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Armed Citizen Frees Family Held Captive by Armed Home Intruder

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On Monday, a mother had just returned to her Spring, TX home with her children after school, when her house was targeted by an armed robber.


KTRK reported:


“It was real scary,” said Lupe Tapia, who lives in the neighborhood.


Neighbors say a man with a gun walked to a family’s home.


We talked to the homeowner. He told us it happened shortly after his kids got home from school. He said at least one man walked into the house and asked one of his sons if his parents were home.


The boy responded by saying, “Why do you want to know?”


Then the homeowner said the suspect went to the back of the house with a gun where the boy’s mother was. The suspect took a watch and other items, according to the homeowner.


As the armed intruder focused on the mother, her son ran across the street for help. The neighbor, who armed himself and ran to the boy’s home, fired several shots at the suspect. Police say, the man fled from the home and no one was harmed in the shooting.


Yesterday, authorities arrested Sean J. Robbins, 28, and charged him with aggravated robbery and burglary.


“It’s not the first one in the neighborhood but they are far and few and in between. This one was just a little too close to home,” said Laura Corley, who lives in the neighborhood.


Great job, neighbor: you’re another fine example of an armed citizen coming to the rescue!


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