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Hi, great to be here and great to be a part of the Patriot uprising that seems to be going on in this sick world! My husband and I are very much into trying to keep America as great as it is. We are raising our kids to be patriots and show respect and honor to our Military.

We are both members of the NRA, conceal carriers, love guns and everything about them, go to church every Sunday, thank God everyday for our blessings and love saying God bless you, Merry Christmas, etc.

Unfortunately, we are the "weird ones" now since this world has gone insane and upside down, but we believe America will come back greater and stronger then before once Obama's run is over!!

So I look forward to being a part of this site and a part of my fellow patriots! God Bless!

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I find it funny how people who want all signs of God and Christianity out of schools, government, etc, (because they are offended!!!) are the same ones who have no problem with muslims, korans, sharia law, etc. They are so ignorant, they dont realize that islam is a religion (although I believe its a satanic cult!)

They are swapping a peaceful, loving religion for a cult style "religion" that hates women, freedom, love for each other, respect for each other. There HAS to be something in the water! There HAS to be something that is legitimately brainwashing people!



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