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If we wait for life to be perfectly safe again, then we will never again start living. Life is never perfectly safe. We used to know that. We used to tackle the challenge of life, head-on. What's happened to us?

We are a people who took on the biggest military power in the world. We lost husbands, sons, mothers, & daughters--but we won a Revolution. Then we created a new form of government, knowing it could flounder & fail. But it didn't.

We sent pioneers across unsettled land, expanding our horizons to the west. It was always dangerous, but we are Americans! We met the challenge. Our world changed with trains & automobiles. We built canals--even the Panama Canal, which had stumped other nations.

Then we took to the skies! It was never safe, even for the very best pilots. Some were killed. Others carried on, learning how to perfect the art of flight. Then we learned how to land on aircraft carriers. We made planes bigger, better, faster.

We confronted evil during World War II. Our pilots battled the enemy in the skies. Our Navy dived into the ocean in submarines that still lacked too many safety features. Thousands landed at Normandy, knowing they might not survive.

Then our Marines and soldiers did the same in the Pacific, over and over again, on island after island.

We sent men into space. That, too, was dangerous. On this day in 1967, we lost three brave astronauts during a routine launch rehearsal. We persevered. More astronauts took risks. We became the first to land on the moon.

Some went to Vietnam, even though friends & family at home didn't accept the war. Our brave military persevered & served, simply because our country asked them to. It was maybe the hardest thing some of them had ever done.

We are a nation that perseveres, that thrives on challenges, and that overcomes obstacles. We are not perfect, but we are always learning, always improving, always striving to be the best we can be. Until 2020.

What's happened? Why are we expecting perfect safety before we can emerge from our homes? There's no such thing. Even if we stay safe from COVID we've seen the other dangers that emerge: unemployment, poverty, suicide, etc.

We are better than this. We are AMERICANS. We thrive under duress. We are at our best when we attempt the impossible--and make it possible. We flourish when we are working hard and meeting challenges head-on.

When will we remember who we are? When will we quit looking to the government for perfect safety? When will we quit hiding and start living?

TODAY is a great day to be an American -- and to leave the abysmal facsimile of ourselves in the rear view mirror.



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