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Thanksgiving Day

Matt In West Virginia


Hello to All,


I want to wish everyone a very happy and joyful Thanksgiving despite the war against American tradition to keep our traditions, thus memories, alive to be passed from one generation to the next.


There is much amiss in America today, all bought and paid for by the Globalist Elite that wish to erase every boundary to every country in the world. The only way to achieve that goal is to take down America... and rest assured, there is an all-out political assault for the survival of the Deep State in America right now. They know it is ‘do or die’ as it pertains to their plan. It’s now or suffer setback for generations for the globalists attacking us FROM WITHIN.


However, let us come together this Thanksgiving in honor of all that made our country even possible: The Beginning.


Everything we hold near and dear as Patriots began right here, at our very 1st Thanksgiving. We need to put concerted effort into keeping this information (our history) alive in the minds and hearts of our children and family.


In reading the top concerns of the patriots here, I feel led to express an opinion on the subject of, “When, where and how do we say ‘enough is enough’, taking the fight directly to the tyrants in American government? When will we as patriots rise up and say it is time for a ‘call to arms’?”

I can’t say as I can foresee exactly when/if that time will come. What I do know is, none if us as individual community militias are big enough to make that call. It is clear that for such a thing as a call to arms to be effective, it will have to be done in unison and cohesion with every individual community militia in the US to be a monumental enough movement to gain any attention at all. It will take a platform from which to speak and be heard by all, a leader that we all will follow, money and all the support necessary to give such a thing a fighting chance.

Recently patriots from across America gathered for a mega-rally in Washington. It has many names in the media, one of them being the ‘million man march’ on Washington. When you examine the various intel from that rally, or for me anyway, I realized that if a grassroots movement were to ever develop into a national agenda, it would be during such a time as this. Although there was no clear call to arms, there was a clear call to keep your ears to the radio and step up the ‘resistance’ we all display in opposition to the agendas we clearly see before us... a time to out and away our niceties in favor of physical resistance and counter-tactics that more or less fight fire with fire. 

One cannot help but come away from that rally feeling a shift in strategic tide. I think that when/if a call to arms occurs, it will be during such a time, and through such an event as this.


As students of history now in America, we realize that such a time as this is not completely foreign to us, as has been hopefully forever etched into our Constitution.


There was a call to arms against the British when England sent troops against our rebellion of the King before America was even formed into the USA.


There were TWO calls to arms during our CIVIL war: one call went out for Americans to come join the Republicans in the North to fight for freeing the slaves in defense of the Spirit of our Constitution. Another call went out for Americans to come join the southern Democrats to fight to keep the slave trade and the way of life Democrats had established in the South. 


In all instances above, there was a call produced by people of enough influence to carry the weight necessary to sustain such ventures. Virtually all of them had to sacrifice their wealth and way of life to finance the war efforts. From there, individuals made up their own minds and answered the call of their conscience, traveling where they needed to go to be in the battle.


I think it will be that way for us, ladies and gentlemen, if/when that time comes again. I think our call will come unexpectedly, from places unexpected, then each and every one of us will have to decide whether we will answer that call, who we’ll fight for and why... then it’ll be up to us to go and physically join the effort. The thing for us to do between now and then is prepare and train.


This is the Reader's Digest version of my thoughts on the hows, whys and whens...


But until then, let us put forth an effort to remember the difficulties in our beginning while knowing our current difficulties could not be anymore of a hardship. Let us remember the efforts it took to grow and work ourselves to success... the sacrifices made by all of those that came before us that eventually led to such a success that WE are blessed with the greatest nation on earth, the last beacon in the world to free men.

Let us remember... and HONOR in as many ways as we can, the shoulders on which we stand today as we struggle to maintain our great country.


Happy Thanksgiving, brothers and sisters... and may God continue to bless America.

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