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Truckerman replied to Three Percenter State Chapter Iowa.

I'm looking to join in iowa, any help would be appreciated 

survivopedia posted  5 Rules You Must Follow When Exercising Your Back in Survival - Prepping, Bushcraft & Homesteading.

Relieving back pain is challenging no matter what methods you try. Exercises for back pain are effective if you get off to a good start and follow the rules.

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Michael Perkins replied to If you want to post links to gun or gun related giveaways, post them in this thread please..

2 days left, Win a FN SCAR 17S 7.62x51mm #Rifle $3569.00 VAlue
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young patriot replied to I am trying to write a book about the basics of the militia..

Here is a draft of the third chapter of my book. It is only halfway done, but it is a decent amount so i feel alright going ahead and sharing. I prefer constructive criticism over an "attaboy" b…

Let_Freedom_Ring posted The NU Aqua Water Systems inside Atlas Shelters in Survival - Prepping, Bushcraft & Homesteading.

The NU Aqua Water Systems inside Atlas Shelters



e.c.c. replied to Kirsten Gillibrand Wants to Confiscate Guns.

What gets me are people who downplay what the left wants to do, and say it can't happen. People who say/lecture us 'don't believe everything you hear.' [By the way I think I'll be the judge of w…

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Michael Hatch replied to Texas - Official Roll Call & Lounge.

Checking in

SIGMA 3 posted Do You Have These Seven Basic First-Aid Items? in Survival - Prepping, Bushcraft & Homesteading.

Do you have these seven basic first-aid items? Recent events reveal the importance of carrying first aid items at all times. The discussion of rendering emergency first-aid to someone often falls into the two categories of general first-aid and trauma first-aid. The U.S. Army discovered that trauma first-aid would be more common in a combat environment. Consequently, they adopted the Improved First Aid Kit (IFAK), which became known as the Individual First Aid Kit. The IFAK is essentially a trauma kit. Therefore, there are seven items to find as a foundation to build any size first aid kit from a personal kit to a group kit.

1. Tourniquet

Nearly all of the survival and preparedness experts agree that a tourniquet is a core item for any first-aid kit. A tourniquet helps stop bleeding to a severely injured extremity. However, improper application of a tourniquet can cause more injury, permanent loss of a limb, or even death under extreme circumstances. Thus, you should get certified first-aid training through the Red Cross or other authorized medical training organizations on the proper use of a tourniquet.

There are several versions and styles of the tourniquet. The tourniquet that is easy to employ is the CAT Tourniquet. CAT is an acronym that stands for Combat Application Tourniquet. These are currently in use with military and law enforcement organizations. There are other kinds of tourniquets, such as the ratchet tourniquet, the rapid application tourniquet (RAT), and the stretch-wrap-and-tuck (SWAT) tourniquet. However, whichever one that you prefer, a tourniquet should be an item in any first aid kit.

2. Cutting Device

Emergency first-aid may require cutting clothing away from an injury. Therefore, cutting is an essential task in first aid. An option for a cutting instrument is the Leatherman® Skeletool® RX. It is small enough that it will fit into most first-aid pouches on the market. However, if you cannot afford this multitool, then a quality pair of medical shears or scissors are a good option. Cutting is an essential task for rendering aid to a traumatic injury. A decent cutting instrument is helpful to enable this task. Therefore, a cutting tool of some type should be in any first-aid kit.

3. Disposable Medical Gloves

The wearing of medical gloves is vital for both the one giving first-aid and the one receiving the aid. Medical gloves help to reduce the transferring of germs into a person’s open wounds from the hands of the one rendering aid. They also reduce the risk to first-responders from absorbing blood-borne pathogens through the skin of their hands that an injured person may have in their system.

4. Self-Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Self-adhesive bandage wrap is a critical part of your first-aid considerations. The primary reason for its usefulness is that it can be applied to a wide variety of emergency medical applications. Self-adhesive bandage wrap is useful for making hasty pressure bandages, wrapping cuts with gauze, securing slings, and making slings. There is no glue-type adhesive. Therefore, these bandages work well in arid environments.

5. Quick Clot Gauze

Quick Clot is a recent development in the medical field. It officially goes by the name of hemostatic gauze. The clotting agent, Kaolin, helps to enable the blood to thicken. Therefore, it is terrific for stopping the bleeding on deep cuts, gashes, and penetration wounds to the body upon which a tourniquet is not necessary. Z-Medica is the manufacturer of Quick Clot products. Quick Clot should be part of your first-aid kit considerations.

6. Disposable Medical Face Mask

Many airborne contaminants and pathogens are floating in the air. We breathe them in and exhale them out every day. A medical mask should be part of your baseline considerations when building any first-aid kit. These masks do for the respiratory system that the medical gloves do for the hands. They help reduce the risk of breathing out germs into the open wounds of a person or breathing them in if the patient has an illness. Some types of medical masks have a clear plastic shield attached to prevent blood-borne pathogens from entering the body through the eyes. Therefore, a disposable medical face mask should be part of your first-aid kit loadout.

7. Israeli Compression Bandage

Bandages have been part of first-aid kits since their development. The military understands that the availability of bandages is a matter of life and death for the battlefield wounded. The increase in adverse situations in our contemporary era calls for the availability of bandages in everyday life. Consequently, an essential kind of dressing is the pressure bandage. A person knowing how to apply a pressure bandage to a severe bleeding injury efficiently is a critical task to master.

The best compression bandages on the market are the Israeli Compression Bandages. They are effective and easy to apply to an injury. The older, Vietnam era, pressure bandages were useful but could be cumbersome to use in a stressful situation because of the way they had to be wrapped and secured. Thus, you should consider keeping an Israeli Compression Bandage in all of your first-aid kits. Furthermore, you should always get first-aid training from a reputable organization, such as the Red Cross, before attempting to apply any pressure bandage.

Final Thoughts

First-aid kits are becoming an essential element to possess in the lives of everyday people. The rise in violent criminal activity in our nation has made people more aware of the necessity of keeping first-aid kits available. The seven items in the above discussion should be the foundation upon which to build your own first-aid kit. You need to get certified first-aid training through a reputable source before attempting to render any kind of medical aid to someone. The only exception should be those already well-rehearsed in giving first-aid to someone, such as military personnel, combat veterans, medical and law enforcement personnel. Once you receive training in first-aid, build your kit, then, keep it handy and ready for use.

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Michael Perkins replied to If you want to post links to gun or gun related giveaways, post them in this thread please..

Win a Kimber Hunter Black Bolt-Action Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor
500 Pieces Starline 6.5 Creedmoor Brass
A Total Prize Package Worth Over $1,228!   https://wn.nr/QKwsEs

Dav Harzin commented on Stryker 75's status.

welcome aboard

Stryker 75 1st Sgt Staggs, as callsign Stryker 75, reporting in.

Dav Harzin

welcome aboard


Let_Freedom_Ring posted Kirsten Gillibrand Wants to Confiscate Guns in Awareness - News and Recent Events (<5yrs).

Kirsten Gillibrand Wants to Confiscate Guns



What gets me are people who downplay what the left wants to do, and say it can't happen. People who say/lecture us 'don't believe everything you hear.' [By the way I think I'll be the judge of what I believe and what I don't believe.] They really need to take this video in; here it is straight from the horse's mouth.... Come and take them Gillibrand. 


'' Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.'' - Ronald Reagon


19th CFF IN Light Foot 19th Continental Field Force in Indiana Militias

Hello, and welcome to the homepage of the de jure militia for the State of Indiana, the 19th Continental Field Force.  We are a well-regulated volunteer network of de jure state militia units, wh…

Let_Freedom_Ring replied to Tyranny is always at the door.

Yes, it is an ongoing continuous battle.


Yes, it is an ongoing continuous battle.


Tactical-Life posted WATCH: Yankees GM Brian Cashman Pulled Over by Police With Guns Drawn in Weapons - Guns, Ammo & Knifes - All Weapons.

Connecticut police recently pulled over New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman with weapons drawn. The incident occurred after Cashman’s white Jeep Wrangler was reported stolen, according to multiple sources.


WATCH: Felon Arrested After Gun Drops Out of Pants in Front of Officers at Dunkin

NY Yankees GM Brian Cashman Pulled Over

Officer body cam footage captured the stop that looks anything but routine. Officers clearly demonstrate a high level of alertness. The officers approach Cashman’s vehicle with weapons drawn. They clearly aren’t messing around. Commands come loud and clear, demanding Cashman exit the vehicle and walk backwards toward the officer. It’s a tense moment.

“I picked it up …” Cashman begins.

“Understood sir, we’ll talk to you in a second,” an officer cuts him off.

“I know but it was taken off by the NYPD a few days ago,” Cashman says.

“And we all know how they are, OK?” the officer replies, a slight dig on the NYPD.

“Cashman told the New York Post last week the police were already ‘responding to someone in a white Jeep that was brandishing a gun in a local doctor’s office.’ He added that when Darien police ran his plates, the vehicle came up stolen because the “NYPD never took me off the stolen car list,” reported foxnews.com.

Cashman Remained Calm

The Yanks GM seemingly took it in stride, despite facing an officer’s muzzle.

“I had a welcoming committee descend up on me as I pulled out of the gas station,” Cashman said to nypost.com. “They executed a very tactful interception”

Officers later escorted Cashman to the station where his vehicle could finally undergo processing for evidence. At the end of the day, Cashman followed all commands and remained calm, despite the mistaken stop. And then nothing bad happened, despite the high alert situation.

“The public should take encouragement when someone is in a stolen vehicle they’re not going to get very far,” Cashman said, as reported by foxnews.com. “I have high respect for all law enforcement. They do an amazing job whether you’re in Connecticut and New York City — and sometimes unique circumstances can occur.”

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Scott Lance Smith replied to The Comedic Stylings of Scott Lance.

Hope this brightens your day: 



Once my dog ate all the Scrab…

Let_Freedom_Ring replied to Jeffrey Epstein Dies By Suicide, According To Multiple Reports.

Esptein’s Autopsy Sparks New Wave Of Questions





19th CFF IN Light Foot uploaded IMG_1547581801834.jpg to Group Content.


19th CFF IN Light Foot uploaded IMG_20180415_011520_114.jpg to Group Content.


Tactical-Life posted An LEO Examines Whether the Greenville Homeowner Shooting Was Justified in Weapons - Guns, Ammo & Knifes - All Weapons.

The following is an op-ed from Donald Mihalek, the Executive VP of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation. We first reported on the Greenville shooting back on Aug. 2 when body cam footage became available. Watch the entire incident play out above. Warning: The video contains graphic content; viewer discretion advised.


An LEO Examines the Shooting of Vaughn Denham, Who Ignored 30 Commands

Every law enforcement-involved use of force incident is a dynamic situation where seconds matter and observations are key. In the landmark 1989 unanimous U.S. Supreme Court case Graham v. Connor, the Supreme Court laid out the overarching criteria for a law enforcement officers regarding use of force. In sum, the court found that in any situation, use of force must be based on a totality of circumstances; this means that all the indicators leading up to and including what the officer knew, saw and was trained to do are taken into account.

Additionally, the court ruled that those actions are to be viewed from the officer’s perspective without 20/20 hindsight. This leads us to the recent Greenville shooting.

The Call

By releasing the body camera video, the Greenville Sheriff’s Department wanted to show the responding deputy’s perspective. Effectively, the department walks the viewer from the call for service through the final moments of the incident. It does an excellent job of placing the viewer in the officer’s position. The video shows what they officer knew, heard and saw prior to the shooting.

During the video we hear the 9-1-1 call for service from an alarm company. It calls for an active intruder alarm at a residence. That 9-1-1 call was relayed to the responding officer via dispatch. Of course, this call comes in during a midnight shift when lighting is low and an officer’s alert status is usually higher due to the propensity for the calls for service to involve some type of criminal activity. In this case, an intruder alarm with no contact of a homeowner automatically tells the officer that something isn’t right at the incident location.

Arriving on Scene

As the deputy arrives on scene, he attempts to make contact with the homeowner and is unsuccessful. The residence has lights on, but no one answers the door. The deputy then leaves the front porch in an attempt to check the home’s surroundings. As he does, he sees someone appear in the sidelight of the front door. The deputy then approaches the front door and, using standard law enforcement tactics, attempts to illuminate the individual on the other side of the door.

Initially, that individual walks away from the front door. However, as the deputy approaches the porch again and keeps illuminating the sidelight and individual, the individual turns toward the deputy and points a firearm in the deputy’s direction. All law enforcement officer training teaches officers that if a gun is pointed at you, it is a deadly threat. Studies by the Force Science Institute show that a firearm in a suspect’s waistband can be drawn and fired in 0.6 seconds. A gun already presented only takes fractions of a second to fire. The same studies show that an officer, even with their gun drawn, can take a second or more to aim and fire an accurate shot. Those studies document that when a suspect points a gun at an officer, the officer literally have milliseconds to respond before being shot.

Based on the totality of circumstances and with the firearm pointed in his direction, the deputy perceived a deadly threat and fired at that threat. The body camera footage clearly shows the deputy, according to greenvilleonline.com, firing at least two rounds through the side window adjacent to a closed front door.

The Greenville Shooting

Tragically in the aftermath, the deputy established that the individual was indeed the homeowner. Also, the homeowner did in fact point a loaded weapon at the deputy. The body cam footage shows the homeowner’s weapon lying next to him on the floor. The homeowner likely did this in an attempt to protect his home, not knowing the deputy was outside; this points to a fundamental safety issue for gun owners.

Most gun owners often lack the training or experience to have tactical situational awareness or the ability to understand that communication is always key in tactical situations. Most also don’t realize that for a law enforcement officer, a gun in the hands of anyone that isn’t wearing a uniform is a potential threat. Even in law enforcement, one of the basic tenants of undercover work is that the uniform is in charge. Otherwise, for undercover officers, the very real possibility of a “blue on blue” shooting is always present. So, if confronted by a uniformed officer, most undercover officers are told to obey the officer’s commands. They should talk to the uniformed officer and have a form of identification readily available.

Gun owners, however, usually don’t get that level of training. They often use guns without the requisite realization that, to an LEO, they are a threat until determined otherwise. In this situation, it seems the homeowner suffered from that training and communication gap.

As tragic as the Greenville shooting is, the deputy’s use of force via Graham v. Connor appears justified. While the full investigation is ongoing, greenvilleonline.com reported that the Greenville Sheriff’s Office placed the deputy on administrative leave pending the investigation’s outcome.

The post An LEO Examines Whether the Greenville Homeowner Shooting Was Justified appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews.

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Tactical-Life posted WATCH: Angry Cops on What It’s Be Like Living With a Drill Sergeant Wife in Weapons - Guns, Ammo & Knifes - All Weapons.

Our favorite angry police officer is at it again, with the latest post from YouTuber Angry Cops. In this video, our hero falls subject to the one force of nature no one want to come home to: a drill instructor. To make matter’s worse, in this parody, it’s a drill sergeant wife.


WATCH: ‘Angry Cops’ Demonstrates How You Get Shot by Police

We have veterans on staff here at Tactical Life. And without hesitation, just about every veteran would tell you they thought their drill instructor harnessed a special kind of crazy. In fact, if there was a close circuit camera constantly filming drill instructors at boot camp, it would be the most popular show on television. That show would not be family friendly, however.

Drill Sergeant Wife Smokes Angry Cops

In this video, the drill instructor wife gives us a sense of what it’s like for the DI to come home to an “unsat” husband. She immediately rips into him for being late, for not having dinner ready. “Are you f’n kidding me!” she yells, an explosion of rage and fury as she bursts through the door. Yeah, that took us back.

“Chicken,” Angry Cop frontman Richard Hy, an Army veteran, replied. “Chicken,” the only feeble word the “recruit” could muster. Think that’s ridiculous? We once watched a recruit so struck with terror fail to give his Marine Corps drill instructor his own name. When asked repeatedly, “This recruit don’t know,” remained his only reply. Yep, those drill instructors can melt your mind into butter.

This drill sergeant wife expertly bum rushes the recruit by invading his personal space. Her use of knife hands were expertly delivered like a kung fu master. And her coup de grace, the most dreaded words in any recruits life, the backwards countdown. “Ten, nine, eight, seven …”

You do not want her to finish counting before you complete that task. You do not.

Poor Angry Cop, hang in there little buddy. And remember, drink water and stay motivated.

The post WATCH: Angry Cops on What It’s Be Like Living With a Drill Sergeant Wife appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews.

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