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My Sophomore Year (College) (2010) Incident

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It was some time in 2010 during my sophomore year at college. It started out a regular day. Was walking to another building for my next class.... ON my way there, I saw a big group of students in front of the class' building...., which isn't at all unusual, because that is what always happens: There aren't enough room for ALL of the students waiting to go to their next class to wait in the hallways, so they stand outside until about 2 minutes 'til class starts. So, as I'm walking to the building, I saw a large group of students. The usual. But THIS TIME, there was a COP CAR parked by the street by the front of the building.... ALSO not TOO unusual. Fights happen and the cops are usually called, even for the mildest of fights.... So, whatever: Large group of students and a cop car parked. So, I walked through the crowd to get to the front door of the building. Everybody seems fine. So, I walk into the building through the doors, was walking down the hall, and everything just seemed quiet, like, I didn't hear a peep (usually, I would hear, like, professors talking,... but nothing. Huh). ALL of the classroom doors were closed their lights were turned off.... Weird. So, whatever, kept on walking down the hall when all of a sudden, from around a corner of the hall, a policeman with 3 police dogs on leashes comes whipping around the corner. Dogs sniffing the area like crazy.... "Oh. Drugs, probably," I thought.... smh So, I kept walking straight to the end of the hallway to where the stairwell was.... Well, I opened the door to the stairwell to go upstairs to where my class was, and all of a sudden, a line of policemen just started bolting up the stairs from the "lower level" (the basement) to the top floor where I had to be. Well, the LAST policeman from the line of policemen stopped and looked at me and said, "What are you doing here?? There's a GUNMAN upstairs!!"................ UMMMMMMM??!! I was just LET IN!! NOBODY STOPPED ME FROM COMING IN!! Da HECK??! Like, those students saw me calmly walking through the crowd to enter the building, and NONE OF THEM BOTHERED to tell me, "No. Don't go in there. There's a gunman inside." SMH!! So, I guess THAT explains everything!! So, I guess class was canceled.... So I exited the building and went back home.... smh.... 
*Oh! And on the same day: There was a fight in the college's main cafeteria.... Some guy got chucked through one of the big windows leading out into the courtyard.... (I didn't get to see it until the day AFTER it happened because it happened while I was in the building where the gunman was....). WHAT A DAY!! Saw yellow tape and some broken glass left over from it.... The story of THAT: A girl was innocently sitting at a cafeteria table when all of a sudden, a guy comes over and hits on her. She politely declines going out with him, and him being the jerk that this guy is, takes her food and shoves it off the table and started to shout and get personal. So, ANOTHER guy shows up and defends the girl, saying that JUST because he asks her out, DOESN'T mean that she has to say yes. So the jerk shoved the nice guy and then the fight started. Punches exchanged. And the good guy takes the jerk and throws him through one of the cafeteria windows, SMASHING the window!! That showed HIM! 
And that is the end of my crazy college sophomore story. 

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Wow can't believe that them people just let you walk right in! maybe they thought you was a police officer?

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HAHA!! Yeah, right! I was wearing no police garb whatsoever. They were just standing around making small talk with each other. Didn't really care what was going on around them, really. ;/ But for the people who were RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR, THOUGH: ??!! It's like, Me by the door: "Excuse me." Them: "No problem, man  *moves out of way*" 😑 But whatever. So, the story with the gunman was that he wasn't the mass shooter type. There was another student (male) who was harassing his girlfriend. So the boyfriend went to college looking to shoot the guy who was harassing her. That was it. He didn't plan on shooting anybody else. But yeah, crazy....  

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