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  2. Here you go. Bump for $199 https://www.hardheadveterans.com/collections/tactical-helmet-hard-head-veterans/products/tactical-helmet-ate-bump Kevlar is $465
  3. "Around the world, people who leave the faith of Islam face state persecution, imprisonment, torture, and even execution, as well as violence, death threats, and ostracization from their own communities." YouTube video Why I Left Islam & Became Christian
  4. There’s a few factors in these statements we have to also take into account. Only about 60% of our voting population actually voted so the numbers don’t exactly correctly represent America politically . There’s other thing to consider to about the California exodus as well. Large previously Red parts of The state are turning purple. Which might indicate those leaving are most likely majority conservatives. Which makes sense considering there’s close to 4 million of them in the State.
  5. A very smart fellow, FH Buckley, a law professor at George Mason University, has just written a book on this very subject: https://nypost.com/2020/01/24/how-to-avoid-americas-coming-secession-crisis/ No one knows the future. What will happen will depend on events, and these events are not predictable. But if we have several hundred thousand American patriots under arms, organized in local militia groups, determined to defend liberty -- and hopefully with a wise, cool-headed leadership getting good advice from men like FH Buckley ... we will have done all we can.
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  7. HACKER warns of ‘The Singularity', A.I, & Zero-Day 💀
  8. I have to leave in a few minutes to take care of some things, but I am elated with your response, Sir. By "MR", I'm assuming you mean "media relations"? I have not nearly went through all the material here available for evaluation. But to my knowledge, there is no such guidelines for the American Militia regardless of our specific locations throughout the United States. I very much agree that what is first needed is to establish guidelines detailing how to reach very specific goals that can/should be part of every militia unit even if there are variances in peripheral purposes and intents. It is my experience that people are much more willing to follow when they can have confidence in the people that bear responsibility. If they know we are knowledgeable and responsible as leaders, they will be much more willing to listen, learn and even make sacrifices to achieve common goals. Again, to my knowledge, there is no guidelines set forth in formal fashion for the American Militia. It is something that "I" think needs to be established in CONCRETE, that all have a firm understanding of what we hope to achieve and how we are to get there. From THAT FOUNDATION, we can build as we customize the unique needs of each unit specific to location and need. I think we very much need a military like focus and expectation that members will join the corporate passion that can drive us all. People will give of themselves much more when they are living for something slightly larger than we are individually, especially when they think many more will benefit from their service. The thoughts of establishing this (and I realize it will not be a simple endeavor), completely excites me. It would literally benefit EVERY militia unit in America. I could not agree more in that this basic, fundamental step is the VERY FOUNDATION we need to both approach people, in what ways we will approach them, and give them a concrete foundation as to the mission and intent in our units nationwide. I would place it as the MOST VITAL of things we can develop as a corporate entity, even if an all volunteer organization with individual units. There is MUCH COMMON GROUND we shouls all share as American Militia... and THIS fundamental would ideally outline it all perfectly. I agree that a volunteer militia is quite different from our military as it stands right now in every aspect. Just facing the facts, the American Militia, corporately speaking, is in disarray. This is likely because of many reasons. One being, when people think there's not a good reason to do something, they won't do anything. And for the few that would like to be involved, they may not be focused of the purposes that make us strong and needed. And then there's the fact that fake media is TRYING to paint false images of American Militias and there are probably many people that have no clue as to how to punch through that, therefore they silently stand down from the responsibility of the 2nd Amendment as given to the citizens. Education in the fundamental Constitutional reasons to maintain a citizen's militia is vital to the mission, forward. I think this is doable, @Chris62. It would be an HONOR to work with you and take advantage of your expertise. I think we can come up with a standard that ALL American Militias can support and include in their units, no matter where we are. I have to go. Thank you so much for your response. I'll be contacting you!
  9. TESTING The Weirdest Axe Tool Ever - AMAZING!
  10. That's why I said we need to get a wall up within the first year. There will be some the first year but most of those would probably be like minded people we want. The others left are the ones that want a socialist paradise and they wouldn't start coming until a few years later once they start going downhill like Venezuela.
  11. Yes and the vast majority of their base come from coastal areas with large concentrated populations, most of those would be removed cutting it down to interior areas that would the be more like 20 percent or less of the population. If they really want to live the socialist life then most of them would immigrate. Yes there would be a lot of particulars to work out, all I am saying is with the rampant importation of socialist votes there are only 2 true resolutions to this problem, divide the country in a civil war or divide the country up in a peaceful process. The eventual outcome we are currently heading to is a socialist dictatorship unless drastic changes are made and soon.
  12. What i am concerned about is how the flood of people leaving California will start affecting other states as they seem to be doing in Virginia. \ Especially in the midwest and south where the areas there have been traditionally red and how they may start to turn blue if we allow it.
  13. @ LetFreedomRing over 50% of the county votes blue. they have been & are affecting change in state & national levels. VA & impeachment are clear examples of this.
  14. @ modernpaladin as you wish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXUHbe90nLg&t=570s they just finished up with pre orders, so you missed out there. but itll be back on the site soon. @ Claw Hammer pick a few good companies to follow & watch them. they usually have deals throughout the year that can get you under $600 easy.
  15. I agree, once the changes are made in the Map I drew above also based on the 2016 election which would't be exact put still pretty close, the people left in the remaining interior blue counties and cities will not be able to to affect the overall state and national politics. Most of them will eventually immigrate outside the Constitutional United States and good riddance to them, or their generations after having good educations without revisionist history, political correctness indoctrination and identity politics, will naturally come around to our way of thinking. It's like cancer surgery, cut the cancerous portion out and throw it away. It needs to begin with 2A and all other bill of rights sanctuary counties then states, then form some new states / state boundaries then theses Constitutional United States.
  16. @ LetFreedomRing I think we're going to have to look at it on a county level. heres from 2016, & another that may be 2020. keep in mind theyve imported over 8 million immigrants (low balling) since 2016. 2020.webp
  17. while I will say you most likely have some skill sets that will definitely help out in getting folks, it's going to be different. many ppl join the military due to perks & a paycheck, there isnt any of that in a militia. on top of this we all know those soldiers who have to be managed due to being inept or troublesome. the militia is purely voluntary, which at times can be a double edged sword. finding people that will can be counted upon, who are teachable, & who are educated (in founding principles) is going to be a new experience. not to mention the stigma that is attached to the word militia vs military.
  18. I agree, I made up a map in another thread on here, the new Constitutional United States, cutting out some of the other areas that we can leave out to make a better country. 😉 Seriously though I think this might end up being the best solution. Get the walls up within one year then after that any body else left on the other side must go through a thorough immigration process. Of course we can still trade but keep the trade sites near the borders with controlled access and limited time within the country. These Constitutional United States of America
  19. My wife just told me that I may be off topic. But my feeling is, that if you have something to offer like guidelines or a manual. That explains, this is us, this is what we are about, you may generate more interest. Basically it's on the table. This is us, this is what's expected etc. I realize that your strength is generated from voluntary people who may oppose that. That is a fact. Unity comes with the understanding of the common core. Without that you have nothing except an unorganized stand.
  20. Peacefully? Stand up at a local & county level & enact nullification. the 2 biggest influences one can vote for is for their LEOs & Judges, make sure theyre constitutional. If you're in a sea of blue, move & help sure up a red area. Start incorporating propertarianism in local, county, and eventually state constitution. there is a divide & there needs to be a separation. we'll most likely balkanize, whether that means counties moving to other states or separating to create a whole new state . the fed gov is a lost cause, focus on the state & smaller.
  21. https://www.policeone.com/federal-law-enforcement/articles/fbi-background-check-system-to-be-audited-ZjUuRBhrQ3bRlPHi/
  22. https://www.policeone.com/federal-law-enforcement/articles/mass-lawmakers-consider-limiting-local-le-collaboration-with-ice-874ZJD59NXqtH8F7/
  23. Not sure what the best possible route should be. But my 2 cents would be not to sit back and rest on our laurels over a job that is really a good job done by all patriots. I do think we should keep the momentum going, not just in Virginia but in each state. Not just on the local or state level but on our representatives and senators. Send them the message that we will not stand for this type of stuff where we each live. It would be nice if they would listen to us but if not then where possible find someone that is willing to deal with the stuff that will come with primary them.
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