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  2. Ideological Gambler

    Hawaii Map

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  4. Christopher H

    Pence Announces Post-Vice Presidency Plans

    Pence can stay where he is...most of us Hoosier's look at pence as a traitor
  5. Christopher H

    Pence Announces Post-Vice Presidency Plans

    I agree...im from fort wayne.
  6. Ideological Gambler

    Georgia Highway Map

  7. Ideological Gambler

    Georgia county map

  8. CarlthePATRIOT


    @5.56NATO-M183 Exactly!! https://www.cnsnews.com/index.php/commentary/wesley-j-smith/dershowitz-wrong-government-cant-compel-you-take-covid-19-vaccine
  9. 5.56NATO-M183


    If you look closely you can see Obama's hand up the Presidential puppet Bidens ass. Biden is completely incompetent and just does whatever he is told. He is not capable of making decisions on his own and just does everything he is told by his insane liberal socialist party. If the Republican Party doesn't secure it's position and take control of the House in 2022 we need to FIGHT. Every day that Biden and the Libtards remain in power we get closer to the complete destruction of our country. We The People have absolutely no voice with Democrats in the Senate, House and Executive Branch. H
  10. 5.56NATO-M183


    They can force me to get a vaccination the same time they force me to surrender my firearms. Which will be NEVER. There will be blood shed if either attempt is made.
  11. Corporal of Marines

    Pence Announces Post-Vice Presidency Plans

    Ah yes, the infamous "Dr." Pence... the man who signed the death certificate of the Republic of the United States. By certifying the fraudulent election results for Electoral College Delegates, he effectively guaranteed the USA will never again have free and fair elections. Occasionally, not often, history offers the opportunity for an individual to make a big difference in the affairs of men. Sadly, Mr. Pence lacked the personal fortitude to exercise his authority to guarantee the future of the Republic. Pound sand, you gutless puke.
  12. What Is Identity Socialism?
  13. Perestroika & Glasnost (The End of the Soviet Union) Mikhail Gorbachev becomes the leader of the Soviet Union in 1985. His policies were centred around the idea of reforming and modernizing the Soviet Union. Simple History
  14. And it was raining too boot! https://www.womenhistoryblog.com/2010/08/sybil-ludington.html
  15. We stumble upon a HUGE WW2 dump site with relics from the Third Reich. Time stood still at this special location. The relics are all piled up and well preserved. You don't have to dig deep here! Metal Detecting WWII Battlegrounds
  16. Yesterday
  17. This Day in History: Sybil Ludington, the female Paul Revere On this day in 1839, Sybil Ludington Ogden, the so-called female Paul Revere, passes away. You know about Revere’s ride, but you may not have heard of Sybil’s. She made it in April 1777, when she was only 16 years old. She rode more than twice as far as Revere did—and through rockier roads and more sparsely settled country! Her goal? To tell the men in her father’s regiment that the British had raided the town of Danbury, Connecticut. The regiment, then on lea
  18. this is a good idea. something akin to the old desert night camo from the gulf war, except more effective against modern NVGs and thermal.
  19. Duncan v Becerra Update (CA Magazine Ban Case)
  20. also think about camoflague for IR. they have cloaks that block heat vision
  21. Naomi Wolf: The Constitution Isn't Suspended Because of a Pandemic
  22. cannotquit

    Pence Announces Post-Vice Presidency Plans

    Why don't you on the commiecrat ticket you RAT
  23. LetFreedomRing

    Pence Announces Post-Vice Presidency Plans

    He started a PAC to raise funds for himself during Trumps first year in office because he was expecting Trump to get drummed out and he was already preparing to run for 2020 at that time!
  24. I HAD NO IDEA Our Place Could Be At Risk Of Burning | OFF-GRID CABIN
  25. Eric We

    Pence Announces Post-Vice Presidency Plans

    This guy is traitor plan and simple. A sell-out !!! Could care less what he does !!!
  26. Defiance of Tyranny: Why the Book of Esther Matters- Kitchen chat with Patriot Nurse
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