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  2. It's as true as anything these days. https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6395 I really wish a few of the military would wake up, do the necessary research, plan and ACT. Not another "march on DC" but surgical. I think that is what they fear the most. If it weren't for 2A, this (see pic) would be US as well. We can't depend on one man or any group to save us. This is it, dude.
  3. Anyone interested in meeting up in the wake forest and surrounding areas?
  4. Anything to make it more user friendly
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  6. First off the ruling only applied to legal jurisdiction, who can arrest and prosecute criminals, and what courts have jurisdiction (federal courts). They specifically chickened out on ruling on land ownership. Though they did find a tame Indian to say that a reservation is like a county and just like the county does not own all the land inside the county boundaries, the tribes don't own all the land inside the res. Thing is, a county is a political unit not a sovereign nation. Whereas a reservation is a sovereign nation, which means all land in the res should belong to the tribe. I get it, it's too late for the US to actually honor their word. But they could show some integrity, admit they violated the treaty by allowing non tribe member to steal the tribes' lands, and negotiate a settlement. It scares me that there are folks here who believe a treaty can simply be ignored, that giving someone your word and signing a contract with them, can just be forgotten. I get that there is no way to give back the land in question, people have lived there for quite a while and purchased their homes, businesses, etc. in good faith. But the US violated their contract and should do what's right. Our word MUST mean something, as individuals, as groups and as countries, or we are no different than the hordes trying to destroy us. They argue that the constitution and the bills of rights is old and outdated, that those who wrote and signed it are dead, and that we need not honor it any longer. The same argument being put forth for why we need not honor these reservation treaties. It's wrong, It's not American.
  7. This is apalling, looks like we're losing some ground at the polling booths:
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  9. That I did not know. Thanks for the heads up. Guess Ducky is going to the dinner plate. Lol.
  10. I use Brave as well, and Proton's free VPN. But I also have Firefox, Chrome, and Vivaldi installed and sometimes use them for specific purposes.
  11. Just FYI. These fools are actually planning on doing this. Though I'm betting they will have some more pressing stuff to do in mom's basement. "We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days." "Fifty days — September 17th to November 3rd." https://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/whitehousesiege-tactical-briefing-1
  12. I use Firefox, though I've used Brave and Epic as well. I have also used DuckDuckGo, but it's built on the Chromium framework and uses Google services, so I avoid as much as possible.
  13. I'd start using open source browsers, like Duckduckgo for example. True open source thumbs the nose at eavesdropping Google and Microsoft.
  14. I've said for years that the old 'Weather Underground' is still operating, at least with a recent facelift. But I learned something new: I didn't know that anyone from the 'Weather Underground' had been tried and charged during the 70s:
  15. I've been saying for awhile that we need to be gathering intelligence, every bit as effectively as the government, AND, the criminal-Leftist organizations. One of the biggest problems is that verbal communication has gone south, everyone apparently thinking, 'oh, we can't vocally talk, someone might hear us on a hidden microphine, woe is us'. I've pissed off select government people, so they've orchestrated a campaign against me, and others, to alienate us from everyone. Hidden spooks approach new people I meet, and intimidate them to ostracize me. What do they do? They meekly submit, spineless, nutless sheeple. WTF they gonna do when the big SHTF? So anyway, good luck and Godspeed on a vital idea. I'll get some further info to ya as I go. For now, here's a start, which, though limited to a small region, can provide methodologies being used probably everywhere: https://www.sleesecurity.com/4compintelage.html
  16. Brave has been getting a lot of good press lately. Some of the security people I trust the most are even touting Brave. It's one of the newer players, so I have been hesitant to switch, but I used it on one of my phones and it seemed fine. As far as VPNs are concerned, I'm pretty fond of Mullvad. They're a no-logging service, but even if they logged, they have a unique way of entering the info into their service to determine who has paid and who hasn't; they print out a numbered account via random number generator, right off their website, You pay to that account number (no info collected, and you can even pay by cash dropped into an envelope). That random account number is what is put into their system. Nobody could track you even if they did log, and they don't. You have to watch out for supposed "no log" VPNs, because in most cases that's a lie. As far as I'm concerned, a VPN that logs is worthless. The best of the true no-log services are Nord, ExpressVPN, Mullvad, and possibly Proton. I've heard good things about Surf Shark too, though I haven't done a deep dive with them.
  17. Antifa and blm are enemies to the American way of life, but the bigger enemies are those rich people that fund them. Those rich people control the media and some politicians that coverup antifa and blm.
  18. I can't help but think back to how our nation was founded with delegates coming together to debate issues out and eventually create a confederacy then a republic. We are in the delegate stage with the same struggle they had. How do you establish which ppl are valid delegates and which are not. We need a confederacy type aproach untill we hav a lot more members then we have now. Those regional groups can come together and develop basic SOP for working together in those areas. its gonna have to evolve as we get more members and grow. some areas are just to underdeveloped to have centralized leadership.
  19. Kelly Ann Talk Armed & Feminine, DC Project & More On Firearm Friday
  20. Would a chat window be more secure?
  21. Slim Jim and O Sleeper; Like you say establishing a central militia authority could be problematic, but say two or more militias wanted to work together for a period of time. They may want to establish a single mission planning group. This mission planning group would probably want a single command and control systems, which would allow each militia leader to view and ok planned missions etc. At the moment we dont have a command and control system, but we can focus on the assessment of member skills and/or abilities. If these assessment ratings are consistent then they should be useful to whatever command and control system a group of militia enventually uses.
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