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A Man of war

Yeshua is LORD


Exodus chapter 15 is also called 'Moses' Song of Deliverance'. It a song that praises the LORD after delivering Israel from bondage in Egypt. In verse 3 we read " The LORD is a man of war: The LORD is his name." This passage goes on to describe how the LORD drowned the enemies in the waters which allowed the Israelites to pass over on dry land. Here are a few things that we can gather from this event - Bear in mind that God through His Prophet Moses had given Pharaoh multiple opportunities to release His people from bondage but Pharaoh refused. Instead, he increased the burden of slavery even greater by denying the supplies that the Israelites needed to make bricks & increased the number they had to produce or be punished & beaten. God is serious about how people are treated by those in authority over them - especially those who would seek to enslave His people for their own selfish desires. The plagues came & still Pharaoh would not relent even though God had given him plenty of time to repent and obey. God is long suffering. He gives those who oppose Him & His people plenty of opportunities to repent. But, there comes a time when God is done giving chances & honors people's free will. Finally, God told His People ( (not just the Israelites, but anyone who would listen) to paint the blood of a lamb above their doorpost as a sign because the Angel of Death would come calling. This still applies today. You & I are invited to place the blood of the Lamb ( Yeshua) above the doorpost of our hearts. ( The heart in the Bible is the seat of your being. It is the 'real you' & the center of your will. It is the part of you that you obey & honor with your actions regardless of what your words may convey. It is the part of you that truly motivates you. It is Not your emotional center. So, please don't misunderstand it. Some obeyed & some did not. Those who did not listen awoke to find their first born sons lying dead before their eyes. You see - God does not force anyone to obey or to listen to his Word but there are repercussions for ignoring it. One thing is certain in this life - 100 out of every 100 people will die. There will come a day when you are no longer alive on this earth. Pharaoh himself suffered the repercussions of ignoring the Word of God & his first born son was among the deceased. Finally, he agreed to let the Israelites go. As the people left Egypt - once more Pharaoh decided to go to war against God by defying Him & chased the Israelites to the Red Sea with his chariots & soldiers. God parted the sea knowing that Pharaoh would continue chasing in his ignorance & when the Israelites had crossed over - God caused the waters to drown Pharaoh's army. 

Some people will go to their death in defiance of God & no matter how many chances He gives them - they would rather have destruction than eternal life & God honors their decision. 

Who do you suppose had the most courage? Pharaoh was the Supreme Ruler of the Egyptian Empire. He had an army at his command & politicians to carry out his orders. At Pharaoh's word you could be put in prison or sentenced to death. Moses was an exile who had nothing but faith in God who spoke to him through a burning bush. He had no army & no politicians. Moses only had one thing on his side - The Word of God. & That was all he needed. 

You can plea with those in authority to hear you, you can give them time & try to show them the error of their ways. 

You can tell them that God's Word will be fulfilled & that He alone can & will bless them. Some will listen, most will not & they will face the fate that all of the wicked will face - a death in which they will descend into the abyss. But, this is their choice. 

You have to make your choice. Which will you be? 

A warrior for the LORD or make war against Him? 

The Israelites passed over on dry land because when there was seemingly no way out & being out numbered & out gunned - God made a way. 

That same God is still on the throne. His Word is just as sure today as it was then. 

It takes more courage to have faith in God than to command an army. Moses did not obey Pharaoh. Today, they call that civil disobedience. You see, the Warrior of God is never seen by the enemy as the good guy. In fact, they are the ones who defy the ungodly leaders because their faith is not in man - it is in The LORD.






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