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Weapon Upkeep



It's more important for your gun to be lubed properly than it is to be clean of carbon build up. Motor oil is just fine to use as gun lube. In the first 10 minutes of your car running it will go through more revolutions than the lifetime of the bolt in your gun. An eye dropper (or the like) filled with motor oil would do just fine.


A gun only needs 1-5 drops of lube to run, and not all in one place. Essentially, only where metal touches metal.


Rust is the real issue to take note of (at least in my area where it's humid), so I made a playlist years ago that shows the tests of rust prevention between brands.




I've used frog lube for over 5 years, and have cleaned many guns with it (I also use it with my sharpening stone).

It's done well, but there are some issues with it;

It may gum up a bit in colder climates until the first few shots warms the gun up.

If cleaned and then rarely used, or left alone for a time, it may get tacky and/or gum up the finer mechanisms in the gun.

These things are exacerbated if you're using too much lube.


Frog lube is all natural (I remember when it first came on the scene and there were many youtubers who were eating it...) and it smells minty, which wives may prefer over something like Hoppes. Over the years (since I've had the same bottles, paste and liquid) the liquid has changed smell a bit, and lubricity. The paste looks a bit more grainy now.


The next Lube I'll be trying out is Battle Born by Break Through. It's natural with no smell. They also sell Battle Ropes





A punch, brass brush, toothbrush, bottle brush, rags, and something to clean the bore (rope or swab) are pretty much all the tools one needs.



Cleaning you magazines and wiping off/inspecting ammo needs to happen as well. I've experienced, seen, and heard stories of ammo corroding/rust welding together and causing failure to fire/function (fortunately I caught mine with inspection after a hot day and heavy activity with my EDC). 


DO NOT use lube in/on your magazines. Clean the dust off with a rag or bottle brush, and reassemble. For you glock guys out there they do make a handy tool that makes life easier (here's one of many that do the same job).





Next is the weapon light. Make sure your battery is topped off. Put a little lube around the O ring and make sure it's not pinched or damaged. Here's a place that offers rechargeable CR123s








Put a little oil on the lens. This will make wiping carbon off easier.

Use a big pink pencil eraser to clean the carbon off the lens.

Place any buttons on the top of the rail, so as not to make your shot move when activated.

Put a small O ring around the spring on the extractor. If the spring breaks it will still work in a pinch. (some companies already do this)


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