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Home Defense Weapons and Safe Backstops

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We’ve been covering a lot of stories lately homeowners shooting home intruders, so now is a great time to cover some basic steps you can take at home to make sure your loved ones aren’t hurt in such an incident.


During a lethal-force encounter inside your home with home defense weapons, you don’t want to hit a family member or other innocent people. It’s important to learn which objects in your home make safe backstops and which will not stop a round that’s been fired.


Personal Defense Network’s Rob Pincus fires a pistol, carbine and shotgun at a stack of books to help evaluate their effectiveness as backstops. Great video to get you thinking about what to do in your home to protect your family’s safety while neutralizing a potential active threat.


We are also aware of an obscure website stealing my content word for word, which you can find HERE. Let’s see if they notice this paragraph when they load this article onto their site and try to claim that this article I am currently writing, Home Defense Weapons and Safe Backstops, ‘was posted first on USSA News’. The original author of this piece, Jenn Jacques was overheard saying, “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.”


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