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Always on Your Person, Never in Your Purse

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Those of you who have met me in person know, I’m friendly to a fault. Always giving people the benefit of the doubt, trying to see other people’s side of things and rarely speak ill of anyone.


This article is none of those things.


The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the shooting death of a 2-year-old child which was beyond senseless, it was deplorable.


Police were called to investigate a shooting in a home on Alameda Road just after 9PM Wednesday. Responding officers found 2-year-old Kiyan Shelton unresponsive, suffering from a single gunshot wound to the chest.


The child was transported to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health where he was pronounced dead.


Investigators confirmed the child’s 23-year-old mother was alone in the home with the child at the time of the shooting. Police said the boy found the gun in his mother’s purse on the kitchen counter and shot himself in the chest.


I don’t even know where to begin with this story. Why was the purse within reach of this child? Why wasn’t she carrying on her person? Why wasn’t the gun in a secured holster? Why was the gun loaded? Why wasn’t the safety on?


This young mother may have had a valid gun permit for her .380 Bersa semi-automatic pistol, but she had absolutely no business carrying it.


Some of you may be saying ‘the grief this woman will have to live with and the guilt that will haunt her every day of her life is punishment enough’, but no. It’s not. This was an innocent child, not even old enough to understand what he was doing, who lost his life because of his own mother’s complete stupidity. Not because of a gun, but because of her stupidity.


With all the resources out there and training readily available to both women and men alike, there are absolutely zero excuses for this tragedy.


This woman was so arrogant that she not only tempted fate, she dangled her own child in front of it, offering him up as a sacrifice to feed her vanity.


Think that’s harsh? This isn’t some Jamie Gilt or Veronica Rutledge incident, this is a child’s life that cut short because the one person in the world whose sole purpose in life is to do everything in her power to protect this little boy, decided instead to put her convenience ahead of his safety.


People: always on your person. ALWAYS. ON. YOUR. PERSON.


If it’s not on your person, it’s not loaded, it’s locked, it’s not in reach and it’s not a threat.


Is it really that hard to understand? You don’t carry it in your purse because you’re wearing skinny jeans or toss it in your diaper bag when you’re running late. You don’t leave it for anyone to grab or God-forbid, to hurt themselves or anyone else with.


We choose to carry to protect ourselves and others. So protect yourself and others by carrying responsibly.


Your life, and the lives around you, are counting on it.


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