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ACT Rally - Austin, Texas


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America is united under President Trump and we are Making America Great Again thru our choices.  However, the time has come for the people to act.  As Trump has stated, America is a nation of laws.  Law was the bedrock fundamental of our nation and the Constitution a miracle in it's own right.  In the last four years, we have witnessed the truth, watched in horror as we see the Federal Government has been compromised to such extremes that it is paralyzed from within.  We have watched testimony and witnessed as people came forward and more are coming that in 2016 the leaders, who have sold us out to china, exported our jobs, miscalculated and Donald Trump, a man of courage, not perfect but courageous stood up and got in the gap between them and us.  These people redoubled their effort and in 2018 they didn't miss a step.  Governor races were overturned thru election theft, House Seats stolen and now, Judges paid off to block his every move and keep the border open.  Orders to those administrating the release of those that cross our border to give preference to criminals, violent offenders, those with mumps, measles, and various plagues transported and released into our general population by preference.  A paramilitary force in our boundaries appearing, throwing acid on Christians, Conservatives, Trump Supporters, wearing uniforms, utilizing combat tactics.  Where are the police?  Where are the indictments?  Where is the money coming from?  Various leaders praising this force for their actions stating "It may be illegal but it is moral."  The major question on peoples minds is, how do we stop this?  What is the red line when we must act?  How do we get our laws and systems operating again and ensure our election integrity?


Join us as we delve into the legal issues with various legal experts, combat veterans, and define the red line.  We will make the case that our basic documents make it clear, the people are responsible for change, not the government.  We will define the red line as election theft in mass, taking the right of the people to choose who governs and therefor our laws can no longer be guaranteed as the authentic will of the people.  The case will be made and evidence submitted that when election theft in mass occurred, this was the installation of a fiat government over the elected government which is a declaration of war, and constitutes treason.  As we ask the question, "Why have those un-elected, and those that have violated their oath by inciting civil violence not been removed?" 


The goal is to come together in agreement that it is time for the people to act and that the government has been operating to wrap up any and all action to stop it and that in one voice we must agree to ACT.  Join us as we delve into the Supreme Court, the men who worked together to create the compromise and mute our system of laws, our defenses with unconstitutional rulings, levying unjust burdens, and creating a system of oppression and lawlessness, and make the case that the defense of the people was never intended to be activated by a President who is government but by the people of the state to which a Militia belongs and begin to agree to organize our Militias with a plan and in unification, under one flag, in complete agreement release the fear and be willing to pay whatever price to win our nation back and begin healing the mental illness that is plaguing so many and remove the bonds of fear.  For many years, Americans have talked, but there has been no action because we understand, we may pay with our homes, jobs, house, car, luxuries, and even our lives but when we come together and we pay those prices together it becomes a burden we share and fear is turned to courage in numbers, the talking stops and action begins.


We will gain majority consent thru signatures to activate the state militia and present the plan to shut down the border and take the option out of the government's hands.  It is the people that make this choice and at the end of this convention, no longer will we be divided, silenced, just typing our opinions on social media, or talking to our graves, we will be unified as Americans, brothers and sisters, who bleed red, and who's heart beats for true freedom.  As we see the masses in agreement and sign together, no longer will it be one person alone, speaking in the halls of the divided, but one chorus and one voice, acting to hold our government accountable and we will break this divide and Conquer strategy that has been employed and put fear in the heart of the enemy in our gates.  Do you have the Courage to ACT?  Change comes when we ACT together.


A website will be put up in the near future and donations taken for the event.  A location will be decided and is pending in Austin.  Begin talking and spreading the word.  All Militias and all the people of the great state of Texas are invited and encouraged to come.  As always I expect Texas to be the first, the lone star in our country, to set the stage for the second greatest change in our nations history and shine thru as a example to the world of our love and willingness to fight for our freedom and lay down our lives to keep it.

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