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Bidens gun “buy backs”

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Hello Patriots. Its now the time more then ever with the

new administration going In that we express and fight for our 2nd amendment! The new admin. Is already talking about gun buy backs, and using sandy hook as a way to get into lawmakers heads on MORE gun regulation. These gun “buy backs” should not take place! Please contact/ organize your local militias to be at the front doors of these places protesting and per-swaying people not to fall for there false claims and turn them in! If they must get rid of it, they can hand them over to us (law abiding citizens) At the front door of these places. Act now and get some groups ready to be there. Get your militia friends and family on board and be watching for them to show up when and where they do! Start getting ready now for when the times come. And of course, peacefully. Be ready, be safe, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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