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  2. Cody Lundeen's books(98.6 degrees and When All Hell breaks Loose) are worth the price. Yeah he's a long hair hippie type but his primitive methodology won't fail you. Likewise the Foxfire books are out there in the wild and worth the read. SOme other's that I've found interesting and entertaining: The Home Distillers Workbook Locusts on the Horizon (only available in digits AFAIK). The LDS prep manual Food Storage on A Budget Resister covered the Hesperian books (Where there is no doc/dentist) but here are a few others than can be pretty useful: Where There is No Animal Doctor A Book for Midwives Ethicon Wound Closure Manual The Survival Medicine Handbook A Comprehensive Guide To Wilderness & Travel Medicine Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction One source of info on plant and animal identification that folks overlook is their state agriculture office, state parks office,game and fish office, etc.. You can often get free ID guides from them just by asking.
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  4. If you're using a cheap wrench get the Magpul one, it makes a difference. If it's a DPMS you may have to use a MAPP torch and plumbers paste to put a little (LITTLE) heat to it. I've broken really tough ones loose before by cutting the delta ring assembly off and using the barrel nut wrench and a strap wrench at the same time. DPMS does not use moly grease on their builds (as per the specs) so the chances of having a seized barrel nut are likely. Worst case break the dremel out and cut the nut off. Here's a page I refer folks to when they ask about buying an Oracle: https://primaryandsecondary.com/autopsy-of-a-rifle-dpms-oracle-5-56-mm/ For those that live hand to mouth I usually work with them and have them buy a part or two every payday, save up for the costlier parts, and before long we're sitting at the bench and I'm talking them through building their rifle. Is it an LMT? No. Is it a rifle that they know inside and out and know it's assembled right and functions consistently and properly when they finish? Absolutely.
  5. It's virtually impossible to completely disappear nowadays. Driver license photos and biometric data is usually collected when you get a DL (especially if your state is a "real ID' state). Been in the military in the last 20 years? DNA is on record along with biometric data. Even dealing with banks nowadays is so closely guarded it's scary. Any movement of money in/out/between accounts over $5,000 is reported to the .gov. That's why the NSA needs such a huge data farm in Utah.
  6. I hear you there but I never bought a rifle I didn't have to or want to fuck with first...I stand behind what I say right or wrong...but you seem smart then how do I get this barrel nut off a wrench aint cutting it,,,,,ive never had a gas leak and really the sights lol come on.i agree on mini 14 mags I hate pro mag now!!!!
  7. I'll have to disagree about the Mini-14. Quality mags for that thing are stupidly priced, whereas Magpul Gen2 Pmags for the AR can be had for less than $10. We're in the "golden age' for AR's now and even 10s can be built for under $550. DPMS over S&W? Aww heck no. Panther Piss arms has some of the worst QA/QC in the industry. I've had to work on too many of them to get them right. The Oracles are problematic right out of the box. I've seen non-staked castle nuts, over/under torqued barrels, improperly staked carrier keys, different metal from the barrel gas blocks (different expansion rate/gas leaks), different height sight planes, etc. etc.
  8. security 6 might be my favorite revolver...its a sweet little flamethrower my dad has one that has a sawed 2inch barrel but that grip makes it a dream to shoot.
  9. Let's say I know someone and have known them all of their life. For at least the past twenty years this guy: * Revoked his SSN * Tossed his driver's license * Got out of every adhesion contract he had with the government * Quit his job * Barters his way through life by fixing lawn mowers, chainsaws, etc. and tinkering with HAM radio and other communications * Has a garden * When his mother died, he left the house in her name and pays the taxes and utilities with Federal Reserve Notes Everything else is handled by his wife (car and insurance in her name) - he does have some ability to operate with limited utilities only because Uncle Scam "requires" people to be on the grid. Is that close enough?
  10. I agree 350$get a custom gun that works if your looking for your first handgun...but my opinion I never relied on a handgun so if it puts lead on paper coincidently ima fan.as for a battle rifle you will feel more confident in your gun if you got time workin on it.id still recommend a dpms oracle over a m&p 15. (not my gun mine has the American flag grips and is red white and blue)
  11. Sometimes I really hate to be the bearer of bad news. I almost don't want to post this. But, I hope you understand this: I have to. Rupert Murdoch owns the bulk of FOX News. Murdoch is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rupert_Murdoch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations https://www.quora.com/Who-owns-Fox-News-and-why-does-there-seem-to-be-such-disdain-for-it-on-Quora The man who owns the most shares of FOX outside of the Murdoch family is a Saudi Prince: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129584557 The NEW WORLD ORDER / ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT puppetmasters control BOTH sides of the political spectrum, telling you what you want to hear about the world's problems, but always pushing proposed solutions that are long term disasters for our Republic. I'm largely unpopular with the right because I do not buy tickets on the Titanic, realizing it is going to sink.
  12. Megatron I am still waiting for some kind of response to a militia to see if I can fit in somewhere.please contact me .
  13. Ok time for a little personal gun history! My first pistol I bought right after I turned 21 was a Ruger Security 6, .357 magnum with a 4" barrell. I bought it used, got a good price on it and it was a very nice pistol. It was solid and a classic, wish I still had it but after a couple years I sold it for a Colt Light Weight Officers .45 APC for better concealability. I carried it up until about 3 years ago. I carried this Colt for 29 years and it served me well. It actually came in handy a couple times in my life while carrying it in preventing robbery or harm to myself. Eventually though this old dog can learn new tricks and I came around to thinking that with modern ammunition improvements and the 9mm being the most abundant pistol cartridge in the world as well as the US, being the budget warrier still back then I sold this to help purchase my first 9mm pistol, the S&W M&P 9c. . This was a great carry gun and budget friendly! The only thing is that I really prefer a hammer fired gun, it's my preference. I was doing better with a new job by then so I saved up and got me a Sig Sauer SP2022 SA/DA 9mm. I really like this gun and I like the SA/DA with decocker manual of arms very much. I actually prefer it over SA only. However despite what SIG says about this being a compact gun, it's really closer to a full sized pistol in dimensions and weight. Not really comfortable or Practical for concealed carry so I currently have this as my GTW side arm. Since I decided on a SA/DA for concealed carry that kind of limited my options quite a bit. I finally decided on an HK P200 V3 which is a more compact pistol with a DA/SA manual of arms but similar in size and weight to the S&W M&P 9c which I sold to help me buy the HK P2000 V3. So yes it is important to get something as soon as you can and of good quality but it doesn't have to be your ultimate gun right off the bat, you can trade up and save up for something else later, but do #alwayscarry.
  14. James Wesley Rawles has several books out for preppers. It's all good information, but if you went out and bought all the things he suggests, it would cost you dearly in terms of money. Since I don't know what you would think survivalist books should entail, I'll mention a few things you may want to check out. I'm one of the original graduates of S.P.I.K.E. (Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Events.) It was developed and initiated by Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz who was a former Green Beret and CIA operative and the most decorated veteran of the Vietnam war. As far as I know, the Militia of Georgia is the only group that still teaches the skills, but Gritz did offer the seminar portions on DVD. I still have the taped seminars and the written material - but it is literally thousands of pages. The whole program is the equivalent of a two year college degree. Some of the grads still teach some of the skill sets: http://www.spike-team.com/ Some of the required reading in the course are books like * Where There is no Doctor A Village Health Care Handbook by David Werner * Where There is no Dentist by Murray Dickinson * SAS Survival Handbook by John "Lofty" Wiseman * Tappan on Survival by Mel Tappan (the most important book to start with) As militia types, it's hard to recommend survivalist books per se because survivalism can be retreating to the woods to eat nuts and berries OR you might be talking urban survival. The older I get, the more I'm trending away from expending an inordinate amount of energy honing Daniel Boone type skills. So, my list is more geared toward people who joined up with militia types, but their interests are more about small groups with a mindset of fighting in guerrilla warfare type scenarios. Given that, here is my short list: * Citizen Soldier - A Manual of Community Based Defense by Robert Bradley * The Militia Battle Manual by Thomas Koch * Rogue Warrior : Red Cell by Richard Marchinko (former SEAL Team SIX Commander) Check out the entire series of books if you want some entertainment to go along with tactics, but definitely buy the first Rogue Warrior : Red Cell https://www.amazon.com/Cell-Rogue-Warrior-Richard-Marcinko/dp/0671019775 https://www.amazon.com/Rogue-Warrior-Red-Cell-publication/dp/B002BHVQZ8/ref=sr_1_5?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1532054050&sr=8-5&keywords=rogue+warrior+red+cell * The Art of War by Sun Tzu GENERAL SURVIVALIST BOOKS * Shoestring Survivalism by Andy James (low budget, entry level survivalism) * Bushcraft 101 by Dave Cantebury (there is a follow up to this one as well) * Life After Doomsday by Bruce Clayton (put out in 1992, but still one of my favs) Okay, that is my short list. I've read the books, own them, and refer to them quite often. Some of these books are available for free on pdf if you Google them.
  15. Yah, I like FOX and that is pretty much what I watch for the alot of my news, but I realize it's the controlled opposition.
  16. The problem is, when the left does this stuff, it's politically correct. The Democrats beat the Republicans to the punch on playing class warfare too. Clinton out-trumped Trump in his day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swtDFqaXy6Y&t=21s If the left does it and it's wrong, the media ignores it; when the right tries it, they get demonized by the controlled news and entertainment media. It makes you wonder that if Trump wanted a more favorable media, he sink a few million into an alternative tv network.
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  18. my plant identification book....because I like salad with my fish and squirrel.joe nobody apocalypse trails...because its a great read.
  19. https://www.moviefone.com/movie/militia/1164248/main/ and I wanna add, free state of jones.
  20. Patriot by rawles is the bible of prepping. A good story with a lot of how to.
  21. never seen any of them movies, as for Magnificent 7 yes it was weird , i liked the original better
  22. red state ,militia , act of valor ,Rampage (not with the rock),and every western ever but recently magnificent 7...did any1 find it weird Denzel was the leading role?
  23. Megatron asked for a movies and more forum so we will see how that goes , and Scott continues to post where ever he wants so we gave him his own forum , wonder if he will use it? 🤣
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