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A Method of Training



Depending on where your group is, and what your main concern is, will determine your training. In this entry I will focus on a generic group and you can adjust it as needed. I’d like to put forth more emphasis on the method, rather than the actual training.



Force de/escalation -

We generally have some assertive members within our ranks, as such, we need to be well tempered and deliberate in our words and deeds.



Medical -

As a service to our communities, medical will most likely be needed rather than a “Wolverines” battle cry.

Medical can be broken down into at least two section; tactical and non tactical. Depending on the resource of people you have, medical can go very in depth. The bare minimum for me is use of an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) and preventative care (heat/cold injuries and hydration).




The above, I feel, are the most important and should be prioritized for a group. The following isn’t in any order of importance.


Navigation -

This could be your traditional land nav class, or something different like city or primitive navigation.

So much is digitized now days and easily accessible that a group could come up with a system that is easy to learn and to incorporate.



Communication -

HAM radio seems to be the standard. How you implement can be basic and straight forward or as much as your brain and wallet can handle.



Firearms -

Safety, function, and maintenance is a priority, followed by malfunctions and how to clear them. I’ve covered training in another entry; https://www.mymilitia.com/blogs/entry/294-safety-training-and-dry-practice/




Now for the main point; each of these can get very in-depth and complicated, I would advise not doing that. Break each one down to training blocks and have people engage as much as possible and continue practicing and thinking about it after training. Everything should be kept as close to fundamentals as possible.




Because we don’t have much time to train, and we don’t have the resources of government. So perfect the simple fundamentals.



Create drills and exercises that implement the fundamentals. Make sure to get an AAR (after action report) to better training for next time. These fundamental pieces are to be learned and then used as the situation dictates. Have some force on force drill that aren’t about annihilating the opposing force. Try observation, reporting, going unnoticed, triangulation, medical evacuation, the list is almost endless.


Have metrics in which you can track process. Shooting drills, timed land nav, casualty carry, while the list may be nearly endless I wouldn’t suggest having infinity metrics.


Keep improving and let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.




One last thing for my military people. Remember that the civs haven’t had your training. Remember to be patient and slow down, don’t throw too much at them at once. Personally I like 1-3 tasks to accomplish before moving onto the next 1-3 (even if they’re simple).

For everyone else; If class is moving too fast, let a leaded (or the teacher) know, ask questions to clarify, and be patient as well.

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young patriot


very good advice. would you consider this a good rule of thumb for a more in depth basic training AFTER the war starts?

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Highlander 401

Posted (edited)

If everyone would agree to lightfoot standards and principles and train and equip themselves accordingly instead of “looking for a group” then everyone would have the same equipment, training and tactical orientation so that when we do need to unite it will be more seamless and transparent.

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12 minutes ago, Highlander 401 said:

If everyone would agree to lightfoot standards...

I've been aware of the lightfoot doc for some years now, I'm not impressed for various reasons. I think its a good place to start for those that have no experience.


A reoccurring issue is that people are looking to copy the military, we are not the military nor do we have its assets. The private market has surpassed the military in many ways, this is a strength we should take advantage of (and has been the case for hundreds of years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl-VnP7rtIo). Another note is how military docs convey simple concepts, they suck at it so why copy the format.


There's more depth here but in short, the lightfoot has a decent amount of "fat" on it and the concepts need to be updated.


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Highlander 401


Exactly. The lightfoot standard just like Amrron for comms is at least something you could hand to a newb and tell them “start here”.


too many people think that some magical militia group is going to give them the secret sauce. Apply common sense to a documented standard and then apply logic ... and you end up with your own secret sauce. But the important thing is that all the cooks at least have the same ingredients.

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