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My Unit's Vision and Mission:

Matt In West Virginia


The MC1st-CTF is dedicated to completing a vision of corporate (Mercer County) self-sustenance in every way a reality. This is our primary, corporate mission.

Our way of life is under attack and the weapons used most effectively against us are our dependencies on government for our every need. There are times when we are literally held hostage by regulation until we bend, cower and break under the chains of socialism.

Our vision is in defense of the silent attack. We want to be independent as residents of Mercer County WV, from the governmental "regulations requiring dependency" such as we are experiencing today as life in a supposed free America.

We one day want to see ALL of the following (and more) come to fruit for our citizens:

*To provide our own food supply void of government control.
*To develop and have access to our own basic medical needs when vital needs go unmet and/or denied by bureaucracy due to government regulation.
*To discover and develop a communications network capable of operating completely off-grid, independent of any entity, political, regulatory or otherwise. We wish a communications network that the CITIZENS can control and operate.
*To train our citizens to develop our own abilities to hunt, fish, trap, etc., to supplement our food supply in every way possible. To learn basic-to advance survival skills. The kind where you can take off into the woods for three days and take nothing with you but a knife and a compass and still survive. This is no laughing matter. Your life and the lives of your family could hinge on what you know about these things.
*To bring structure to our own defense against the people and politics wishing to bring us harm so that we can be our own first responders when government and/or law enforcement is overwhelmed or ordered to stand down in the face of personal injury being inflicted on innocent citizens or destruction of personal property.

We also wish to be an ASSET TO OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT in such times of great demand when we can be an aid to them in ANY meaningful way! We have stood with honest LEO's and will continue to stand with them here in Mercer County and the great state of West Virginia, who have not yet given in to political pressures resulting in sacrifice of we, the people.
*TO BRING Constitutional awareness and EDUCATION to all MC Citizens concerning the LETTER and SPIRIT of our Constitution (National and State). We can properly do nothing until we know WHY we do what we do. This has been completely removed from public schools. It is an element we will revitalize within our educational program.
*To develop an "Closed Community" (Mercer County residents) home-schooling program that is void of current political brainwashing by public schools that strive for standard academic excellence while teaching children how to think critically. We want to teach them HOW to think... not WHAT to think.
*Do develop a lobbying network to petition government at various levels and places to help sway the political course of today by defending our Constitutional rights in and out of the voting booths as the founders envisioned and penned accordingly (It's not too late to give up on the political process). Real Americans only need to participate in wisdom to rectify that which is amiss today.

Whether we like politics or not, politics has gained influence on every aspect of our lives. To ignore politics is to be personally irresponsible toward our responsibility to America, as citizens of The United States, but also to our communities within the county and families. Our families must live with what we leave behind.

The MC1st does not discriminate against people... no matter your height, your hair color or texture, your body weight, your sex or your skin color. We are all people and in many ways, we are all equal (to be explained during Constitutional education).
This is a monumental vision. The only chance of success is through citizen participation... just like our government in that regard. If we all want to break the chains that have been slowly wrapping about us since the 1940's, if we want to break free of the political correctness that causes intellectual suicide, if we want to once again learn how to, and teach our family how to take care of ourselves free of government regulations and provisions, then we need YOU, if you are of like mind. A person's color is of no consequence here. What is important is that you are of like mind.

Check us out as we begin to develop in these early stages. It very well could be our time is limited before these abilities are needed, which means we all need to begin training and preparation as soon as possible.

May God be with us all.

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Guest MICH'O


As a member of MC-1st  CTF.

I swear to uphold the constitution and that which we stand for. I swear to protect those that can't protect themselves. The elderly , the handicapped and all others be they fit or not to defend themselves, lay under my protection. 

    We must move forward. We must prepare. The time to do is now,


May God be with us all.

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very similar to my groups goals. lets all work to enact self sufficiency & accountability!

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