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Addressing Political Corruption

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Addressing Political Corruption


     The task of addressing Political corruption is an old conflict in the ongoing battle to maintain good Government. Corruption has been the downfall of many Nations, and Kingdoms. Today We battle the same problem with extensively complex systems of government.


     Previously I critiqued the solution of Term Limits. Which is only one of the possible attempts to check the power corruption can hold within our Governing Body. State efforts to address corruption is also generally targeted at their own problems with corruption. We have been attempting to resolve this issue with a new solution. Even these new solutions fail to address the true nature of My objection. Even if a reduction of corruption is achievable through regulation it would still fail to achieve the desired results.


     My Objection to the problems within Our system isn't the indefinite Politicians, or even Politicians holding wealth. My true objection to the corruption Our system has is the lack of accountability. There is no true accountability so this allows corruption to thrive.


     A possible strategy to solving several issues within Our Government is to increase the severity in which We address Politicians ethical violations. Our current punishment for ethical violations is mild at best. Politicians openly flaunt their violations since it has no true recourse on their Role in their position.


     We must begin to place a higher emphasis on maintaining an ethical government. Resolutions to these violations should range in severity all the way up to being barred from reelection. Recalling politicians should be used to ensure that these Ethical Standards we set forth are maintained.


     A new solution could be applicable, but We have solutions in place that address Our true concerns while creating a better Government on all levels. These solutions will require steadfast commitment from the Governed to ensure they achieve the results We dictate.


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