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  2. The sad part for every one wanting to join a militia unit, is most militias right now are asleep... They think because we have a President who is looking out for America that they can stop training and lay back until after his second term is over. The reality is that we are in more danger right now than we have ever been in in our lifetime. We have politicians who are trying to turn this country into a socialist hell hole, same for the communist. We have politicians who are manufacturing false flag events to try to take our guns, murdering anyone who disagrees with them. We have politicians who are cheering the fact that we're killing babies AFTER they're born, forget abortion, now we're into full blown murder...all the while booing God.. Trying to flood the country with illegals so they can win the vote and get into office, so they can turn us into slaves. working our fingers to the bone, paying half of our paychecks to the government so they can give it to someone who sits on their butts all day, can't even speak English and don't wan to learn. They think we owe them something just because they're here...... I don't know where everyone is located, but within 30 miles of Charlotte we have 6 muslim training camps. 4 in the city limits, 1 in York County SC, you've probably saw it on the news, and the last is in Gastonia. The unit I'm in did a sneak and peak, took pics and video and presented it to other units throughout the state 2 months before the local police were even briefed that it existed by the fbi... Then we had to explain to the locals how we knew it was there, and we told them what we had observed. What has happened to the country that I and others here fought for ?? My service in the USMC feels more like an anchor chain these days than a badge of honor because of the hate that the left spews daily. Awarding cop killers, giving our tax money to the same people who blew up the twin towers. destroying our heritage, pulling down statues, telling a liars version of world history to suit their twisted minds view... Find you a unit that is training, often and hard.
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  4. Enter to Win a Faxon Match Series 14.5" Gunner .223 Wylde Barrel - Mid-Length, 416R, Nitride, 5R, Nickel Teflon Extension https://wn.nr/M3gbdV
  5. I would like to put in my two cents as a 1st SGT in the Tennessee State Militia and a Retired Police Officer. Our group decided to look into the XDm 45 Tactical as a service sidearm, which we did adopt. It is a great firearm in and of itself. The M9 has been the standard sidearm of the United States Navy, United States Army and the United States Air Force since 1985, replacing the Colt M1911A1 in the Army and Navy and the Smith & Wesson .38 Special in the Air Force. The M9A1 is also seeing a limited issue to the United States Marine Corps. Although the M9A1 is a nice firearm I was never a huge fan. And now that I see the contract that SIG just got with the M17, I have to favor with that choice. I would have to say, at this point and time it looks as though the 9mm round is going to be the most abundant when the SHTF. The added Benefit I see to the Sig M17, is we are going to have access to all the parts we would need to keep ours running. This is a huge factor when they try to remove our arms and we tell them to pound sand!. SIG made this sidearm for a reason. You can interpret that reason however you choose. I believe that they made a firearm that is worthy of Military and offer "We The People" this same sidearm. When the M9A1 was offered service terms, we as a people couldn't even get close to that model. The Brigadier is the closest you can get. With the M17 there isn't much other than color choices. All of the frames, slides, barrels, pins, triggers, are interchangeable with every other P320 out in the population. The Modular System is an awesome concept. As for a rifle, I am more in favor of the Reach out an touch someone theory. I know guys who are "Old School", who will swear by the 30-06, and some the 308. I fell into the whole hype on the 6.5 Creedmore, but now I hear the Military is going to the 6mm. If they do go 100% with the 6mm. then we have another whole playing field. the AR Platform is going to be as worthless as your sidearm in a firefight. We all have to remember this, "From a place you can not see, comes a sound you will never hear". That is the motto you have to pay careful attention too. to sum up, my choice for the future of my groups I am suggesting the SIG M17 9mm as a sidearm, some form of Tactical 556 cal, and a really nice 6mm setup. Then you can build up from there. But always keep your eyes open for a change in the Military styling. It makes perfect sense. We will be armed with the same weapons as the very Soldiers we may fight with or against. I can only suggest you take heed in my words and consider this sidearm for a standard service pistol for all of our brothers out there. It is worthy of consideration. God Bless, HOOAH
  6. I normally don't check his channel till the weekend since that seems to be when he posts. Thanks for letting me know. Wonder how long till the videos get pulled by you tube?
  7. Sorry but the closest real militia I know of to you is my group and CT state militia. Both of train about 2 hours from you. Do you have like minded people around you?
  8. Our technocrat overlords don't want us knowing too much.
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  10. If this doesn't prove there is a real conspiracy then what does?
  11. I am actively seeking a militia that meets and trains for our countries freedoms. I’m in Massachusetts. This country will become socialist. Then it will become communist. Why? Free men sit back and do nothing. I want to stop that and organize
  12. Jeff I joined them on Facebook. I’m looking for a real militia. A group that actually meets and trains. For a real emergency in our countries freedom
  13. The NCAA’s March Madness is upon us, captivating basketball fans everywhere, while simultaneously brining work productivity to a screeching halt offices across the country. In that spirit, there’s no reason shooters shouldn’t have a little fun too. Lucky for us, Remington launched a cool little contest recently, called Remington Madness. Pick the winners, get a shot at winning a gun. RELATED STORY FIRST LOOK: Remington Model 870 Express Tactical Side Folder Play Remington Madness In an interesting twist, much like you NCAA Tournament, your favorite has to survive and advance each round to move on. To play, reply to the Remington Madness post on the company’s Facebook page. Using the corresponding numbers in the bracket, or seeds for basketball fans, vote that number to pick your winner to advance. For example, if you want the V3 Turkey Pro over the Versa Max Synthetic, type “1” in your comment. Then follow that up with your picks for the remaining matchups, eight total, in Round 1. Voting for Round 1 ends Sunday at 11:59 PM CST. That’s when Remington will tally the votes. Additionally, Round 2 voting opens Thursday. Meanwhile, Final Four voting takes place the weekend of April 5. Finally, Championship Monday takes place on April 8. Now here’s the coolest part, at the end of the tournament, Remington plans to raffle off the winning gun. So just the like the basketball brackets, now it’s strategy time. Pick your favorites, or pick the guns you think will advance. Or maybe just pick the gun you don’t have, just so you will have a chance to win it. To play Remington Madness, check out the bracket and rules in the #remingtonmadness post. Also, for fun, check out our picks in the photo. Based on a combination of functionality, design, and history, the Wingmaster takes the title in our bracket this year. That’s pretty much akin to picking a blue blood like Kentucky to win it all in the basketball bracket. And yes, our editor did that too. The post Play Remington Madness to Win a Free Gun From Remington appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
  14. Btw that class is open enrollment if anyone is interested
  15. Glad to hear these essentials have been addressed. Thank you.
  16. Us military small team tactics. Taught by our prior military members or we PMAG, NH3%, Ny and Penn Lightfoot, NYMAG all use DefTech. That's our group in the add photo. https://www.deftech.academy/schedule/small-unit-tactics/ Same as any other range and depending on class size will determine the number of RSOs over and above the instructors. Most only require a love of country. We dont even require a member to be part of tac team. Command structure is bases off unit preference, but the biggest issue in the patriot movement is a lack of national command structure. Hopefully the summit will address this. Our commander is our rindge liaison he is a third generation resident. I know NH 3per has one in the town they train in also how they picked him I have no idea.
  17. You know, I don't agree with what that Prick did in Las Vegas; I hope he has a hot hell. When you get down to basics, he had the firearm, he had the ammo, he maximized with a bump stock. He had not a clue how to initiate a target, that's as far as I will take that. On to the best weapon, you would not want a rifle? I want to engage my target as far as possible. Hell even a man with a good attitude, and training cold take a 243 out to almost 900 yds. I wouldn't choose it, but you do with what you have. Remember, when the ammo is gone, you fight with your club. Let's hook this up, and talk face to face Brothers.
  18. What reference material are these "units" using as guidance? What gun safety protocal has been adopted universally? Any checklists available for interested members to self assess? What is the command structure? Who is the LEO liason? Eagles Nest, great question. I would like to find qualified person to help with same.
  19. A MUST WATCH ! ...the gripping realities of the war. I cant say enough..but this needs to said, and this man says it !... Please share, post on other forums "securityguy42" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWZcQRURmMo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0eR_W9_DzU
  20. I can post our open trainings here when I have dates. The coins are harder to get. You must be vetted and prove you can take care of your family for a year without help. Food water medical supplies training in Bush craft. Then it still gets voted on.
  21. Ok, how would I start meeting up with you all to continue with my rifle training, and to earn some challenge coins😀
  22. Hi my name is andrew H Watson 7.5yrs in the army and 2nd amendment supporter.
  23. Las Vegas PD recently shot and stopped an armed burglary suspect who attempted to draw on officers. Moreover, officer body cam footage captured the entire scene unfold. RELATED STORY WATCH: Columbus Police Diffuse Tense Suicide By Cop Incident Las Vegas PD Responds On March 16 around 9:30 p.m. officers responded to a burglary call near Eastern Avenue and Robindale. Police say 20-year-old Steven Aguirre is suspected of robbing an Auto Zone at gunpoint, then fleeing the area on foot,” reported ktnv.com. Footage shows responding officers, with pistols drawn, demand the suspect to stand down. Footage clearly shows officers shout to the suspect several times “keep your hands up” and “let me see your hands.” As the suspect moves slowly toward officers with his hands held high, a pistol in a strong-side holster is visible. The suspect appears to be complying, slowly advancing, then turning around and dropping to his knees with his hands above his head. However, that’s when Aguirre makes his move, reaching for his sidearm. But a Las Vegas Police officer immediately identifies the threat, and engages with one shot into the suspect’s leg. Officers then immediately move in and secure the suspect, placing him in handcuffs. Moreover, officers rendered first-aid and called for medical assistance. Authorities transported Aguirre to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Las Vegas Police is holding the suspect on $100,000 bail, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The post WATCH: Las Vegas PD Shoot Suspect Who Goes for Gun appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
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