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Food Storage and Preparedness



In a previous blog I talked about the importance of having food/water with the ability to move it. https://www.mymilitia.com/blogs/entry/37-bovs-logistic-movment-seting-up/


I have been in the preparedness space for many years now, and there is always more to learn. There has always been an issue with consistent good information from a single source, and other issues with what works theoretically vs in practice. Keep that in mind as I share.


Wendy Dewitt came to my attention more than 8 years ago. Since then I have seen many ingrate her concepts into their own. She have a 3 year food storage which you rotate once per year. It's great for folks that have food allergies, and will probably be the best tasting food storage to go with. This is game plan is strong if you're choosing to stay put, but isn't very mobile friendly. She does have an older video you can look up that she's more energetic in, but the new one has more information and you can buy it on Amazon.


Here's her blog - https://everythingunderthesunblog.blogspot.com/


Next is AS (Analytical Survival). His background is an 18D (SF medic) and teacher. He was pretty popular and made his rounds about 10 years ago. Since then he hasn't been active in preparedness videos in recent years. He had a kid, and that's where his focus has been (which is the right move). His food and basic preparedness series are on point. I view his food storage as guidance for 1 year, and its highly mobile.


food - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL730D22F8A44360C4

storage - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL608148415CA0E709



Last is Tod from Bear Independent. Tod has gained mass popularity in the community since starting his own channel. Why? because of the quality of information. He not only says to do the Things, but he also tests his teachings by way of his disaster relief charity. He is still learning and refining many things, but he has a good handle on the food storage and water aspect. I'm linking his Prepper Classroom for the 3rd and 4th video, but also know that he sells flash drives of it so you may have it if you're not around internet.





There are also many "buy in bulk" options for food. Be sure not to be mislead in the calories per day or the absorption ability of the nutrients therein.





Like in everything we do, context matters. Are you; staying put, heading out, bouncing around, in a group, by yourself, in a populated area, etc. These are the things you think about when coming up with a game plan. Otherwise you're going to spend alot of money on alot of stuff and not be able to do much of anything well. Food and water ore the things you need with anything, that is why it is the foundation of preparedness and self sufficiency.


Force Multipliers! tools that save time and/or energy. For example: a power drill is a force multiplier for anyone that works with hand tools. Use this concept in your preps. For most of human history our time was spent on food; gathering it, hunting it, prepping it, finding fuel to cook it, cooking it, hauling water. We tend to take for granted the miracle of capitalism specialization which gives us cheap product (longer conversation). Keep this in mind for your cook systems. Be a lazy prepper where it counts, find the most efficient ways to do things.


I'll use the example of water. IF you have to haul water by hand I would suggest an ALICE ruck frame with a shelf and a 5 gallon jerry style can. The ruck can be used for many things, a can the container. The method will free up your hands and be less tiring. Another is water filters. IF you have the time, a gravity fed filter is better than an inline (or suck start) filter. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to filter a gallon,. IF you are stationary, get a Berkey.

When looking at filters consider; what they filter, what they're lifespan is, how fast they filter, how to clean them, and size/weight. From what I've seen, the higher the flow rate the shorter the life. Lets look at a Sawyer; It's about $40 has a flow rate of 1 gallon per 7 minutes and a lifespan of 100k gallons, also filters out everything I want.

If I was filtering 5 gallons a day, it would take me 35 minute, and the filter would last me over 50 years (100k lifespan / 5 gallons = 20k days / 365 in a year = 54 years)


What is a good group size for that filter? lets say the filter was running for 8 hours everyday and it took 8 minutes per gallon (to buffer for "life" stuff).

There are 480 minutes in 8 hours. It could filter 60 gallons a day, enough for 12 people. It could filter that rate for 4.5 years when reaching its life span.


I think you're starting to understand what I'm getting at.


Use this knowledge accordingly in your patriot groups and logistics. Most do not have the resources to lug around large water containers, and in about 2/3rds of America you shouldn't have to.







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