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Sons Of Liberty Ohio Chat

Sons Of Liberty Ohio Chat

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  • What is M.E.R.C.?

    MERC stands for Militia Emergency Response Channel, It was created out of necessity for a communication medium for all militias to convene in the event of emergency. Known as a MERC ALERT we ask that all able bodies immediately respond to the notification. Currently our reach is over 15,000 Americans. Saying HI to confirm the alert and your acknowledgment is fine, you are welcome to stay and monitor the alert status.


    How to prompt a MERC ALERT ?

    If you feel the need to sound a MERC ALERT contact fixer. Please be aware that we will test this system to gauge our reach and as the site continues to grow we look to be able to send Push notifications directly to your cell phone. If you want to mass alert just your unit please use the option with in your unit page.


    What is different about M.E.R.C.?

    1. Reduced flood control by 50%
    2. Increased message length
    3. Shows usernames of people in the room
    4. Allows guests to join without being log into the site
    5. Guest posting
    6. No Image Support
    7. No Video Support
    8. User Joined / Left Notifications
    9. Full Screen Experience
    10. No B.S.


    Did You Know?

    The first MERC ALERT took place on December 18th 2019. Not only setting a concurrent user record for My Militia since its 3 years in existence but it also shut the server down. Prompting the staff to ultimately decide to move the site to a larger server that tripled the sites operating costs. The staff asked the membership for donations towards the upgrade and with in 2 days they raised the total amount needed for all of 2020. 

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