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Term Limits: Useful Tool Or Tyranny?

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Term Limits: Useful Tool Or Tyranny?

When statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties,they lead their county by a short route to chaos.”

-Robert Bolt


      An abundance of desire to combat Our current political corruption has resulted in the creation of several concepts that could be applied to Our Governing system. One of the more popular concepts is applying a Term Limit for Government elected positions. In short this concept attempts to limit corruption by limiting the time an individual can remain in power in a elected position.


     Although the desire to combat corruption is noble it also should not be a task taken lightly. This concept although good willed in nature creates a byproduct of Federal Tyranny, and would further embolden the cause it attempts to resolve.


     The basic fundamental flaw of Term Limits is not recognizing the political structure in place it attempts to sanitize. This system regardless of party is a Hierarchy based grooming system to create political leaders from within the party ranks. Viewing this process in the harshest possible manner it would view like a party to power avenue. The concept of term limits would not resolve this problem it would only increase its speed. Essentially streamlining a path to Wealth for the party members.


     Term Limits also by their very nature give undue power to the Federal State to dictate the manner in which it allows States to choose it's Representation. Which is not only unethical but tyrannical. A State's populace has the ability to choose its desired member of Representation. Another State or the Federal State should have no ability to interfere with this process. Intervention simply due to the State's desire to repeatedly choose the same Representative is Tyrannical.


     There is a path to combating corruption, but similarly to obtaining security it should never be at the price of Freedom. As vigilant keepers of Liberal values it is necessary to reject the high cost of an easy solution.


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Good read and points.  The states could vote in their own term limits and although not a cure would be a step in the right direction making it more difficult to keep and bring up more corrupt legislatures.

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We need to put a stop to the greediest people's ability to buy politicians. It should not be so that you need millions of dollars in order to apply for a job paying 150-450k a year.  
I would propose that all elections should be only a series of televised debates with the television time paid by the government, and no other advertising allowed at all. Not by the candidate or anybody else in the candidates name.
Also no donations allowed at all. Not from private people and definitely not from any business. No PACs or super PACs or any other form of support.

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