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Bushcraft & Bags



I’d like to point out some things, and maybe even clear some concepts up.


Bushcraft, is it needed in militia training? Very little.

Bushcraft, is it a useful thing to know in general? Yes.


While some aspects of bushcrafting are useful, and can be cross skilled, it is a waste of training time in my opinion. Escape and evade training is the most I would look at. If an individual or small group has to rely on bushcraft alone for survival, a series many things have gone terribly wrong.

Militia groups should be on missions with clear intent. As such, the mission load out will be customized to it. Traveling from one point to another is the overall goal. Staying in the woods and playing “robin hood: bushcrafting edition” should rarely if ever be the case.


Traveling means moving, and you should be carrying the correct amount of provisions with you. I can see local edible plants being viable to learn, because one can do that on the move.




Mission dictated load outs brings us to the subject of bags. Since survivalists turned more mainstream years ago and changed the term to preppers, there have been many renditions of “bags”.


72 hour, bug out, INCH, ruck, go bag, and many more names and acronyms have popped up. All are different, but to the novice are viewed as the same (they’re not). I’d like to attempt to simplify it.


Destination and purpose, these are the 2 main things to focus on. Generally, people are going from point A to point B. the purpose could be further defined with the contemplation of time (and restriction thereof) and threat assessments.


Here’s an example;

Destination: your work is 35 miles from your home (about a 30 minutes drive). At a 3 mph average walking pace it will take you ~12 hours to get home. Water is easily found on the way so you choose to have a 1L container with filtration ability, and you choose to take 3k calories of food with you.


Purpose: you are concerned with violent local events, so getting home in the shortest amount of time while avoiding being seen is key. Your commute is through a city so you choose your EDC pistol over carrying a rifle, but you have spare mags. You also choose the grey man look instead of camo tacticool.


Define your mission parameters and prep a bag accordingly. There are more things I could have covered, but for the sake of brevity I chose simplicity. Hopefully you can fill in the blanks.




If you are planning to bug out, but do not have a bug out location, you will fail in the mid and long term. During WW2 (If I remember correctly) the masses from the cities took to the roads and stripped everything of use within a 2-3 mile radius of the highways, the US is much more populated now then those countries were then. Also, at around the same time in the US dear and small game were almost hunted to extinction, the US is much more populated now than it was then.



Being in a group expands this planing concept. Stick to training simple fundamentals and pack your bags accordingly.

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