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What is ironic, is that, in order to maintain a thin veneer of impartiality, they're nuking the far Left as well. Ha ha ha.


This article goes into some detail about the delicious irony of the Lefties, who have justified trying to close our side down, now getting a taste of their own medicine:



Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people ... ha  ha  ha  ha  ha ha ha...


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I was at angry vikings event. It was amazing, but it pissed me off when the police made us leave. That is the way of it. If patriots protest then they shut down the protest, but they let left wingers protest constantly for months breaking laws and being violent. The double standards are disgusting.

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Everyone should exchange information and decide to delete mass accounts. We have the power of choice too.

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I had joined this Facebook group named something like "Fans of Kayleigh McEnany".  A few weeks ago the name of the group was changed to something like "Britney Spears Lesbian Block Party" and the posts were really vulgar.  The description changed as well to something like "you're locked in and can't get out".  I tried to quit the group and couldn't.  I tried to snooze the content and couldn't.  About the time I was ready to write all the members of the Senate Commerce Committee, I start to gather my data and the group was gone.


I was thinking there was a Facebook insider responsible.  Who else could make it so you can't leave a group?  Someone either falsely represented the group to start with or hacked it later on.  Facebook didn't censor any of the crazy content either. 


I'm on Parler and don't do much on Facebook anymore. 


The Senate needs to actually do something.  The last few hearings were a cute dog and pony show.  Elections have already begun and the Senate member have said some real zingers for their audience.  There needs to be serious consequences - months too late already.

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