'll have to be replaced. I make no predictions about what that might look like in transition, but none of it is good. Sharia, antifa brownshirts, UN blue helmets; any of that spells the last steps of the republic falling, not the first. A simple phone call and/or visit to our local Chief of Police to show support and encouragement would go a long way right about now. I think a nationwide recruitment effort, to attract quitting Police in urban hellholes to existing job openings for Police in good areas with a good boss and a sane public, would be a very good idea. 


Believe BLM and antifa when they say they want REVOLUTION. And at this point it becomes impossible to distinguish revolution from Civil War. Many many factions are behind this, not just the BLM & antifa foot soldiers we see on the ground.  The most dangerous part of this is how much of our government has collaborated with them. antifa slogan; "no border, no wall, no USA at all."  They mean that. BLM is more discreet: 

"no Trump, no kkk no racist USA."  They're not merely conflating Trump with the kkk and racism. they've been brainwashed to believe the USA is irreparably racist, and to end the racism they must end the US.  Don't take it for granted that there will be a US to hold elections in November. And even if there is, mail-in ballot fraud will be increased beyond anything we've ever seen. BLM told us exactly what they plan on doing at every voting location they possibly can: block the entrance, intimidate as many as possible, and LEO and NG will only act as their enforcement arm. We need to plan how to defeat many things here ...


So if we can "contain the violence" I think that means DC - Boston winds up with NO rule of law, and the same for our left coast. And some other urban areas across the heartland. I do we believe we can keep it from steamrolling the whole Country though, and we MUST. This means organizing at what point to stop the spread. Going into their concentration of force may not be good strategy? Every community that has decided to defend itself, that attempt has worked with NO violence! And in some communities, citizens have cooperated hand in hand with Police, guarding property. Deterrence is the best use of arms. 


Prayer helps, too ...


Excellent response, and well-written.


On another website, I met a couple who live in a wealthy gated community, just outside of Washington, DC.  Their condo is on the second-floor.  The wife asked me what kind of gun she and her husband could get, to protect themselves.  After talking extensively to her to find out their situation, I said that she should check out the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch rifle.  She and her husband not only "checked it out", they bought two of them.  Their idea is that when the mob comes through their gates ... and their condo faces the gate, across a wide parking lot, they will both open fire.  Between them both, they have over a thousand rounds, and ten magazines each ... now loaded.  They refuse to abandon their home, which they worked for all of their lives.  5.56 NATO is their "thing"!


Indeed, prayer does help.

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Some of you may know...some not but part of the globalization of America is cashless society.  I'm a coin collector. On Monday 7/6/20 I went to my Credit Union of America to get quarters. I cashed in $50 worth and was wanting another $50...they thanked me for the quarters but said that they were not getting change from the Mint. The next day I got this from a friend. Today 7/8/20 our Wal-Mart out up signs....plastic only....you all tell me how short time is getting!https://www.facebook.com/dana.coverstone/videos/10222850542241903/

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