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The Time is Getting Short



The following is something that I post at many websites that I inhabit.  The time for this is getting short.  America is plunging headfirst towards civil war.  This war will make the Civil War look like a Sunday School picnic, by comparison (in the Civil War, think Sherman's march from the mountains to the sea ... and that was mild to what is coming).  The time is short, amigos:


Once again, I will post the following link:  https://www.mymilitia.com/


This website is a clearinghouse for militias throughout the United States.  For every member of the website, there are at least ten people in the militias who aren't members.  The militia I belong to is very well-organized, and although it's primarily defensive in nature, certainly has the organization and weaponry to go on the offensive, if necessary.  I'm convinced that it will be necessary.


The only alternative to the inevitability of civil war is voting out the p u $ $ y Republicans ... you know who they are ... and electing real men and strong women, in their place.


If you're not armed, get armed.  NOTE:  It's getting late ...


If you're not equipped, do so.


If you have no training, receive some (trainers are out there).


An unarmed man or woman is nothing more than a target for violent death.  This is the new reality of the United States of America.  This country will not survive in its current form.  Fight, or live as a slave.  Simple choice ...


And for God's Sake, JOIN A MILITIA

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Guest Loren-USAPatriot


Very good read. I would expect each one of these items also covered in the five paragraph order sent out when mobilizing for an event. The last militia I was apart of had their own comprehensive manual that was specifically designed for patriots modifying most of the requirements. The first aid was incorporated in the Combat Life Saver course. That may have been a little too much but was informative and taught by an EMT. Needless to say ANTIFA does have quite a few resources and being guided how to properly and securely communicate and organize. We need to do it much better. 

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Is anyone trying to collect names and addresses of these Antifa/BLM leaders?

We may need this data soon.


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It is going kinetic pretty soon, as jeffrey Prather says your masks don't scare us your not as fierce as the Imperial Japanese your not as organized as the Nazis your not as brutal as Isis and we defeated them all.

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