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NSSF Announces Store Security Audit Program

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The following is a release from the National Shooting Sports Foundation:


The NSSF Store Security Audit Program is a day-long security consultation program geared to protect your store, your investment, your employees and your community.



Security today involves so much more than setting an alarm and locking the front door. The technologies available can come and go nearly as quickly as Apple introduces a new iPhone.


For retailers, range owners, manufacturers — anyone in the firearm industry who has on-hand merchandise, customer records and information, new-product prototypes and a plethora of other items that need to be secured — this program can go a long way towards preventing a devastating loss.


The day-long visit by one of NSSF’s FFL Security Consultant Team members, each of whom have an average 25-plus years of experience as store security/loss prevention executives, will include review of:


  1. Access Control Systems
  2. Intrusion Detection Systems
  3. CCTV System Review, inclusive of Camera Type and Placement
  4. Information Security & Document Management
  5. Lock and Key Management
  6. Perimeter and Property Security
  7. Safety Systems (fire suppression, backup power)
  8. Visitor Entry and Verification Procedures
  9. Emergency Management
  10. Personnel Security
  11. Inventory Management & Control


While on site, NSSF Security Consultant will meet with the owner and other pertinent management, security and facility personnel to perform interviews discussing current risk, loss and security programs, as well as policies and procedures already in place.


During these interviews, discussion will also cover security concerns that may already exist, as well as any historical incidents that may have had or could have had an impact on the business.


Following these initial evaluations, a guided walkthrough of the member facility will be also conducted, where all loss, risk and physical security controls will be evaluated for effectiveness.


Within a week of the meeting, the Consultant will provide the management team a findings report detailing the issues uncovered and how best to correct them.


The Store Security Audit Program is available only for NSSF members and cost $499 for the day. For more information on this program or to sign up for a visit, please contact Patrick Shay, director of retail development at [email protected].


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