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Mission, Purpose, & Asking Questions



If you like wasting time & money, this post is not for you ;)


In general, most people I talk to do not have a purpose for their gear, guns, preps, or logistics. Most of the time I think its due to lack of experience in a given subject & they end up not having a reference point of what to do & not to do.

A good example of this is the detail of a question when asking for advice, or realistic expectations.

poor example; I'm looking for a flashlight, any suggestions?

good example; I'm looking for a headlamp. 1000 lumen, 4+ hour runtime, rechargeable (type C), & water proof for at least 3 meters. got any brand suggestions?

poor example; where can I get a light that's 5000 lumen & will run for 3 nights? must be the size of a bic lighter.

good example; I want to find a light but have no clue where to start. I'm going to be hiking a few days, weathers going to be around freezing.

If you find yourself in a forum asking a generalized question & there are folks on there asking you specific questions so they can narrow down an answer for you, you have a better chance of getting quality answers from them vs the other folks that tell you something that have no clue what context & situation your use is in.


Look for updated training & be careful who you listen to. One of the positive of being at war for the past decade is that we have honed that skill set, & there are war fighters that are teaching it in the private sector (not all are the same). If you are new to guns & gear I would advice going to get pistol, rifle, medical & small unit training before buying stuff. Who you listen to is a big one too, most folks that are vets did not serve in the compasity of combat. There is a rather large gap between a veteran & combat veteran. On top of that, each war has been a bit different & as such information traded should be applied to the appropriate situation. Those that fought in Nam do not have the same experiences as of those that fought in the middle east.

I'll give examples & reasons for my rifle & gear further below.


Preps & logistics, what the heck does that mean? For this I'm going to refer to it as food, water, location now, & location later.

Food is always good & there are many ways of doing it. The main limitation is storage, & will you have to move it? Without getting too in depth on scenarios, people need to strive for 1 year of food & water per family member, & the ability to move it or have it where it's needed.


My examples;

My rifle is a 5.56 AR. My purpose for it is to be a 24 hour capability, mid-close range, rugged, & relatively light rifle. 24 hours = illumination & night vision capable. mid to close = accurate enough inside 100 yards. rugged & light = its reliable, minimalistic, & weight is saved if it doesn't effect the integrity of the rifle.

My gear is light, modular, & affords me high mobility. I will be posting a whole other topic, discussing this, at a later date.


Hope this help folks to be better assisted, & save some time & money.



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