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Police Say Fatal Street Shooting Was in Self Defense

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When two men followed and taunted a Muncie, IN man Thursday night, tensions came to a head near the intersection of Kirby Avenue and Elbright Street, leaving one man dead and another man hospitalized.


From WISH:


21-year-old Vincent Wolfe died after being shot, and his cousin, 25-year-old Rondell Wolfe, was also shot and is now in stable condition, according to police.


Barnell Vance, who said the shooter is his cousin, told 24-Hour News 8 the man is emotionally rattled but he wasn’t physically hurt.


“He knew he didn’t do anything wrong, so he called the police,” Vance said.


Police said they believe the Wolfes had an ongoing dispute with another person. Detectives said the Wolfes followed the person through parts of Muncie.


Vance said that person is his cousin, and the Wolfes have been picking on him for months.


“He tried to talk to them while they were here,” Vance said. “My understanding was they had the weapons on him and he protected himself.”


Muncie police said they believe Vincent Wolfe made an aggressive movement toward a handgun seconds before he was shot.


“When it turns to gun violence when somebody can’t get along, I don’t know,” Vance said. “I don’t understand that.”


Delaware County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Eric Hoffman said for a shooting to be self-defense, the shooter must have a reasonable fear of death or bodily harm, he or she must not be trespassing and the shooter cannot provoke or instigate the situation.


Hoffman said all self-defense cases are different and fact-sensitive.


Police questioned and released the shooter, no charges have been filed and officers say they see this as a clear case of self defense.




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