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Open Training Event, Mesick, MI

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The Michigan Civil Defense Force is sponsoring a training event.  Wear what you want but preferred uniform and load bearing equipment.  No weapons.  This will be outdoors.


Here is a list of classes that we will be conducting Oct 19 as time allow.


Basic Military Communications. I will provide laminated handouts.


Map Reading. We will use the GTA 5-2-13 Don't Get Lost. I will provide a print out section of the topo map of Mesick. I will have several protractors for use and several Army compasses.


First Aid.

*Evaluate a casualty

Open an airway

Airway obstructions

Open Chest Wound

*Bleeding of an Extremity


Prevent or control Shock


Rescue Breathing

Chest Compressions

Head Injuries

Abdominal Injuries

Impalement Injuries

*Apply a bandage

Apply a sling

*Transport a Casualty




*Move as a member of a fire team

*Move under direct fire

Move over, through, or around Obstacles

React to Indirect fire while dismounted

React to flares

Select temporary fighting positions


* means these classes have the priority. Depending on time additional classes can be taught or we can go through previous classes to improve proficiency.


Contact francis marion on facebook or [email protected]


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