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P.T. doesn't mean Pizza and Tacos

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It stands for Physical Training. In other word it means getting active, going to the gym, and getting in shape.


Disclaimer: The following may cause butthurt and hurt feelings.


So many times in my time with the Militia I have seen and dealt with people who for whatever reason find any and every escuse to not keep themselves in at least a reasonable amount of physical fitness. If your training is " Cool guy gun stuff" everybody jumps but if it is "8k ruck March in full kit" suddenly everybody has something to do that day.

Guess what.. Combat involves running, sweating, and possibly carrying your buddy who is bleeding from a couple holes all while in full kit and possibly in adverse terrain. The "Well we are Militia and not regular Military", response is a bullshit cop-out. It doesn't matter what your uniform or patch looks like when incoming rounds start shredding your cover.

The worst transgressors are those who assume a rank of leadership and claim to be leaders of men but couldn't run up a small hill without a motivational cheeseburger at the top. In the Infantry the phrase " Leaders lead from the front", encompasses everything about how a leader carries himself professionally and physically. You needn't be a buffneck PT stud but you should be able to pass a PT test for you age group and carry out every aspect of your training if you want to call yourself a leader. "Well I'm old as dirt". Ya? Go look up R.Lee Ermy. He's in his 70s. Part of this is inspiring your guys to want to be better as well. If your 50 and can make the 20-30 year old guys a little embarrassed that your humping it all day without discomfort chances are they will try harder.

" But I have a condition." Do you actually? Or is it a con story to save you from PT? If you legitimately have a medical condition that excluded you from physical activity then it's time to find someone who can lead your guys in the field. Check that ego and move forward.

For all the other guys it behoves you to get to a level of physical fitness that makes you an asset to your group and not a liability. It's easy. You go find the PT standards for your age group and try to maximize your score. Trust me it's not that hard.

Part of this also translates to public opinion on the Militia as well. If all the public sees is fat guys in camo then that's what they associate with Militia types. Now if they see guys in some what decent shape the perception changes. This also goes with recruitment. If I was a Vet or serious civilian looking to join a group and some Taco Bell mascot in Marpat is the leader of said group it may send them packing. Personally if I show up to your group and you are the head honcho and are pushing 350lbs I don't care what your qualifications are. I'm not sticking around or listening to a F%$king thing you say.


None of this means you need to go be super superer Ranger Delta Seal. But you should take your physical fitness as seriously as you take the rest of your training. This isn't just on you. Your teammates have to carry your slack when you can't handle it yourself.

Get a routine, get the kinks out, get in shape and get sharp. Your life may very well depend on it.

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Totally agree! The average person I know wouldn't be able to physically last more than about 5 minutes in a combat situation, probably not even that long psychologically.

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100% Agree. There is many that is in a militia that can't make it from the couch to the fridge without gasping for oxygen. I have two members of my unit that I constantly drill to get into better condition. You don't have to be a body builder or even ripped, but you do have to have endurance, stamina & mental toughness.


Bullets don't care if you are fast or slow, but you better care if you are fast or slow because you could save your own life or another unit members.

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