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  2. I would be most are on the same page here. It’s hard to find someone of like mind
  3. I think a lot of patriots are waiting and willing... but, there is no clear leadership or objective. I'm sure the men and women in the Military are waiting and willing, too. But, the political leaders who could get the ball rolling keep talking peace, patience, and so forth. The political socialist left will not listen, does not care to listen, and is unable to reason. They say peace, but, they don't mean peace. They say tolerance, but, they don't mean tolerance. They want to take away our freedom and our rights and they are willing to use violence to accomplish those ends. Yet, we are told by the right wing pundits to emulate Ghandi and MLK jr. Peaceful protest, let them hit first. They've been hitting first for several years now. Unfortunately, that peace first principle doesn't work against communists and anarchists. Sheep led to the slaughter at the moment. Those old tactics of political peaceful protest only work with reasonable people. Not so much with radical leftists. We're learning this lesson quickly in Portland. Black Bloc owns those streets. Violence is ignored. Individuals caught usually get probation and a slap on the wrist. Police don't even gear up half the time... they show up in bike shorts and form bicycle barricades. But, we all know. Nothing can be done. Any action by the Patriot right will be used against us to paint us as racists, bigots, and Nazi's. If the Patriots start fighting, the leftists will be dragging the National Guard, Law Enforcement, and the U.N. into our streets. They will immediately push legislation to shred the 2nd Amendment. And they'll control the narrative to accomplish the task. They know if we fight, they win in the public eye. They want so badly to prove their narrative of white supremacist nazi's marching in the streets killing peaceful leftist political activists. We're stuck between a rock and hard place. We have no one to give us the thumbs up. We can't act without political backing and support of LE and Military.
  4. win a 5.56 pistol upper https://wn.nr/YdT53d
  5. Yesterday
  6. I too am a vet of the US Army and what you are saying has been the heartbeat within my chest for some time. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you are saying. Enough has been enough for some time. Trump can’t do it alone, he needs Patriots to take a REAL stand and say enough of this crap!!!
  7. Searching to find an active militia in the upstate of SC that Is NOT under the orders of the governor.
  8. Hello I live in Northwest Iowa as Well Sioux City to be exact and am looking for a group to join. Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks
  9. I am all alone I guess here in Northeast La. I talk to all my buddies and sometimes strangers about being ready for what's coming in the near future and everyone thinks I'm over-reacting. They can't wait to change the subject to anything else. We have got to do something besides sit on our butts and let a bunch of anti-Americans destroy everything our families have accomplished. If you guys here on this website don't agree let me know so I can move on.
  10. https://youtu.be/OMKQKQXQLPcQQ

    Hey brother, i see your in FL as well maybe one day we can have a calaboration of Militias


  11. Morning, in the NWFL Panhandle Milton region. Retired Navy here living behind NAS Whiting Field. Looking to get back into some training with like minded people. Fred
  12. Hi, Retired Sailor here, left active duty in 2003. I live in Milton behind NAS Whiting Field. Currently working as an instructor at Corry Station teaching computer / network basics and Windows 10. Prepper oriented from growing up, we always had food in the freezer and home canned vegetables on the shelf and in the root cellar. Like shooting, and training especially now because I haven't done any in a couple years, (training that is, I still go to the range to keep the basics up!). Thanks! Fred
  13. Rush on Fox and Friends this morning: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6061509092001/#sp=show-clips
  14. Hi all, So I left the Army after 16 years and I miss the camaraderie, the training and the friendship of the military. That and looking at our government, I am not so sure about our future. I am mainly looking for people of similar mind sets to bounce ideas off of, train with and build a support base. While I am not the most chatty of people, feel free to ask me questions, worse case I just tell you I wont answer that.
  15. I am old enough to remember Operation Phoenix implemented in Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia; It targeted the infrastructure of Viet Cong strategists, cut the head off the snake and the snake DIES to sum it up. Well, this method is as old as time itself and IT WORKED extremely well in Southeast Asia, ask any survivor of Phoenix... if you are able to still find one.! If POTUS and his Q cleared team are to WIN this war of hearts n minds, certain criteria need to be put into motion QUICKLY: I recently Re-read the book TWILIGHT WARRIORS; many of the men cited in this excellent book are with us still...working. There was a particular strategy implemented dubbed F3 ( find, fix, finish, Re-aquire.) This WARFARE model can be used against the ANTIFA bozos with LETHAL efficiency, think Tiananmen Square on steroids, military Aikido. We need to put these bastards in a deep hole and fill it. As Dr. Gary North once said, " Ideas carry consequences, BAD IDEAS carry the gravest ", The ideas espoused by such brain trusts as Illhan Omar, Occasional Cortex Cortez, Maxinne Waters are DANGEROUS , erasing our AMERICAN HISTORY is EVIL and those responsible for allowing these trends to occur need to be TAKEN and dealt with HARSHLY. I'm done.
  16. Can you stay alive outdoors by assessing risks? The summer outdoor season sees an increase in reports about disappearances and accidents. A recent report from California discusses the disappearance of an experienced hiker at a campsite in the Bristlecone Pine Forest. She was later found alive after four days. The report reveals that she had to flee her location due to a threatening person. Another story relates the discovery of the body of a missing person on the Snake River in Wyoming. He was working at a KOA campsite. Outdoor activities can be great experiences. However, outdoor activities also have inherent risks. You should develop a risk assessment and reduction plan before you go on a wilderness adventure. The following principles can help you build your risk mitigation plan. 1. Assess the level of wilderness experience and field skills of yourself and others It is terrific to have a desire to spend time outdoors. There is an increasing number of people heading to the wilderness to hunt, hike, camp, or fish. The growing popularity of survival-related reality television programs and the rising interest in survival and preparedness are motivating people to get outdoors. However, the reality of being in the wilderness is different from how it is portrayed in the mass media. There is a danger of overconfidence in one’s abilities. It is prudent to be realistic in assessing the level of wilderness experience and field skills of yourself and those in your group. The less wilderness experience and skills that one has should be an indicator that they are a high risk to themselves and others. Therefore, it is imperative to take a partner with you into the outdoors. Your partner should be more experienced and have more field skills than you to compliment your weaknesses. As a matter of safety, you should never go into the wilderness by yourself regardless of how skilled and experienced you are with the outdoors. 2. Know the level of health and physical fitness of yourself and others. It is vital to know your level of health and physical fitness. Health and physical fitness play an important role in determining the kinds of activity and locations that one visits. For example, people with high blood pressure might have limitations as to the types of trails that they can trek on a backpacking adventure. 3. Understand the natural or man-made dangers of the area of activity One of the common characteristics of negative experiences in the outdoors is a lack of awareness of the risks. More specifically, there seems to be a lack of knowledge of the natural and man-made dangers in the area of activity. One type of natural hazard involves predatory animals, such as mountain lions or bears. Other inherent threats are those relating to the terrain such as cliffs, bodies of water, areas of deadfall, or unstable ground. Man-made dangers are those pertaining to human activity. These can comprise logging areas, areas of construction, or even previous criminal activity. 4. Analyze the local weather and weather anomalies of the area of activity Weather is a contributor to outdoor risks. There are reports of sudden fog, rain, or dropping of temperatures even in the summer months in some locations. It must be remembered that some local weather patterns cannot be found in a national or local forecast. The people who live near the area of your outdoor activity can provide useful information on local weather activity such as afternoon thundershowers. Analyzing the local weather traits will help make decisions about what to put in your backpack, such as rain gear or a light fleece jacket. 5. Identify the level of access to emergency help in the area of activity Sometimes people, who go outdoors, do not take into account the availability of emergency help. It is essential to have a good understanding of what kind of emergency help is available. Additionally, it is crucial to know how to access emergency help in your planned area of activity. The importance of knowing how to contact emergency help is a critical part of your outdoor planning. For example, one of the areas near me does not have a large number of park rangers. They tell you when you come into the park that most emergency help will be by airlift. They do not have the personnel or transportation available to come to your aid if you call for help. Thus, an expensive life flight to a local hospital awaits, should you dial for help. That kind of information influences your activity and what you have in your gear. Some wilderness areas have no cell phone access. How will you get help in an emergency? It is recommended that you develop a first-responder contact card. This card should have contact information for park rangers, first responders, and area hospitals. You should include emergency radio channels on the card if you are carrying a handheld ham radio two-way transceiver with you. Final Thoughts Risk reduction is an important skill to develop and exercise for those who love the outdoors. Your risk reduction plan has its limitations. However, without one, you may find your activity being less than enjoyable. Once you have identified the risks for your planned wilderness adventure, then develop and implement measures to reduce that risk. One of the best techniques to consider for risk reduction measures is the PACE plan. Additionally, your risk reduction plan should take into account the kind of activity (Mission), local and area dangers (Enemy), time of day, month or day (Time), the people involved (Troops), location (Terrain), and accesses to emergency help (Civilian Considerations). Once you have your risk mitigation plan complete, give a copy to whomever, you will be making your communication checks while you are outdoors. The post Can You Stay Alive? Assessing Outdoor Risks appeared first on SIGMA 3 Survival School. View the full article
  17. I DESPISE this Schiff. A slippery bastard. Democrats are heading for DOOM if they persist in attacking America's Founders, America's laws, HER Constitution!!! The time for timid behavior has LONG SINCE elapsed; pretty please doesn't WORK.. Dragging our enemies carcasses to an awaiting rail car IS IN VOGUE NOW!!!! This " petition " is a classic example of WORTHLESS ENERGY expended; A better petition drive would be in the manner of a an Executive Order arresting DISLOYAL " public servants " who have VIOLATED their oath of office... THAT'S A PETITION DRIVE with teeth!!!!!! Our Liberty Teeth is comprised of WEAPONS, our MINDS, TACTICS, OUR LAWS all can be looked upon as WEAPONS. We gotta USE our WEAPONS NOW and stop with the Tea Time BULLSHIT. Communists have been conducting CONSTANT warfare against America for 150 years and we are treating it as a minor mosquito bit!!!!! WTF??? POTUS needs to step up the PLAN ........ George Soros and other trouble makers of his kind need to be TAKEN DOWN hard and fast without mercy. That's the reality we find ourselves this AM.
  18. Armed is an ABSOLUTE necessity . A working plan, COMMS. between neighbors. 2 WAY Motorola perhaps? BUDDY SYSTEM. NO LONE WOLVES.
  19. This woman is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! Trump and his Q cleared TEAM are the only element keeping the enemy on his belly!!!!!
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