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Black Horse NET - HAM 70 cm


Black Horse Militia

This event repeats every week on Thursday forever

Event details

Black Horse NET


Black Horse Militia will be conducting weekly HAM radio NETS.

We go on the air every Thursday at 8pm Pacific Time.

HARC 70 cm Repeater: 443.100 (+5.0 kHz shift and 103.5 Tone)


At the conclusion of the NET we switch over to national simplex frequency for 2m and 70 cm to make a simplex contact. 

This is a directed NET. If you don't know what means, that means that the NCS will call on individuals to speak based on the order of check in at the top of every NET. This means no cross talking. It always goes back to the NCS. This is to help avoid repeater drops and stepping on other radio operators.

No political debates or religion discussions during the NETs. Our NETs are about prepping, civil defense, survival 101.

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