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Checking in from Seattle. The Black Horse Militia is recruiting up and down the I 5 corridor. If you check out our latest calendar update you'll see that we're scheduled for a public meeting next weekend in Everett. If your interested in joining us find our group page here. Follow and ask questions. We are also at www.BlackHorseMilitia.com. We are on FB with a community page, but we do not do Q and A there, so send an email or DM here. 













(Off of I 5)


-Grays Harbor


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On 1/14/2017 at 8:17 PM, Phil W said:

Located in Kitsap County, Wa. Retired Federal Govt. employee-Nuclear Electronics Tech. for the Dept. of the Navy (PSNS). Very computer savvy & have built my own AR's from 80% lowers. I'm a young 63 yo & spend parts of my spring & summer as a paid baseball umpire.

DM me or email the Black Horse Militia at our website. We have an active unit in your county. 

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On 4/16/2019 at 5:38 PM, Hoolireb said:

Im chris from thurston county washington and am tired of the politcal seen were i live and want more info on joining the local miltia.

WE're recruiting in Thurston county at the moment. Message me for more info or email us via our website at www.BlackHorseMilitia.com 

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PaulRevere1776 ( 33rd BN)

Black Horse Militia. 

Commercial painter

Constitutional freedom fighter. 

All fascism is the enemies of humanity. 

This is a war between good and evil, right and wrong Principle's and  personalities

I stand with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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On 1/5/2019 at 2:56 PM, LetFreedomRing said:

Who or what groups here are currently active, looking or recruiting?

The Sons of Molly Maguire is organising in WA State and other States nationwide. Please look at our group on FB as well as our group “The Tribe”. If this fits with your ideology and concept of operations please contact our point man, Yuri, at [email protected] Thank you.


Black Jack 


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Posted (edited)
23 minutes ago, Erik Engebretson said:

Pierce county. I have no former training.  Cylinder Mechanic by trade. 

but we can rebuld you like the six million dollar militia man xD better faster shooter and badass


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Being 70 years old, women would find the safest date in the world. Nothing works, just look and remember.  However, there is a lot I can teach. 


1) how to plan a patrol.

2) how to plan an ambush

3) how to treat wounds

4) map reading and compass work.

5) How to set up booby traps.

6) what to look for during a reconnaissance patrol.

7) how to camouflage yourself and your equipment

😎 how to plant food

9) how to hunt

10) how to kill silently

11) How to shoot.

12) how to walk at night.

May be worth the title "Gramps" but I do know how to fight. Folks, we may very well need it very soon



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Snohomish  county, studied military tactics and history sence third grade. Well skilled in weapon and vehicle identification and uses. Large knowledge of improvised weapons. In a Highschool Jrotc threw the Marine Core and currently holding rank of Cadet Lance Corporal and lead a Color Guard . I have good rifle skills as well as survival. I know im young to be into all of this but I never really fit the social boxes anyways. Looking for any likeminded patriots to communicate with. Also interested in being involved with a militia on any level, im not 18  but I believe in areas I can be a valuable team member.


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