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Obama Actually Did Something for Me!



Obama actually did something good for me!


He decided that he was going to ban the importation of a number of military-surplus rifles from other countries.  Of course, he wanted to cut down on gun violence on America's streets (if he wanted to do that, he could simply ban American-made Saturday Night Specials, which are a favorite of the inner city gangs).


Just before he had done this, I bought a 1929 Russian Mosin-Nagant, for a total of $75 bucks.  Though the rifle is old, you've never seen a better bore in your life.  The day after the Mosin-Nagant was banned from importation, someone told me to go to a website, and take a look at the Mosins, there.  Overnight, the value of my rifle had gone from $75 to $500.


Obama actually did something FOR me!!  Thanks, dude ...


(NOTE:  This was the ONLY thing he ever did for me.)

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