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Appearances (greyman and more)



With everything going on and the general mindset of people in our community, I thought I would share my insight, knowledge, and opinions on things pertaining to appearance, security, and “standing your ground” in the commons.


First, no one is hiding from the government. They can keep track of Amish folks, you and me are not that hard to track. Being a harder target for low to midish-tier hackers and social media giants is a more obtainable goal.


There is a time and place for being opinionated and standing for your beliefs, and a time for being unnoticed or agreeable. It is up to you to find that balance depending on your situation.



Personal, travel, and home/job: lets break these down between making a statement and going unnoticed.



Personal –

Boots, 511 cargo pants, a polo shirt, sunglasses, and head on a noticeable swivel… even though its non descript, it screams off duty LEO or the like. Relax your body language, put a smile on, and be personable. Don’t volunteer information about yourself and be politely vague, don’t take a strong stance on anything controversial. Most folks like talking about themselves, so ask questions that promote this.

It’s easy to go down a rabbit trail here, but the jist is relax, be likable, and dressing for the occasion helps.


Travel – avoid flashy vehicles. No stickers. The exception to this is if in a hostile area for a prolonged time (like you live there) slap on a sticker or two, even if you disagree with it, to help avoid trouble. I’m sure we’ve all had a laugh from the meme of people switching political stickers on cars and watching the violent side destroy each others property, similar concept here.


NRA, GOA, gun brands, etc. stickers lets everyone know, there’s most likely a gun in your car or home. Don’t do it.

My kids a _____ at _____ school” or the like. Don’t do it.

Stick figure family, or the like. Don’t do it.

We’ve travled to __ states. Don’t do it

I can run __ miles. Don’t do it.


Anything that helps strangers know where you are, how many you there are, and what your capabilities are puts you at a disadvantage.

A stock car is more difficult to describe in detail and harder to find again for anyone looking.


Keep valuables out of site. It’s a good idea to get a lock box that bolts to the inside of your vehicle somewhere.



Home –

1) Look like a hard target. Have a “beware of dog” and a home security sign, set some big worn out boots outside by the door. You may not have those things, but it makes the risk assessment of your house go up. This is also the most cost effective thing you can do, it’s cheap.


2) Be a hard target. Upgrade your hardware, get security cams, get a trained guard dog, put cacti in front of the windows. Build a better door - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YYvBLAF4T8


3) Neighborhood watch, you don't have to form some complicated group, just know your neighbors and generally folks naturally watch out for each other… depending on the area. Again keep the description down. If your house is the only one with kids toys in the yard 24/7, or an out of place sports team, vehicle, flag, etc. rethink it.



Job -

I think you’re starting to get the picture, look non descript and don’t ruffle feathers. When looking for a job, or trying to keep a job, police your social media. There are many that if their job knew they were in militia groups, they would get fired. If YOU don’t have to worry about this great! But DO NOT go on your friends page and put them on blast or tag them in photos unless you’re willing to replace their income.





So you have a decent community and a cool employer, now what? Strengthen it!

What we tolerate today becomes the standards of tomorrow”


Talk about civics, history, and local politics. Get as many as involved as you can and take action in your community. Join existing groups that are doing good stuff. Whether its cleaning up a road, helping a neighbor, or serving on a local council/board of some sort. Take action!




I think here is a good time to talk about open carry. There are many states that recognize it, and if your state does you should open carry and here’s why; it makes guns less scary and part of the norm, it also prevents crime without you even knowing it (without having to draw it or shoot anyone). The more people do it, the safer the community.


I view it like this: open carry (OC) is a small short tern loss, and a big long term win. Conceal carry (CC) is a small short term win and a big long term loss.





OC is a short term loss because it takes time for it to normalize in a community, and during that time it is easier for a criminal to neutralize you as a threat. I say small because once it normalizes in the community bad guys are overwhelmed and crime generally tends to go down naturally.


CC is a short term win because you have to draw, maybe shoot, and potentially kill (not to mention high potential for collateral damage) AND you have to go to court now (just look at the Kyle Rittenhouse example). it’s a long term loss because it’s not seen or talked about so it’s a growing detriment to society (as we are seeing now).




Thank you for reading. If there’s a subject you would like me to cover, please let me know in the comments below.


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Obvious Enigma


These tips are appreciated. Do you have any other ideas for securing a modest sized home in a typical suburban, mixed income style neighborhood? 

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6 hours ago, Obvious Enigma said:

These tips are appreciated. Do you have any other ideas for securing a modest sized home in a typical suburban, mixed income style neighborhood? 

 The vid in the link I shared goes some good tips.


Like most everything on the patriot and preparedness side, you have to pick your battles. Meaning; what circumstances are you preparing for (and be specific as you can)?

If you live in a neighborhood that is craptastic and that you personally cant community build in, look into moving.

If you have a nice neighborhood, but are drastically out numbered by the surrounding masses, may want to look at moving.

If it's a rural suburb, go ahead and community build and get to know local farmers, established families, and influential people.


its a difficult thing, but sometimes you have to know where you are is a "deathtrap" and get a bug out location (ive got another blog about that).


continue building skill and dry practicing. Hope this has helped you.

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Guest papaC62


Great advice...thanks for sharing. 

  On 1. Personal...I've found that if you act like you own it..ie be at home...then you're supposed to be there and overlooked. 

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