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I break these down into 3 main groups;


Individual Ability” this one is pretty basic info and I don't think it needs a deep dive. Name, rank, attendance, fitness, and standardization. Standardization can be its own blog later on.


Next is “Readiness”, this allows you to judge who is capable of going on the mission. Most of this has already been hit on in the ‘Logistics’ blog. In short, you are not part of big daddy government. When your food & supplies run out, you’re SOL.

The areas to judge here are: food/water, ammo, line gear, mobility, & finances. I’d recommend the goal for these is a year.


Third is “Training”. This varies widely by group, but should be centered around shoot, move, communicate, & plugging holes.


These can easily be lines up in an excel doc to be kept track of. I also use a rating system 1-4. I use color for the computer & Xs in the cells so that on can read it in a black & white print off.


An example of the rating is;

0(red) = less than 3 months,

X(yellow)= less than 6 months,

XX(yellow)= less than 9 months,

XXX(green)= 12 months or more of food storage


I would only use a rating of 4 for those that specialize in that field.

For example; if someone was an EMT, an ER nurse, a surgeon, or a combat medic I would rate them a 4 in medical.

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Guest Black Robe Pastor


This is very helpful for me and my family to use as we look to improve our readiness!

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