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I Had Some Crazy College Professors....

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Did any of you guys ever have had a wacky professor before?? Because I had a few, but TWO of them I just can't forget about:

1. I had an English class professor who was depressed.... He always talked in like this depressed monotone sounding voice. And even said at the beginning of the semester on the first day that if we "had a problem with him, to just throw him out the window....." ??? Us: "Ummm Professor, we're on the second floor." Him: "Yeah. I know....." Us: O_O .....   
2. I had ANOTHER English professor who was a bit wacky, also, except THIS GUY was an ACTUAL HIPPIE (middle-aged)!! Balding, but that didn't stop him from growing his hair out. Wore these round tinted glasses. And had frill hanging from his jacket's arms.... His name was Mr. Carlston, but insisted that we call him "Mr. Geo." "Geo" as in the Earth, he told us (his first name is George). ? Ok.... And EVERY - EXAMPLE that he has EVER made in class was about Woodstock.... ?? And as a guest speaker, we had a homeless man come in with his dog (this homeless man would be roaming the college ground often and was actually really nice. Left people alone. Actually wasn't a creep. Didn't look too dirty (I don't think that he smelled). And walked around with this big walking stick and wore a backpack. He basically, in a nutshell, looked like a basic hiker roughing it (middle-aged as well). And he had this big gentle black lab with him). The professor saw him from the window and asked if he would be a class speaker for us that day.... Now, MOST PEOPLE would think, "Ok! No problem! Let me just go around to get in." But nope! Not the homeless man. He came in THROUGH THE WINDOW! The professor didn't care. And I didn't really mind the homeless man coming in to speak in front of the class. He seemed cool to me, and his dog was very friendly and gentle and let everybody pet him and wasn't nervous at all. I forgot the specifics about what the homeless man said, but he was talking about some conspiracy. I thought that it was ridiculous (But, maybe looking back, maybe not so much). I just rolled my eyes back then (I was 18 at the time), because back then, being naive me right out of high school was like, "That's baloney. The government has our best intention. They would never hurt us."...... Yeah....., well, I'm 29 now, turning 30, and I don't think that way at ALL anymore!! WOW time has flown and so much has happened since then (2009)!! 

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did you finish school? i never went , not ruling out doing online classes tho

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Yeah, I graduated in 2012. 
Ehhh I recommend it. You learn some stuff that you didn't know before. But, then again, a LOT is Common Core aligned, so, you may not want to these days. You would have to look into it. ;/ 
For a humanities class, I took American sign language as a class! The classes vary and it can be very fun.... But THAT was before anything was Common [email protected] aligned, you know? You just gotta do your research and decide from there. 

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