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What’s This? Convicted Felon Found With Guns, Drugs and Cash?! Nooo!

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[Courtesy: Hartford Police Department]


I thought felons couldn’t have guns? Isn’t it illegal for convicted felons to have guns? Wouldn’t authorities releasing a convicted felon say, “Now felon, you can’t have guns now that you’re being released back into society, okay?”


Because police in Hartford, CT arrested a convicted felon after finding guns, drugs and cash in his car after he fled the scene of a crash on Wednesday…. so maybe we need more gun laws? (eye roll)


According to officials, a police officer was at the corner of Main Street and Park Street, just before 8:30 p.m., when a car crash happened just within sight. Two men got out of their Honda Accord involved in the crash and started running away, police said. The officer saw them and began chasing the driver on foot.


More Hartford police officers responded and after a brief struggle, police say they took the driver into custody near South Green Park. While investigating the crash scene, police found a gun on the back seat and several more in an open backpack in the car.


Investigators recovered eight guns and ammunition, along with more than 60 grams of crack cocaine, nearly 30 grams of marijuana, 100 bags of heroin stamped “Fatboy” and more than $3,800. According to police, the car had also been reported stolen.


Police arrested 24 year-old Elias Guzman, of East Hartford, a convicted felon who they say had previously been arrested 14 times by Hartford Police.


Guzman faces a long list of charges and is being held on $2.5 million bond.


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