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Kansas State Militia 2 field training

Event details

Good morning/Afternoon/evening Patriots!


On August 8th we will be meeting out at Melvern lake for this drill. We will rally up just east of the town of Arvonia Kansas at the Sundance Park camping area. Class leaders be Present at 9:30 AM, We will be forming ranks at 10AM SHARP. Basic weapons class will be taught by our S3 (training and operations officer) @ Dale Pittman then we will continue with our days training, which is explained below along with links to educational resources for study before hand. 


Equipment: wear  Camouflage clothing that you have, Preferably of military style print. If you only have the Jacket or trousers then wear what you have. This includes Patrol caps/ Boonie hats. Bring your main weapon and if you have one your side arm as well as your IFAK. Also bring food as it sucks to train on an empty stomach. If you have commo bring that as well along with water. There are restrooms on site.


Dale will have signs made to help people find the training area. 


Drill for 8 August 2020

Individual movement      

      TC3-21.75, Chapter 7
    Low crawl
    High crawl


Cover, concealment and camouflage  

  TC3-21.75, Chapter 5


Decision making process

Hand and arm signals

            TC 3-21.60, 


    phonetic alphabet 




          TC 3-21.75, Chapter 3-26
    Identify wound
    Treat wound
    Sucking chest wound



  TC 3-21.75, Chapter 15, Section II
    What to look for


Water purification            
    Field expedient
    Life straw, Berkey




The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills: TC 3-21.75


Soldiers Manual and Trainers Guide: STP 7-11B1-SM-TG


Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks, Warrior Skills Level 1: STP 21-1-SMCT



Visual Signals: TC 3-21.60

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